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Please read the following carefully, as the Terms & Conditions may have changed.

Flower Categories

One ounce of entry strain divided into 28 individual gram containers.

Concentrate Categories

One quarter ounce of entry concentrate divided into 28 quarter gram containers.


Edibles should be 28 servings divided into 100mg (active THC) portions with packaging intact.

Vape Pen Cartridges

Cartridges should be 28 individual cartridges

Topicals & Transdermals

Dispensers, patches, and/or containers should be 28 individual dose portions in their uniform dosage size

Waiting List Entries

Only two entries are allowed per category for each company. If the category slots do not fill up by a designated date, then THC Championship may allow for a third entry. If a company would like to be on the waiting list to see if a spot is open for a third entry they may indicate at the bottom of this page. Additional entries will be given as a first come first serve basis. You may not have a third entry unless all companies entered into the category have been offered an opportunity to enter a second entry.

Entry Fee

The EARLY BIRD entry fee for each company’s submission is $600.00 and ends on June 1st 2017 (6/1/17). The price per entry will INCREASE to $750.00 from 6/2/17 – 6/28/17.  There is a charge included within your entry payment of $50.00, which is a deposit that will be used to legally purchase the entry (as a set wholesale price including all applicable taxes) at the distribution dispensary.

Entry Process

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DELIVERED TO THE DESIGNATED DISTRIBUTION DISPENSARY BETWEEN June 21st – June 28th. We will be contacting all competitors if there needs to be a change in procedure. This year, we are taking requests from competitors for a “prior-to” container drop off, which we supply. ALL filled containers with correct compliance stickers must be dropped off by June 18th.

Prior to the delivery of entries, please read the following carefully. LAB TESTING PROCEDURE: 48 hours prior to dropping off your samples to the distribution dispensary, you are required to bring your sample batch to the sponsoring lab testing facility. We have negotiated lower prices for each test. Please refer to the “to-do” list in the confirmation e-mail you receive after you register.                                                        

     Bad Entries

The THC Championship committee takes the safety of our judges very seriously. If your entries are, for any reason deemed unsuitable for consumption by the THC Championship committee or by the official testing facility, your entry is automatically disqualified from the competition with no refunds of the entry fee. We do not give refunds for ANY loss of product.

Grounds for Disqualification

These are the instances in which you would automatically be disqualified: 1. An employee or subcontractor of participating company is judging in a category that your entry is submitted in. In this instance the judge’s votes will also be thrown out of the voting process. 2. There is any discovery by The Hemp Connoisseur Championship committee of foul play by any party. No Refunds will be given in any instance of disqualification.

Compliance Requirements

This year we are requiring each company to have their compliance labeling ready for each container. We will need the following: ingredients list and regulatory/warning labels. Labels CANNOT have any indication of your company (within the lines of compliance regulations). If they do, that is grounds for disqualification as we make all flower and concentrates blind. Here is the link to a LABEL TEMPLATE if you need an outline for label size. 

Contact Us

If you have any further questions before entering your medicine please contact [email protected] Thank you and may the best cannabis win!!!

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