Infused Products: A Gift Guide
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Looking for the perfect gift for the cannabis consumer in your life? Look no further. We think these products will make a great gift for your connoisseur this holiday season!


Dixie - Synergy: Holiday Gift Box

Dixie makes finding a gift for that cannabis aficionado in your life a breeze by wrapping several of their Synergy products in one box. Each item is infused with a mixture of 1:1 CBD and THC, ensuring that there’s something beneficial for everyone. There are two versions available, one with gummies and one with bath soak, both versions come with a milk chocolate bar and relief balm. Once the goodies are used up, the wooden box is a pretty cool place to store their cannabis knick-knacks.



photo courtesy of Sweet Mary Jane

Sweet Mary Jane – Peppermint Crush

There’s something so holiday-y about peppermint and white chocolate. This ten pack of 10-milligram hearts capture the spirit of the season, and make a great gift for someone you’re sweet on. They’re also a great stocking stuffer, or a tasty addition to a holiday meal with the family.


O.pen – ISH pen

O.pen Vape is an OG of the pen game and these cartridges are their next evolution, mixing THC distillate with a variety of fun flavors. Because they’re made by O.pen, you know that they are discreet and easy to use.  The ISH is sure to be a swish.



photo courtesy of Sweet Grass Kitchen

Sweet Grass Kitchen – Pumpkin Pie

You know who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? Terrorists, probably. These adorable mini pies are infused with 10 milligrams of THC, and are the perfect treat in the holiday months. Sweet Grass Kitchen uses only cannabutter in their products, so these things are just like mom would make — if she was cool.

Sweet Sweet Distillate Cartridge 500mg by Craft Panacea
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Craft really know what they are doing when it comes to concentrates. These pens are sleek, flavorful and easy to use. The battery is sturdy and kept its charge for several days before I needed to recharge it. The distillate chamber looks super clean, golden and clear. The full spectrum distillate in the cartridge contains 100 percent cannabis-derived terpenes, which is totally obvious because the vapor smells a lot like the sweet, sweet smell of our good friend Mary Jane. So if you are looking for a discreet, non-marijuana smelling vape pen, this is not the pen for you. But if you want a flavorful and fragrant vaping experience, then you need to pick one of these up.

Chroma COLORS iHIT 250mg Vape Pen by Evolab
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reviewed by Monocle Man

If discreet vaping is your thing, then this is the pen for you. No bigger than an e-cigarette, a Chroma Colors pen by Evolab packs a flavorful punch. Made with pure CO2-extracted oil and natural flavors, each pen is free of butane residue, propylene glycol or any other solvents or cutting agents. These disposable pens come in blueberry and peach, with more flavors in the works. My favorite is blueberry, but both are incredibly tasty and the wafting vapor smells like delicious fruit in the air. After just a few puffs, the resulting high was both mellow and uplifting; I felt very relaxed yet focused on work I was doing. Chroma Colors are also available in 500 milligrams cartridges that fit on a 510 thread battery. These pens are a welcome addition to my vaping arsenal. Check them out at

Banana #1 Sugar Wax by Infusiasm
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photo and review by Samuel Farley

LivWell is aiming to bring consistency to the recreational market with their line of in-house hash. They recently came out with their new line called Infusiasm, and I had the chance to try their Banana #1 Sugar Wax. Only available at various adult-use LivWell locations around the state, the Banana #1 Sugar Wax has an amber color and a taffy-like consistency. The concentrate isn’t overflowing with terpenes, but has a very light and slightly sweet aroma. My first dab was smooth and easy, with the light flavor coming through. The effect was relaxing without being so strong as to induce couch lock. This may not meet the pure definition of a sugar wax, as the Banana #1 by Infusiasm was on the lighter side of both flavor and effect, but it was still very enjoyable. If you want to try something new, stop into LivWell and give their new Infusiasm a try.

Agent of Death Shatter by Standing Akimbo
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reviewed by Monocle Man
The awesome staff over at Standing Akimbo had quite the treat for us on our last visit. They had just got in some shatter processed from their material by Extracts Inc. If you haven’t had Standing Akimbo’s flower before you are truly missing out. This run of Agent of Death looked truly stunning. The shatter was completely translucent with a light amber color. After I exhaled my dab the silent assassin known as Agent of Death quickly made my eyes heavy. A few dabs later I was couch locked and zoned out. Not long after I was soon rendered immobile and slowly melted away into my seat. I had to make it to my bed for a much needed dab nap. After a few hours the silent ninja had left me still in a haze.

On the second round with the Agent of Death I stuck to one dab. Its punch wasn’t as strong but I still felt heavy indica effects. It was a challenge to focus and stay on task with this concentrate. Unless you have a high tolerance this run of shatter will be a sedative experience. The Agent of Death shatter is the ultimate nightcap dab because you will be relaxed and sleep like a baby. Stop in and check out their amazing strains, and tell them to bring back the Pecanna Bar and Brownies!!

Featured Concentrate - Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter
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When the most awarded cannabis strain in history is processed with cutting edge extraction methods specifically geared towards maintaining the highest possible levels of terpenes, The Lab’s Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter is the result. This terpene-rich concentrate recently took home 1st Place BHO Extract honors at the 2014 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship.

In order to preserve the highest levels of the robust natural terpenes found in the plant as possible, Live Resin is made by flash freezing freshly harvested flowers, then keeping the plant material below freezing throughout the entire closed loop extraction process. This raw Live Resin extract is then purged to ensure no residual solvents are left behind. All of the extra effort taken during these processes pays off serious dividends in the aroma and flavor departments, with live resin containing significantly higher terpene levels than typical extracts made from dried plant material. The end product looks like a glowing golden resin with a custard like consistency that readily adheres to your dab tool of choice.

Open up a small gram sized container of Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter, and it smells like you’ve just been dropped into a dense jungle of live Kosher Kush plants ready for harvest, with a pungent
bouquet of sharp lemon-fuel and pine assaulting your olfactory receptors from all directions. Upon inhaling the dense fog of vapor released when a dab of Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter touches down on your nail, your pallet is besieged with mouthwatering true OG Kush flavor.

The Lab is now offering Live Resin extract processing services for all Colorado Marijuana Centers, so if you’d like to see some Live Resin on the shelves of your favorite local dispensary, please let them know about these services provided by The Lab Infused Products (

If you’d like to experience Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter for yourself, head to any of The Clinic Marijuana Center’s six Denver area locations (, and grab yourself a gram or two of this exquisite cannabis extract delicacy.

Perfecto Disposable Vape Pen by Bhang
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reviewed by Monocle Man
The first thing I thought when I looked at the Bhang Perfecto is it looks just like the Blu e-cig without the detachable cartridge. This makes it perfect for discreet vaping. I found I needed to take about five good pulls to get the dose I needed for the next 30-45 minutes. The Perfecto gave a smooth vape. Flavor wise you could tell Bhang uses a natural oil (most likely coconut) instead of any glycol, along with the CO2 extracted cannabis oil. I tested both the Sativa and Indica pens. They both delivered on the packaging. I found the sativa to be very functional and mellow throughout the entire day. The indica definitely had a relaxing melt-into-the-couch-with-a-bucket-of-popcorn-and-a-marathon-of-American-Dad vibe. To check out everything Bhang has to offer from their line of vape pens to their deliciously crafted chocolates go to

Bhang 2

Headband Wax by The Giving Tree
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reviewed by Monocle Man
The Giving Tree located in the Highlands has been a favorite of patients for years. Winning the Talk of the Town’s Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for six straight years. It’s easy to see why with the friendly staff and great product to choose from. The Giving Tree recently started making their own concentrates and we were excited to give them a try. We tried out the Headband Wax for this review and were glad we did. The wax was a light golden brown and smelled of lemon peel. Wax is easy to work with and can be great for people new to concentrates for that reason. This OG Kush and Sour Diesel cross was more on the Kush side as far as effects. It wasn’t the full knock out punch of an Indica but I wasn’t getting much done after this one. If you are looking for something to help with stress and mild pain this would be a great option for you. We are excited to see what else The Giving Tree has in store with its in house concentrates. It’s hot out there, head over to The Giving Tree and get your Headband on.

Incredibles Extracts Review, Fresh Frozen Jilly and Headband ’11
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reviewed by Monocle Man
From the crew over at Medically Correct, makers of Incredibles, in comes Incredibles Extracts. I tried both their Fresh Frozen Jilly and Headband ’11. They start with their own organically grown flower then they flash freeze it to trap as much of the terpene profile as possible. The flower then goes into their own Incredible Extractor. The result is impressive.

The Jilly had a translucent golden amber glow when you held it up to the light. The aroma made me think of citrus and eucalyptus. The flavor profile held up to the aroma with an added splash of honey. I found the effects to be very heady with mild body relaxation. The heady effect was everything I want from a Sativa; active, cerebral and positively vibing with the universal flow. Yeah, it was like that. Try the Jilly when you want to change your perspective.

The Headband ’11 had more of a yellow gold shimmer to it. It smelled like a forest after a mountain shower, with a hint of lemon to it. Once again the flavor delivered on the aroma’s promises. The headband’s effects were very balanced and strong. While my muscles became pure Jell-O I found my mind racing from one place to the next. I found it hard to focus unless I was engaging with the people around me. I would recommend this one for a backyard BBQ with your closest friends, or going to the movies.

Incredibles doesn’t disappoint with their edibles and based on my first sampling of their extracts they continue that trend. You can check out everything Medically Correct is up to at or




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