Pumpkin Pie 10 mg - by Sweet Grass Kitchen
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Sweet Grass Kitchen is a Denver cannabis bakery specializing in the use of cannabutter to infuse their delightful baked goodies. Pumpkin pie season is in high gear over at Sweet Grass Kitchen. They take great care, just like grandma does, by hand pressing the golden cookie crust into each tin. Yes! Cookie crust! This helps keep the pie crust texture we are all use to, without the potential mushy crust at the bottom of the pie.  If you ask me the cookie crust is a vast improvement over the traditional flake pastry crust, all pumpkin pies should be made this way.

Alas, my first bite into a pumpkin pie all season. Delish! The pie has a classic taste and smooth texture. Plus, I did not detect much, if any, cannabis flavor. This treat is perfect for the consumer that prefers edibles to smoking or vaping but does not enjoy the cannabis flavor.  About 20 minutes in I felt very calm and relaxed, it just washed over me. I didn't feel sluggish or energized, just a more mellowed out version of myself. It is easy to cut the pie in pieces and go for it one slice at a time should you want to adjust the dosage. Each recreational pie has 10 mg of active THC and each medical pie has 75 mg of active THC. I just went for it and ate the 10 mg pie in about 3 bites, my only complaint is there wasn't more pie. They are so delicious, the only part missing from these pies is the turkey and all the trimmings. Oh, yeah. And your crazy aunt Sally. These festive pies are available through the end of this month.  Visit www.sweetgrasskitchen.com to find a store near you that carries Sweet Grass Kitchen's products.
Pimpkin Pies
Mile Higher Mint Chocolate Bar by Incredibles, 500mg
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reviewed by Monocle Man

As the legal marijuana industry develops, certain ideas and possibilities that would not have been considered five years ago are a reality today. Incredibles edibles are a perfect example of such circumstances. The idea of edibles, their archaic and somewhat ritualistic creation, comes from a very dark era of cannabis. With legalization in full swing, brands and ideas that were only spoken of before are now proven, million-dollar companies. At the forefront of the movement is — you guessed it — Incredibles. This company has been the vanguard of edible creation in areas such as taste, potency, patient needs, appeal, and marketing. The years of awards and proven sales may have created the first Coke-a-Cola of the marijuana industry. A proven brand with consistency that looks to be here for many years to come.

Let’s look at their newest creation, the mile higher 500! This is actually the third installment of the mint chocolate bar from Incredibles. The original Mile High bar contained 175 mg active THC. Then the Mile Higher came around containing 300 mg. Now the 500! Oh the absolutely delicious minty sweet chocolate horror. As far as patients are concerned — this product is only for medical dispensaries because of its higher dosage — the need for relaxation and pain relief are still met completely. After consuming some of the bar I can guarantee that same incredible feeling will still sing through you. As always, the taste and texture were on point for a smooth, chocolaty taste up front with a cool mint on the backside of the pallet.

The biggest thing that should be taken from this review is this: this company has now produced the same bar three different times with the potency increasing each time; yet the taste, texture, and needs of the consumer were consistently met every time. That’s the mark of a champion that wants to be around for a long time. iloveincredibles.com

White Delight Cookies by Love’s Oven, 200mg, Indica
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reviewed by Hazy Cakes

Based on the rave review from a friend, I decided to give Love’s Oven’s White Delight Cookies a try. I have been experiencing some pain lately and since loading up the body with THC is never a bad idea, I decided to treat myself to a new edible. I chose the indica variety because I wanted that deep body high, instead of that cerebral sativa affect. The cookies are packaged in a cool squeeze-to-open container. The contents of the container total 200mg, making each individually wrapped cookie 20mg.

The White Delight Cookies are made up of white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and simple, pronounceable ingredients. The medicated part of the cookie is made with heat-activated Grand Valley Purple Kush cannabutter. They have a nice crunchy consistency, a sweet, nutty flavor finished off with a noticeable but slight taste of cannabis on the backside. I ate one, waited a while and decided I definitely needed more because I wasn’t feeling it enough.

After eating the second cookie, I felt the effects almost immediately. As I sat on the couch doing some late night work, I could feel that the two cookies combined were working against me actually getting anything done. My eyes felt heavy as did my entire body and the thought of going and lying in bed was as thrilling as Christmas morning. I slept like a rock and even felt a bit high in the morning, but nothing some coffee couldn’t shake off. I love how many cookies I still have left after eating two, and the fact that they are individually wrapped means they will be fresh for me for next time. There are a few different flavors, coming in both sativa and indica. I can’t wait to try them all. Visit them at www.lovesoven.com to learn more.

Pineapple Mango Delight by CannaPunch, 100mg
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reviewed by Monocle Man
There have been a lot of new products popping up lately, and one that caught my eye right away was the Highly Edible gummies. Highly Edible is a CannaPunch company and pretty much had me sold there. CannaPunch has made some of the best tasting and most effective drinks on the market for years. Now they are making gummies....hell yeah. These tasty treats are organic, vegan, gluten free, and non-gmo. There are a few different types available but I went with the Organic Watermelon Rings. There are ten 10mg rings per bottle. The consistency was perfect and the sweet, tangy taste of the watermelon really made for a delicious edible. Like almost every CannaPunch I’ve had, this had little to no cannabis taste, but it was definitely in there. This was fast acting and seemed to lean toward more of an indica high, because I was knocked out taking a nap within 30 minutes of eating half of the Watermelon Rings. I woke up a few hours later, refreshed and ready for more. I can safely say that I will be picking up more Highly Edible and CannaPunch products in the future, and I recommend you do the same. Make sure to visit the CannaPunch site to get more information and find out where to buy one of their amazing edibles near you. www.cannapunch.com

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DENVER (October 12, 2015) – Sweet Grass Kitchen, the Denver-based cannabis bakery, is launching mini cannabis pumpkin pies for the fourth year in a row. Since the debut of the mini pumpkin pies in 2012, more than 12,000 pies have been sold with nearly 7,000 pie sales in 2014 alone. For many, the autumn edible couldn’t come soon enough as these weed pumpkin pies are Sweet Grass Kitchen’s most anticipated product of the year, sold exclusively in November.

“Our customers have been asking about the pumpkin pies almost as much as our budtenders have been asking when we’ll get them in the store. Nothing brings in the fall season quite like Sweet Grass Kitchen pumpkin pies. We’re looking forward to having them on the shelf and encouraging customers to enjoy them throughout the holiday season,” says Dan Glenn, operations manager at Dank dispensary.

The individually packaged pies are seasoned and baked to perfection to welcome the cool nights of fall in Colorado. The hand-formed, shortbread crust is infused with full flower cannabutter and filled with a blend of warm spices and fresh pumpkin custard. The traditional holiday sweet pairs deliciously with a dollop of whipped cream, a cup of coffee, and simple fall pleasures like cozy clothes and football weekends. Whether you’re celebrating with the family or enjoying a friendsgiving, this modern take on an old-fashioned recipe is sure to spice up the holiday.

“Sweet Grass Kitchen pumpkin pies are my aperitif of choice after every holiday meal,” says Women Grow co-founder Jane West, “They ensure an evening of love and laughter will follow any thanksgiving dinner.”

“Our team has been working diligently to prepare for November this year – everyone around here knows pie season is approaching,” says Julie Berliner, founder and CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen. “We are well on our way to producing more than 10,000 cannabis infused pie crusts, which are all hand crafted in our kitchen to meet the demand this season.”

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s weed pumpkin pies will be sold both recreationally and medically at dispensaries across Colorado. The recreational pies contain 10mg of active THC while the medical pies contain 75mg of active THC. Visit www.sweetgrasskitchen.com to find locations serving Sweet Grass Kitchen’s holiday treat! Available Oct. 30



Sweet Grass Kitchen is a small batch bakery that produces and distributes fresh, cannabis-infused edibles throughout Colorado. Since 2009, our kitchen has been serving Colorado’s top centers with flavorful, fresh baked confections.  Our in-house cultivation ensures a consistent and reliable crop-to-table delivery. Instead of using hash or harmful extracts, all products are made using our own slow simmered, triple strained, full flower cannabutter. Sweet Grass Kitchen has become synonymous with creative, effective, and delicious baked goods. Our harvests, cannabutter batches, and products are tested by state licensed laboratories so you can always count on consistent potency and effect.

Flo Sativa Gel 25mg
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reviewed by Monocle Man
When the publisher told me I would be reviewing an edible gel I was intrigued to say the least. Focused Labs Oil is the manufacturer of this unique product. This raspberry flavored sativa CO₂ infused gel was going to be a first for me. The white pouch came in the standard child-proof opaque medicine bottle. The instructions are to massage the gel towards the bottom of the pouch. I actually mixed it around for about a minute to make sure everything was blended nicely. FLO recommends washing it down with a glass of water but it wasn’t really needed. The gel had a creamy pudding like consistency, and the Raspberry flavor was a delicious delight. There was no overwhelming cannabis taste, just a hint in the finish.

It didn’t take long for the initial effects to kick in. At about the thirty-minute mark I felt a warm wave crash over my body and a tingly head high. There was noticeably more motivation and a pep in my step after a full hour of ingesting the Sativa gel. This product is perfect to pop in your mouth before a workout or any activity. Next time I am on the golf course I will make sure to have a couple stashed in my bag. Make sure to check out Focused Labs Oil’s social media to see where you can go with the Flo.

WeHi 300mg Harlequin Bar by West Highland Chocolate Co.
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reviewed by DJ Reetz
If you’ve tasted dosed chocolate before, you already know what to expect here. It’s nothing special, and tastes exactly like you would imagine. But you’re not looking for taste with this diminutive bar, you’re looking for concentration. At 300 mg it’s good for the high-tolerance edible consumer, but without an easy way to portion dosage, distinguishing a small dose is tough. It’s small, discreet, mercifully easy to swallow, and clearly intended to be taken as a whole as there is no way to reseal the Mylar pouch that stirs memories of a collectible card pack.

I took a single bite, doing my best to approximate the proper dosage for myself. About an hour later I was feeling the light euphoric effects, feeling stimulated and on point. After another hour the full effects had taken hold. The high was vivid and humorous. I found myself giggling late into the night, as the effects stretched for hours.

I wouldn’t recommend these strain-specific bars for beginners, but seasoned edible eaters will find a discreet way to pack in the dosage. Just don’t eat their Harlequin bar before bed like I did. www.we-hi.com

Mist 200mg by MarQaha
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reviewed by Monocle Man
Guess who’s back….back again. MarQaha is back on the market launching at all Native Roots locations and other dispensaries across the state. MarQaha’s Mist is a sublingual spray that is available in Sativa, Indica, and Blend. The medical line comes in a 200mg bottle and the recreational line will have 100mg. MarQaha was a patient and a staff favorite here at THC. Their tasty One Eye Open Tea took home 3rd place in the edible category in The Hemp Connoisseur Championship in 2013.

The Mist bottle has to be the most child resistant packaging I have seen for an infused product. Once you rip off the plastic wrapping you need to break off the plastic seal. To be able to spray the product you need to hold down a small button off to the side of the plunger and twist the top to the right unlock the opening of the sprayer. To lock it back you just twist to left. Each spray is around 2mg so the recommend starting dose would be five sprays. Mist’s Mellow Mint flavor is right on the money, not too strong of a mint taste and little cannabis taste. Being a sublingual this product will kick in faster than other edibles would. For best results spray under your tongue and let the liquid soak in before swallowing. This will have more of an effect sooner than just swallowing right away.

The sativa spray is perfect to get some cannabis relief during the day. I brought it out for a round of golf for extra discreet way to get in the zone. The hybrid blend was perfect for after a day on the links to relax and help with any soreness I had. If you have issues sleeping at night the indica Mist would be a great nightcap to catch up on those z’s. Spray a little less of your normal dose 30 minutes before you hit the sack and you will sleep like a baby. Check out MarQaha’s sites to get more information on the rest of their products and where you can find at a center near you. www.marqaha.com, www.facebook.com/marQaha

Health Caps High CBD 50/50 by Dr. J’s
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reviewed by Monocle Man
Each container of Dr. J’s CBD Health Caps comes with eight capsules in a sealed blister pack in side of a child proof medicine bottle. The caps contain a mixture of coconut oil, beeswax, and CO2 cannabis oil. Over the course of four days I tried the above-mentioned product for back pain, headaches and restless sleeping. Since this product is 1:1 CBD to THC, I anticipated it would help with at least one of these problems, but hopefully all of them.

I started by taking one pill close to my bedtime. One capsule, 10mg, didn’t seem to do much for me so I upped my intake to two pills, within an hour’s time I felt a small amount of relief from back pain. I felt no relief from a headache, but felt they helped significantly with my sleep. Taking two capsules about an hour before bed, I had no problem falling or staying asleep. Usually I’m awake every couple of hours, but I got six or more hours of solid sleep four nights in a row.

After four days of taking the pills I noticed that my back pain seemed to lessen quite a bit. I liked the Health Caps a lot; I will be picking them up again. Check out Dr. J’s at www.drjsllc.com.


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