Sweet Sweet Distillate Cartridge 500mg by Craft Panacea
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Craft really know what they are doing when it comes to concentrates. These pens are sleek, flavorful and easy to use. The battery is sturdy and kept its charge for several days before I needed to recharge it. The distillate chamber looks super clean, golden and clear. The full spectrum distillate in the cartridge contains 100 percent cannabis-derived terpenes, which is totally obvious because the vapor smells a lot like the sweet, sweet smell of our good friend Mary Jane. So if you are looking for a discreet, non-marijuana smelling vape pen, this is not the pen for you. But if you want a flavorful and fragrant vaping experience, then you need to pick one of these up.

Chroma COLORS iHIT 250mg Vape Pen by Evolab
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reviewed by Monocle Man

If discreet vaping is your thing, then this is the pen for you. No bigger than an e-cigarette, a Chroma Colors pen by Evolab packs a flavorful punch. Made with pure CO2-extracted oil and natural flavors, each pen is free of butane residue, propylene glycol or any other solvents or cutting agents. These disposable pens come in blueberry and peach, with more flavors in the works. My favorite is blueberry, but both are incredibly tasty and the wafting vapor smells like delicious fruit in the air. After just a few puffs, the resulting high was both mellow and uplifting; I felt very relaxed yet focused on work I was doing. Chroma Colors are also available in 500 milligrams cartridges that fit on a 510 thread battery. These pens are a welcome addition to my vaping arsenal. Check them out at

Zeus Thunder 2
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I’ve used a lot of vape pens in my day, and this is definitely one of the better ones. While the Zeus Thunder 2 may not be the flashiest vape out there, it’s a competent pen that works reliably, and what more could you really want from a vape? It’s nice to see the trend of companies moving away from exposed coils, and the ceramic heating element of the Thunder makes for smooth, flavorful hits. Loading the pen is slightly more complicated than some pens, requiring a small cap to be unscrewed from the vaporization chamber. This can lead to some issues, since you definitely don’t want to lose the cap in a crowded concert, but helps to keep the runny hash goop from overflowing and gunking up the vape.  Pre-loading the pen makes it great for on-the-go usage, like hiking, biking, or any other activity requiring motion at which you’ll want to tote a toke. The vaporization chamber sits inside a glass housing, allowing you to see the hit as you take it, which is a nice feature lacking in some comparable models. If you are looking for an inconspicuous reliable vape, Zeus Thunder gets the job done.



Puffco Plus Vape Pen
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reviewed by DJ Reetz

Sleek and stylish, this vaporizer from Puffco is a good looking apparatus. With a weighty feel, this vape gives users the feeling of durability, and the slick gun metal design adds to that. While the Puffco Plus looks good on the outside, it’s what’s inside that really sets it apart from some of the other vapes on the market. A ceramic atomizer is the standout feature (no coils here) and as a bonus, the mouthpiece is fitted with a small ceramic loading tool. You won’t have to ball your wax up with your fingers to load this one, just unscrew the mouthpiece, scoop out the concentrate you want, and screw the mouthpiece back on with the glob still attached. There are three power settings, so you can crank it up if you’ve got some solid shatter or leave it low to enjoy the full terpene profile of your live resin. There’s also a “sesh” setting, activated by clicking the power button twice, that will keep the atomizer activated for a short time, allowing you to more easily share your vape with friends who might not be familiar with your hardware. I found myself using the sesh mode just to get the bigger rips that it allows for, letting it run for just a second or two before each pull. If you’re looking for a higher quality vape, check out Puffco. I’m looking forward to making it part of my routine.


Left: Close up of Dab Dart, Right: Ceramic Chamber


Perfecto Disposable Vape Pen by Bhang
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reviewed by Monocle Man
The first thing I thought when I looked at the Bhang Perfecto is it looks just like the Blu e-cig without the detachable cartridge. This makes it perfect for discreet vaping. I found I needed to take about five good pulls to get the dose I needed for the next 30-45 minutes. The Perfecto gave a smooth vape. Flavor wise you could tell Bhang uses a natural oil (most likely coconut) instead of any glycol, along with the CO2 extracted cannabis oil. I tested both the Sativa and Indica pens. They both delivered on the packaging. I found the sativa to be very functional and mellow throughout the entire day. The indica definitely had a relaxing melt-into-the-couch-with-a-bucket-of-popcorn-and-a-marathon-of-American-Dad vibe. To check out everything Bhang has to offer from their line of vape pens to their deliciously crafted chocolates go to

Bhang 2

Paragon Flower Vape Pen by Cloud Pen
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reviewed by Monocle Man

I know that concentrates are all the rage nowadays but I’ve always been more of a flower guy. Because of this I have felt rather left out when it came to portable flower vaporizers. There are plenty of flower vapes on the market but they tend to be much bulkier than your typical concentrate pens. The Paragon from Cloud Pen parts from the norm with a super sleek portable design. The key to the Paragon is its simplicity. There is no temperature gauge to mess with, just a ceramic chamber to put your freshly ground flower into. With its slim design you are sacrificing how much flower you can load making this more of a four-hitter per load. I also noticed that after a couple pulls I had to give the flower a stir to get an even vape off the remainder. The vape experience was very smooth and the taste was very dependent on how flavorful the strain itself was. With a subtle flavored strain there was a generic vape taste, with a pungent strain the terpenes tended to come through much better. One of the things I love about Cloud Pen is that they always give you all of the tools necessary. The Paragon comes equipped with a grinder, cleaning brush, charger and a stirring spoon. This vape is great on the go for a discreet and smooth flower vaping experience. You can order the Paragon and any of the other great Cloud Pen vapes at

Celebrate 4/20 Weekend in Style with Indica Vaporizer
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Beginning on the 14th and 15th  of April, in Denver, Indica,  was a primary sponsor of the BIG Industry Trade Show  This event kicked off the cannabis week with the introduction of Indica's new  portable convection vaporizer,  the Indica O2.  This was on display at the show and  will be available-for-sale within the month.  The Indica 02, rivals the best of the desktop convection base vaporizers with the ease and on-demand vaping  only imagined possible in a portable vaporizer.

For the ease and comfort  of business-to-business visitors,  musicians  of most key venues in Denver, and VIP transportation, Indica  has created a fleet of luxury buses for the purpose of keeping the guests of Denver comfortable and  inlightened.    On board each bus, there will be two smokes models, who will assist guest with the questions regarding the Indica  and the sites of Denver as well. Guess will be transported to and from tradeshow sites, hotels, nightclubs and airports.  Indica has partnered with Leafly and other sponsors in providing luxury Bus transportation throughout Denver,  Indica is proud to provide this service to the many  incoming guests to Denver on the celebratory 420 week.

Throughout these 10 days, Indica will provide  VIP access to behind the scene  of cannabis week  as well as access  to most sought after club scenes in the Denver regional area.

Indica,  in its efforts  to expand its role in the industry, has helped create new  state-of-the-art architectural booths in the High Times Cannabis cup,  Make sure you stop by and say hello to them at the Cup.  Throughout this event, Indica has supplied the world's leading DJs with the  finale at 4:20  on April 20 to closing with one of the Lead  DJs of "DirtyBird".

Indica will continue its transport service to the "Marijuana Investor Summit,", and to Denver's exclusive night club scene as it closes it's week celebrating the end of Cannabis Prohibition.

Disposable Vaporizers by TAO
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by Caroline Hayes

Convenience is sometimes hard to find when it comes to vape pens. There’s all this packing, unpacking, cleaning, and replacing of the heating element. What if there was a pen that was effective and disposable? Well Tao’s Disposable Vaporizers are just that.

The Tao VaporX Medical-Grade Vaporizer supports the use of dry herb and wax. As a person who favors flower over concentrates, I was excited about this pen. It seems as though every time someone hands me a pen there’s hash in it instead of my beloved dry herb. This pen works great for both.

For being disposable, the VaporX has a nice sleek look to it, with a matte and glossy finish. They come in five cool colors and the size is just right - not too clunky or flashy. The heating unit is ceramic and is made of medical-grade titanium-plated heating coil. It also comes with a keychain-ready packing/dabbing tool to help you get the bowl loaded, which is decent sized. I was able to get about five good rips off it before having to repack it, but I’m sure you could stretch that number if you packed it a little tighter. The package claims there are about 500 hits per pen.

It’s also extremely easy to use and there’s a list of instructions on the package to help squash any confusion about how to load it and use it.

Think disposable vapor pens are a waste? Tao offers a recycling service where the used vape pen can be sent back to them, and then you can receive 50 percent off the next pen purchase.

I have to note this, if you are looking for a true vape, this might not be for you. There’s not a temp gauge but I would guess the weed burns at about 445° or maybe even higher. Because of this, there is a little smoke that is produced, so be cautious if trying to use in a discreet place, say a hotel room. It does, however, do the job of making you feel good and definitely isn’t as harsh as a joint, bong, etc.

Perfect for on the go, discreet vaping. The VaporX is great to take on vacation to use when your destination has been reached, or to purchase when you get to Colorado for 420 weekend celebrations and recycle before leaving, or just a night out when you don’t want to be responsible for not losing your nice, $200+ vapor pen.

This product is handy for people who are coming to CO who want to vape while visiting but don’t want to travel home with anything used, or drop a pretty penny on a vape they wont be taking home with them.

If you like Tao’s disposable pens you see here, be sure to check out their non-disposable vapes and nation-wide retail locations at


Launch Box by Magic Flight
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Magic Flight puts out quality products. THC featured the Maud-Dib concentrate vaporizer this past December. We love the Maud-Dib and we love the Launch Box too! Our staff was lucky enough to try The Premium Cherry Launch Box Kit, which comes with one Cherry Launch Box, two rechargeable NiMH batteries with protective caps, battery charger, felt-lined decorative tin, glass draw stem, a cleaning brush, Flight Guide, and a lifetime functional warranty. Magic Flight also sent a Finishing Grinder to use with the Launch Box.

After trying this vaporizer for the first time, we were hooked. It is so easy to use and has such a nice look. The first thing that needs to be done is to charge the batteries fully. Once that is taken care of, open the top of the box by swinging the clear lid to the side. Then place the pre-filled finishing grinder in the perfectly fitted opening on the top of the box and grind up some your favorite strain for vaporizing. The grinder pulverizes the herb into an ultra-fine blend and drops it right into the vape trench. Next, close up the top, place the mouthpiece in the hole in the front of the box, and insert the battery into the hole in the back. This is when something truly magical happens. You will notice the orangey glow as the heating element begins to vaporize your herb inside this awesome little box. Inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy.

The vaporizer can be used about 10-15 times before it has to be reloaded. This might vary from person to person, but once the flower is brownish it is time to swap it out. Vaporizing with the Launch Box is awesome for several reasons, not the least of which is that it makes your favorite strains taste even better, and it is compact and portable with its own carrying tin. The Launch box is also wind proof, has super-fast vaporizing capability, is absolutely silent, doesn’t get hot in your hand and uses AA batteries. Not to mention it is tough and durable (no glass), made in the USA, it looks cool and makes you feel like a vaporizing genius. We could go on and on.

The Launch Box is available in maple, cherry and walnut woods. It comes plain or with laser etched patterns on the lid. They even have a hybrid that looks like the Maud-Dib. See for yourself at

Launch box2




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