Featured Strain: Birthday Cake from Higher Grade
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photo and review by Samuel Farley, @thc_samuel

Higher Grade is a medical-only dispensary located in Denver’s Berkely neighborhood and is stocked with a selection of unique strains I haven’t found at many other Colorado dispensaries. With a wide array of concentrates, edibles and flower, Higher Grade has recently become one of my favorite places to shop. I stopped in recently to give their Birthday Cake flower a try, a strain that I haven't seen much in Colorado. A genetic mixture of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, the aroma of the flower is smooth and sweet. The light green buds were medium in size and had a consistent covering of trichomes along with spots of orange pistils. When smoked, the strain’s sweetness and slight fruity flavor come through very well. After a few bowls in a brand new pipe, I was happily relaxed, free of chronic knee pain and ready to enjoy the rest of the evening. Although not the most potent when it comes to THC content, testing at a range of 15.6-22.6 percent, the flower’s effects is bolstered by the mixture of other cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. This strain provides a relaxing effect that would be great for anyone in need of pain relief or just help with relaxing after a long day.

  • Dispensary: Higher Grade
  • Medical Only
  • Grow Team: The Higher Grade Grow Team
  • Address: 3111 W 38th Ave, Denver CO
  • Website:
  • Genetics- Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie
  • Medical Applications: Appetite stimulation, pain, insomnia, stress
  • Social Applications: Relaxing, perfect nighttime flower
Featured Strain: Panama Punch
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Panama Punch from The Clinic

Neville’s Haze x Panamanian Mean Green


Master Grower: Josh Malman, Grow Operations Manager, and The Clinic grow team
Grow Medium: Batch 64 Golden Ratio
Grow Cycle Duration: 4-7 weeks veg, 9 weeks flower
Medical & Adult Use

For years The Clinic has been bringing the heat with their quality genetics and connoisseur concentrates, and this batch of their Panama Punch flower is a perfect example of the consistency and excellence they are synonymous with. Neville’s Haze and Panamanian Mean Green make up the lineage for this exquisite hybrid. Its fruity fragrance fills the room as soon as it’s taken out of its container. The dense nugs had trichome coverage throughout and leave a delicious scent on your fingers after breaking it up. This is one of those strains that doesn’t taste anything like it smells. The Panama Punch had a earthier, spicy taste than its fruity aroma. This hybrid is the perfect blend of indica and sativa effects that pack a punch. You get an immediate, extremely racy sativa cerebral high after the first exhale that starts behind the eyes, and a head rush soon follows. Panama Punch does mellow out into a soothing body high that will leave you relaxed. It’s a very nice smoking experience that I know The Clinic will always deliver.

Featured Strain: Gelato by Natural Selections
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photo and review by Samuel Farley

Northglenn is home to one of my favorite dispensaries in Colorado, Natural Selections. One of their strains seems to be a rarity in Colorado and is something I have only previously tried when visiting California: Gelato. A strain that originates from the Cookies family, it is a genetic combination of Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Gelato is one of the best strains I have had
all year. Visually, the Gelato is light green and covered in trichomes with orange pistils mixed in intermittently. Testing at 27.78 percent THC, the slightly dense buds have an aroma that mixes a light sweetness with a hint of fruit. The flavor is fantastic when smoked, leading me to smoke four joints back to back. By the end of my fourth joint, I was happily stoned, planted on the couch
watching Shark Week, still wanting to smoke more of it. Medically, Gelato is useful for anxiety and proved to be a great sleep aid as I smoked it over the course of a few days. The strain would pair very well with a lazy weekend. It’s not so intense that it will induce full on couch lock, but it’s relaxing enough to make a day full of nothing but watching movies sound very appealing. The Gelato from Natural Selections is a great strain in all respects, and one that I cannot wait to smoke again.

Featured Strain: Sour Diesel by Quality Choice
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photo and by Samuel Farley

Quality Choice Alternative Care Center is a medical-only dispensary in central Colorado Springs featuring a huge variety of both hash and flowers. I recently had the chance to give their Sour Diesel a try. Their cut is a genetic mixture of Chem Dawg ’91, Super Skunk and Northern Lights, and it lives up to expectations. A pleasant aroma mixes notes of gas with more mellow earthy tones, and it’s not overly intense while still being very enjoyable. The well-trimmed flowers are a light green color with lots of orange pistils spread throughout the longer, lighter buds. Still sticky to the touch, the Sour Diesel rolls perfectly into joints and I was able to enjoy the strain to the fullest following a stressful week. The strain is commonly described as uplifting, useful for anxiety and depression, and I would agree with those statements. After smoking two joints split over the course of about an hour, the effect was uplifting, relaxing and slightly energetic. The flavor comes through well, and the flowers burned slowly and consistently, helping me stay lifted during the weekend. If you live in or around Colorado Springs, stop into Quality Choice ACC for their selection of some great strains, including this Sour Diesel.

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reviewed by Monocle Man

Cranfords cannabis cigarettes bring prerolls to a whole new level. Cranfords were the first company in America to produce a machine-rolled, filtered cannabis cigarette back on 4/20 in 2014. The Cranfords cannabis cigarettes come in a pleasing tin of ten cannabis cigarettes. It’s a total of seven grams of high-THC blend flower in each tin. If you are a dirty tobacco smoker like me, you will really enjoy these. I’ve been working on quitting and while smoking the Cranfords I’ve noticed less of an urge to light up a filthy lung rocket throughout the day. They have the same look and feel as a normal cigarette, making them very discrete. The filters add a great smoking experience with a smooth and tasty drag every time. I don’t usually buy prerolls but these will be a part of my regular purchases moving forward. Spending my summer nights on the back porch with a tin of Cranfords and a cold drink enjoying life. You can currently find Cranfords at all Sweet Leaf recreational locations with more coming soon. Check out their website for more information about where you can purchase them.

DARK KNIGHT - Generation Health
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Indica Dominant - Blueberry x Kryptonite

Master Grower: Botanist Daniel Hernandez
Grow Medium: Coco fiber
Grow Cycle Duration: 74 days
Curation Time: 5 - 7 days

Medical Applications:
• Pain relief
• Insomnia

Recreational Effects:
• Heavy stone
• Sedative

Dispensary Notes: 70% indica. Medium producing strain. Excellent for flower and concentrates.

These hefty nugs were densely covered in light brown hairs. Underneath the redwood forest were green and purple leaves covered in trichomes that glistened like snow. The blueberry really comes through on the smell and taste. As soon as I popped open the childproof jar my nose was tickled with the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins. The sweet taste of blueberry lingers while the sedative effects take hold. This indica-dominant strain will help with any aches and pains, and can be a good sleep aid for some.

Banana Kush - Urban Dispensary
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Indica Dominant Hybrid - Ghost OG x Skunk Haze

Master Grower: Adrian Ledesma
Grow Medium: Coco and perlite
Grow Cycle Duration: 65 - 70 days
Curation Time: 3 weeks

Medical Applications:
• Stress
• Depression
• Migraines

Recreational Effect:
• Relaxing
• Social
• Smooth sativa high/mellow indica stone

With one of the most awarded strain names, you hope it follows through. This batch was more than up to par, making the room smell like fresh banana bread baking on a cold winter morning. While this strain leans more indica, the initial effects are more sativa driven. A cerebral high drives the bus with stops at lethargic and lazy. You eventually give in to the mild sedative effects after the Haze lays off. For an indica-dominant strain, this doesn’t have the knockout punch that similar strains would have. The balance between the two makes this a great strain for everyone.


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Sativa Dominant Hybrid-Chemdawg x Tang Tang

Master Grower: Scott Manley

Grow Medium: Hydroponic

Grow Cycle Duration: Clone to Veg 8wks - Flower 8wks

Curation Time: 3.5wks Hand Trimmed

Medical Applications:

  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Pain
  • Migraines

Recreational Effect:

  • Strong
  • Uplifting
  • Cerebral

These nugs are huge! This has a fresh piney scent with a hint of fruity undertones, which translates nicely to a mild pine taste. Our reviewers found the high to be focused and alert, leaving us able to hone in on the tasks at hand with laser like precision. With strong analgesic properties, this batch is great for aches and pains too.

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55/45 Indica/Sativa - Jack Herer x Super Skunk

Master Grower: The Clinic Staff

Grow Medium: Rockwool & Coco

Grow Cycle Duration: 45 Days Veg & 56 Days Flower, 101 Days Total

Medical Applications:

  • Vasodilation
  • Glaucoma

Dispensary Notes: 2014 THC Championship Adult Use Connoisseur’s Choice Hybrid

This bud has a fruity scent reminiscent of Fruity Pebbles cereal and a light, smooth flavor when smoked. The effects left our reviewers alert, focused and at times a giggly mess. A nice balance of indica and sativa traits, this batch of Jack Flash created an uplifting body high that didn’t sap motivation. This would be great for blowing off steam on a leisurely afternoon, but it might be just a little cloudy for the workday.




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