High Rollers Dispensary and The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine to Host 3rd Annual Cannabis Charity Open - July 27, 2017
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All golf tournament proceeds will benefit Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international grassroots organization dedicated to ending the war on drugs.

DENVER, Colo., (July 23, 2017)—  High Rollers dispensary in partnership with The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine will host its 3rd annual Cannabis Charity Open, from 1 - 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 27, at the Park Hill Golf Club, 4141 E. 35th Avenue in Denver.

All proceeds from the golf tournament benefits Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs.

Individual registration starts at $150 and $500 for a foursome team. To participate, or for more information, visit

A much anticipated event, participants will receive free tournament golf balls, tees, and other apparel, as well as player gift bags with cannabis accessories.

“As part of an industry born by the will of the voters, we feel it is important to give back to our community. By being a part of the charitable golf tournament in Denver, we hope to help the communities neighborhoods we serve and make a positive impact on the residents who live in them,” said Luke Ramirez of High Rollers Dispensary.

Highlights include a post-event buffet and free drinks throughout the tournament. A raffle and awards ceremony will conclude the day, with prizes for top teams and individual achievements. Additional donation opportunities will be available during the event.

The Cannabis Charity Open is considered a major fundraiser for SSDP. Founded in 1998, the nonprofit organization brings young people together and creates safe spaces for students of all backgrounds to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy. This year’s title sponsor is incredibles, recognized as the number one infused edible company in Colorado.

“We look forward to the opportunity to give back and celebrate cannabis at the THC Golf Tournament. Both incredibles and Students For a Sensible Drug Policy help to educate the public about cannabis while spreading facts about cannabis legislation across the country. The THC Golf tournament helps to bring together all sectors of the industry to support grass-roots cannabis advocacy,” said Bob Eschino, Founder and President of incredibles.


About High Rollers Dispensary:

High Rollers Dispensary is focuses on quality cannabis products and compassionate customer service. Based in Colorado, High Rollers is one of the top dispensaries in Denver for high-grade medical marijuana. Located between Florida and Arkansas Avenues on historic South Pearl Street, High Rollers Dispensary provides a boutique consumer experience. Set amidst locally-owned shops, quaint eateries and personal wellness facilities, High Rollers connects the community with the healing powers of cannabis-based therapy. High Rollers combines sophistication with modern-day technology to bring its clients high-quality cannabis flower, pure cannabis concentrates and delectable marijuana edibles. For more information visit

About The Hemp Connoisseur:

The Hemp Connoisseur (THC) Magazine is a national print outlet dedicated to delivering innovative and comprehensive news content to cannabis industry professionals, patients, and consumers. The magazine is a two-time winner of “Best Cannabis Publication” by the Cannabis Business Awards, educating audiences on the many benefits and uses of both marijuana and commercial hemp. It strives to elevate the image of the cannabis industry and consumer alike by providing mature, in-depth journalism with a foundation of editorial integrity. For more information visit

NCIA's Seed to Sale Show - January 31st-February 1st, 2017
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NCIA's Seed To Sale Show is the only national show focused solely on innovative best practices, science, and cutting edge technology in cultivation, processing, and sales strategies. This January 31st-February 1st, over 2,000 of the nation’s leading cultivators, dispensary operators, extraction artists, ancillary product providers and infused product manufacturers will convene to discuss best practices, present case studies, and share information about the science and emerging technology surrounding the whole life cycle of the cannabis plant grown, processed, and sold in a regulated market. As the largest B2B cannabis event in Denver, #SeedToSaleShow will offer an impressive expo floor and will recognize the best in the industry with the Cannavation and Cannatech Awards.

THC Championship - FULL Winners List
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Overall Champion

A Cut Above in collaboration with Absolute Terps – Headband X I95 - Medical Wax/Budder


1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Sour Tangie

2nd Place: Incredibles - Sourband

3rd Place: Dabble Extracts - Crystal Berries

Connoisseur’s Choice: Incredibles – Sourband

People’s Choice: Dabble Extracts – Crystal Berries

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Sour Tangie

CBD Concentrate

1st Place: EndoCanna - Spectrum

2nd Place: EndoCanna - Critical Cure

3rd Place: Jett Cannabis - Tora Bora

Connoisseur’s Choice: EndoCanna – Spectrum

People’s Choice: EndoCanna– Spectrum

Best Tested: EndoCanna – Spectrum

Medical Wax/Budder 

1st Place: A Cut Above in collaboration with Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

2nd Place: A Cut Above – Manderin Tangie Cookie

3rd Place: Dabble Extracts – Vanilla Wafer

Connoisseur’s Choice: A Cut Above in collaboration with  Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

People’s Choice: A Cut Above in collaboration with  Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

Best Tested: A Cut Above – Mandarin Tangie Cookie

 Medical Indica Flower 

1st Place: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

2nd Place: Green Man Cannabis – Motor Breath

3rd Place: Verde Natural - Herijuana

Connoisseur’s Choice: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Best Tested: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

Medical Sativa Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

2nd Place: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

3rd Place: The Green Solution – Glass Slipper

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Glass Slipper

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis - Ghost Train Haze

Medical Hybrid Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Star Killer

2nd Place: The Green Solution – Blackwater X White Beast

3rd Place: High Level Health – Girl Scout Cookies

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Herbal Cure – Frankenberry

People’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis – Star Killer

Best Tested: The Green Solution - Blackwater X White Beast

Adult-Use Indica Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Louis the 13th 

2nd Place: Crested Butte Cannabis – Chem4

3rd Place: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Connoisseur’s Choice: High Level Health – Gorilla Glue #4

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Best Tested: The Herbal Cure – Chem Dog

Adult-Use Sativa Flower

1st Place: Natural Remedies – Moonshine Haze

2nd Place: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

3rd Place: The Clinic – Tangie

Connoisseur’s Choice: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

People’s Choice: The Clinic - Tangie

Best Tested: Natural Remedies – Moonshine Haze


Adult-Use Hybrid Flower

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis - Skunkberry

2nd Place: Natural Remedies- Banana Kush

3rd Place: High Level Health - Biostar

Connoisseur’s Choice: Walking Raven – Tangerine Haze and High Level Health - Biostar

People’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis - Skunkberry

Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis - Skunkberry

Medical Solventless Concentrates

1St Place: Verde Natural – Keylime Pie

2nd Place: Canna Caregivers – Black 900

3rd Place: Extracted Colorado –Stash House LA OG

Connoisseur’s Choice: Canna Caregivers – Black 900

People’s Choice: Verde Natural – Keylime Pie

Best Tested: O.PenVAPE – Solventless Oil

Adult-Use Solventless

1st Place: Essential Extracts – Chem Diagonal Matter

Connoisseur’s Choice: Essential Extracts – Chem Diagonal Matter

People’s Choice: Extracted Colorado – Stash House Sour Diesel

3rd Place: High Level Health – Platinum Valley

2nd Place: Extracted Colorado – Stash House Sour Diesel

Best Tested: O.PenVAPE - Solventless Oil

Adult-Use Wax/Budder

1st Place: The Green Solution – Blueberry Pure Wax

2nd Place: Harmony Extracts – Strawberry Cough

3rd Place: The Lab – Sour Fall Budder

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Blueberry Pure Wax

People’s Choice: The Lab – Sour Fall Budder

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Strawberry Cough

Vape Pen

1st Place: Evolab – Alchemy

2nd Place: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

3rd Place: Wonderleaf – Sour Tangie

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

People’s Choice: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

Best Tested: Wonderleaf – Sour Tangie

Adult-Use Live Resin

1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Lemon Skunk

2nd Place: Harmony Extracts - NYCD

3rd Place: Revered, Inc./Quest Concentrates - Space Queen

Connoisseur’s Choice: Harmony Extracts - NYCD

People’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Green Queen ‘99

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Lemon Skunk


1st Place: Myaderm

2nd Place: The Green Solution - Nectar Bee Muscle Rub

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Nectar Bee Muscle Rub

People’s Choice: Myaderm


1st Place: Sweet Mary Jane – Love at First Bite

2nd Place: Craft Concentrates – Canamels

3rd Place: Craft Concentrates – Melty Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Connoisseur’s Choice: Craft Concentrates - Canamels

People’s Choice: Craft Concentrates – Canamels 

Best Tested: Canna Caregivers – Indica Brownies

Medical Live Resin

1st Place: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

2nd Place: A Cut Above – Manderin Sunset #3

3rd Place: A Cut Above – Strawberry Fields

Connoisseur’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

People’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

Best Tested: EndoCanna – Golden Goat

Thank you to our Sponsors and Competitors!!

THC Championship Awards - 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!
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The THC Championship is celebrating our competition this December with THE Industry Holiday Party and will be held at City Hall! This year is our Funkin’ 5th Year Anniversary, and we are going all out for all of our readers, our competitors, judges and sponsors. We have some amazing music in store for the evening starting with the reggae beats by PNUCKLE, then we’re funking up the night with RUDY LOVE and BACKBONE. Our awards will be given out at 7:45PM.

Please note that we will be hosting a camera crew at our event. A part of the “The Love Story” is being shot for the documentary of Rudy Love.
We are looking forward to partying with YOU!

MetLo RoofTop will be hosting the VIP section of our celebration!!

Get your tickets HERE!

(21+ event)
Please note - no consumption on City Hall premises

The Love Story (teaser) from TBC on Vimeo.  Rudy:





Ganja Goddess Getaway
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by Raelina Krikston

In the sleepy coastal town of Pescadero, CA, tourists drive up and down the shore to watch sea lions basking on the nearby rocks. The wind whips around and licks your face with a wet, salty kiss like an excited puppy. Follow the road into town and through the hills, and you will come across the forested getaway, Venture Retreat Center, where the first Ganja Goddess Retreat is being held.

This was the scene before us as my friend and I arrived to the Ganja Goddess Retreat, a women-only event centered around the spiritual uses and benefits of cannabis.

We had the opportunity to attend the event, and in the morning after interview Deidra Bagdasarian —  founder of the Ganja Goddess Getaway, about how she hopes to change the perception of cannabis in the public through women’s empowerment and education. Although this is the first year of the event, Deidra is no stranger to cannabis, she is the founder of Bliss Edibles and has been an instructor at Oaksterdam University before she created MYM Events, the parent company to Ganja Goddess Getaway.

photo by Raelina Krikston

photo by Raelina Krikston

THC Mag: First off, thank you for holding an event that has such a strong, empowering energy to it. How did you develop the idea for the Ganja Goddess Getaway?

Deidra Bagdasarian: My husband and I have owned Bliss Edibles and Extracts since 2009; then, we had a baby. When I was on maternity leave, away from the bakery, away from the day-to-day, I felt disconnected from my community and I was trying to figure out how to be a mother to a baby girl. I wanted to show her what women are, and really be the best version of myself. So I started thinking about what I really wanted, something I hadn’t thought about since starting Bliss Edibles, and Ganja Goddess turned out to be what I really wanted.

As I started, magic started happening and I realized that this is what a lot of people want. Women don’t really have a place in the cannabis community. When I went to go find the women in the female cannabis community to tell about this, they weren’t there. There’s a women’s cannabis business network, but I’m not trying to help you start businesses, I’m not trying to teach you to grow weed. I want to normalize cannabis for our culture through women smoking it. The only way that women are going to normalize it is if they understand everything that can be done with the plant. I want to create something that focuses on the creative and spiritual uses of cannabis because no one is having that conversation.

THC Mag: Ganja Goddess is just the beginning, what are your plans for other events under your parent company MYM (Maximize Your Medicine)?

Deidra: We want to create a series of events that all celebrate the same part of cannabis. Something that celebrates the personal use of the plant to make yourself a better person.

Maximize Your Medicine will be the next conference that we put on, we want it to be the “TED Talks of Weed”. We want to really create a space where we can have conversations about cannabis that don’t have to do with growing and selling, but rather using it and making yourself better through using cannabis. People are consuming it, but they’re doing it in their closets or their bathrooms. Let’s talk about how we can use this as a culture to make our culture better.

We started the event company in January of this year. Everyone that we’ve contacted has met us with overwhelming support. The community has been ridiculously positive. I’ve never done anything and gotten this kind of response from it. It’s really exciting.

I’d like to do one event in the same location every year, and more in different locations, but one of the central focuses for MYM events is to spread this information to the places that don’t already have it. We want to go into non-medical states and hold “Goddess Getaways” where we discuss it, we don’t use it, but we have those conversations. If we are going to be a “TED Talk” kind of arena, then those are the places that really need to be included in these discussions. There are people who are using cannabis all over the country, obviously, but the places that aren’t medical have no support. No one is going in there and trying to talk about cannabis, unless they’re talking about legalization. We’re not political, we’re not a business, we’re just trying to talk to the people who are hiding in their bathrooms, because that’s who we were. We were in Arizona hiding from our kids… and buying from sketchy dealers. That’s ridiculous. We want to spread the word and change the perception. Our focus is on women too, the saying goes, ‘if you educate a man, you educate a man alone, educate a women and you educate the family.’

THC Mag: How do you see your future events bringing in more of these “family education” elements? How does this conversation continue?

Deidra: We’ve talked about having parent/Mom’s Retreats, so we can talk about what it is to be a cannabis mom in the prohibition era. I hope it spreads into the family in the sense that it is normalized and children don’t feel like it’s a “Say No to Drugs” thing. I wish parents weren’t ashamed to recreate or take their medicine in front of their children. We’re willing to drink a beer in front of our kids all the time, why aren’t we willing to smoke in front of them? We say it’s safer, so let’s show them. We’re all so shameful about it. I hear all the time ‘Oh, but my kids don’t know I smoke…’ That’s a conversation we’re trying to spark. Let’s talk about those things because it will be perceived by our children however we present it. We have to overcome a lot to re-normalize cannabis in our culture. We have this very bizarre relationship with the plant because of prohibition, but that is not what man has been doing with cannabis for the last 10,000 years.

THC Mag: Considering how cannabis and cannabis use has been affected by being pushed underground, what are your plans to reconnect with the shamanistic uses of cannabis? Are there specific communities that you’re looking to connect with?

Deidra: I’m always looking to find like-minded cannabis users for spiritual purposes. I know that much of the new age community is using cannabis for myriad reasons, but I don’t know that they’re necessarily teaching that cannabis is a tool in the ‘spiritual tool-chest’ of connecting with the divine. I feel like our organization is a thought leader in this regard, and we look forward to connecting with everyone who has a similar message.

These ideas are bigger than any single platform or organization. Education is always the calling card of change, and we are one of the teachers in this movement to restore entheogen use to Western spiritual traditions.

Another thing I’ve just recently started doing is reaching out to Christian women’s organizations to advocate for cannabis. This may be a baby step, but it’s in the right direction. If we can normalize cannabis as legitimate medicine, we can then evolve into the enormous potential of cannabis as medicine that heals your spirit.

THC Mag: We heard you’ve got more than just events in the works, would you like to tell us about some of the other projects you’ve been working on?

Deidra: I’m almost done with my first book, “No One is Afraid of a Cupcake: How Cannabis Edibles Could Change the World.” It’s about how I discovered cannabis and how I’ve seen all those people that have rejected cannabis, accept edibles. I’ve gotten lots of people that say ‘I would never try cannabis,’ — to try edibles. I hope to gain a voice with this book alongside what I teach. Oaksterdam is a voice, but it’s a voice to the community, it’s preaching to the choir, I’d really like to talk outside of the choir.

I feel that as a person who doesn’t have stereotypical ‘stoner look’ I’m a little more relatable. I come from Christian, fundamentalist, conservative America. Heck, I registered as a Republican when I was 18, so I get that mentality; and my family is still there. I want to talk to those people. I want this to have a mainstream voice.

To learn more about the event, visit

Planning the Cannabis Industry: An interview with NCIA’s Event Planner Extraodinaire, Brooke Gilbert
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by DJ Reetz

In a small office across the street from the state capitol building, the National Cannabis Industry Association is hard at work advocating for the cannabis industry. From humble beginnings in the early days of the legal market in Colorado, the group has grown, now operating a lobbying arm in Washington D.C. in addition to its office in Denver. Part of that growth is seen in the roughly 50 events the group hosts every year, aimed at educating the public and connecting cannabis hopefuls with the opportunities for them to thrive. Organizing these events is no small task, and at NCIA’s Denver office, that challenge is met by Director of Events and Education Brooke Gilbert.

Gilbert began her work with the NCIA in 2013. At the time, she was only the third full-time staff member hired on at the non-profit, bringing with her several years of experience in the advocacy world.

For 28-year-old Gilbert, who has spent the entirety of her professional career in the world of drug policy reform and advocacy, the journey began in college, when a traffic stop forced her to confront the harsh realities of the war on drugs. “The police officer told me that he smelled marijuana in the car, said that he was going to perform a search. I was naive and scarred at the time and allowed him to do that. He found parts of a broken bowl in my car that had resin on it, and I got arrested for that,” says Gilbert.

The stop lead to a year of probation, but more importantly a more personal understanding of the war on drugs. “I really, you know, kinda went through the system; But at the same time, because I’m white and privileged and rich and in college, I saw the very, kind of, easier side of getting arrested for cannabis possession. So that kind of opened my eyes to how ridiculous drug policies in our country are.”

The ordeal, and the understanding gained from it, led Gilbert to Students for Sensible Drug Policy and a newfound purpose in life. “Once I saw how terrible the drug war really was, I switched my major to public policy and administration and just sort of dedicated myself to changing these failed policies,” she says. “It really just opened my eyes to this bigger movement that was going on.”

At SSDP, Gilbert’s passion for live music steered her toward the AMPLIFY project. “Basically the program was partnering with live musicians who travel around the country that agreed that the war on drugs was a failure and would let volunteers come and set up at their shows to talk to attendees about what local initiatives might be going on, how they can get involved in the broader drug policy reform debate, but then also it obviously touched on drug use that was going on at these shows,” says Gilbert.

From there, the next logical extension for Gilbert was joining DanceSafe, a non-profit organization that educates concert goers with a focus on harm reduction. Part of DanceSafe’s mission involves testing drugs at concerts for purity, as well as fact-based education on the effects of drug use. The mission appealed to Gilbert, whose passion for live music still draws her to dozens of concerts each year, and after a year of volunteering with the organization she found herself on DanceSafe’s board of directors. “I saw it as a very effective means of harm reduction for what I was seeing happen in the music community,” she says. “It was interesting when cannabis became legalized here in Colorado, especially from a harm reduction perspective, because people would come in from out of town, not be educated with concentrates, infused products, edibles, that sort of thing, and so DanceSafe was actually seeing these types of people have bad experiences at shows.”

Gilbert’s resume also includes a stint as the outreach and events coordinator for Americans for Safe Access, where she helped to organize the group’s first ever national conference. These days, She’s staying busy with the ever-increasing number of events that NCIA puts on, including the third annual Cannabis Business Summit that took place in Oakland last June and NCIA’s quarterly cannabis caucuses that take place all over the country. The advance of cannabis legalization has grown the need for NCIA’s services, and the number of events the group puts on has doubled over the past year. With the changing attitudes, the challenge of hosting cannabis-centric events in non-legal states is starting to lessen, says Gilbert, and the work being done at the NCIA is helping with that.

“The stigma is starting to die away,” she says. “Places like Florida, they definitely are like, ‘Well, can you tell me more about this event? There’s cannabis in the name, is anyone going to be  smoking?’ those sort of questions. We’ve done enough events at this point that we’ve put together a portfolio so that we can show that to event venues that might be a little cautious about working with us, because it is something that we get somewhat frequently.”

While the stigmas attached to cannabis are slowly rolling back thanks in part to groups like NCIA, Gilbert still sees work that needs to be done to quell the harm done in the broader war on drugs. “If you saw the failure of cannabis prohibition systemically… I think those arguments can definitely be made for other drugs,” she says. “It does behoove us to be involved in the larger conversation around other drugs.”

The cannabis industry is in full bloom, attracting progressively minded entrepreneurs, but Gilbert’s time working on harm reduction strategies still lingers in her mind, and she says it’s important to recognize that socially harmful policies still exist in this country. “I think there’s a lot of people here that are in the industry now that didn’t come from the social justice background of it,” she says. “What I think is important for organizations like us, and to continue to partner with organizations like [the Drug Policy Alliance] and [the Marijuana Policy Project] and SSDP, who work in the broader drug policy reform debate, is how we can infuse those messages so that we’re kind of this umbrella bringing in these people who might not necessarily see the social justice benefits of
ending the drug war … That’s a responsibility that we have as an advocacy group for sure.”

For information on NCIA’s upcoming events, including the inaugural Seed to Sale Show, which will take place in at the Denver Convention Center January 31 to February 1, visit

The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2015
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Thank you to all our competitors, judges and sponsors!

Gobi-logo-jpg        Chiefton logo        11393123_950260878329569_5118800061024678637_n        420 TOOLBOX SALES SHEET_Trade Show Buyers Guide Version    Print        PURR LOGO

Thank you to everyone that came to the awards party on Sunday! We had a blast and hope you did as well! 

Here is the list of all of the THC Championship winners!!

Overall Champion

Green Man Cannabis- Star Killer



1st Place - Connoisseur’s Choice - Best Tested

Medically Correct- incredibles Chocolate and Infused products - Affogato Bar

2nd Place

Medically Correct- Incredibles Pumpkin Pie Delight

3rd Place - People’s Choice

Sweet Mary Jane- True Confections


CBD Edibles

1st Place - People’s Choice - Best Tested

Medically Correct- Black Cherry 50/50 CBD Bar

2nd Place

marQaha- Mellow Mint Mist

3rd Place - Connoisseur’s Choice

Mountain High Suckers- Caramel Apple Lollipop


Adult-Use Sativa

1st Place - People’s Choice - Connoisseur’s Choice

Den-Rec- Cookie Dough

2nd Place

Green Man Cannabis- Ghost Train Haze

3rd Place - Best Tested

The Herbal Cure- Kong


Adult-Use Indica

1st Place - Connoisseur’s Choice

Den Rec- Pure Kush

2nd Place - Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Hell’s OG

3rd Place

The Herbal Cure- Chem Dawg OG

People’s Choice

Igadi LTD - Grape Stomper


Adult-Use Hybrid

1st Place - Connoisseur’s Choice - Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Motor Breath

2nd Place

Den Rec- OG18

3rd Place

The Herbal Cure- Frankenberry

People’s Choice

Denver Relief- Ultimate 91’ Chem


Medical Sativa

1st Place - People’s Choice

The Herbal Cure- Lemon Skunk

2nd Place - Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Moonshine Haze

3rd Place - Connoisseur’s Choice

Natural Remedies/Organic Greens- LA Kush


Medical Indica

1st Place - Connoisseur’s Choice - Best Tested

The Herbal Cure- OG Kush

2nd Place - People’s Choice

Natural Remedies- Natty Rems OG

3rd Place

Natural Remedies/Organic Greens- Banana


Medical Hybrid

1st Place - People’s Choice - Connoisseur’s Choice - Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Star Killer

2nd Place

The Herbal Cure- Love Triangle

3rd Place

Natural Remedies/Organic Greens- Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut

CBD Extracts

1st Place - People’s Choice - Connoisseur’s Choice

EndoCanna- Critical Cure

2nd Place - Best Tested


3rd Place

The Green Solution- Ruby Mas



1st Place - People’s Choice - Connoisseur’s Choice

Dabble- Gelato

2nd Place - Best Tested

Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers- Golden Goat

3rd Place

Standing Akimbo- Honey Banana

Best Tested

TR Concentrates- Stardawg
Igadi Grape Stomper
EndoCanna- Gorilla Glue
The Green Solution-Angel OG
The Green Solution-Rocky Mountain Fire


Solventless Extracts

1st Place - People’s Choice - Connoisseur’s Choice

Extracted Colorado- Scotty’s Sour OG Rosin Tech

2nd Place

The Green Solution- Sour D Rosin Tech Shatter

3rd Place

Premium Pete's Cultivation-Rosin tech Astral Kush



1st Place - Connoisseur’s Choice - Best Tested

Craft710- Lemon G

2nd Place-STATISTICAL TIE - Best Tested

TR Concentrates-Triangle Kush

3rd Place

Sweet leaf-Flo

People’s Choice

Sweet leaf-Kong

Best Tested

The Lab- Skywalker OG
The Green Solution- Kong Stomper

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January 30-31st, 2016

Denver, CO

DENVER, COLORADO INDO EXPO Trade Show is back in 2016, proving that the INDUSTRY needs this traditional B2B event. With the success of the last two sold out shows, INDO EXPO has proven to be an industry leader.  Past events represented over 140 companies, with 2,000+ attendees/buyers walking the halls.

INDO EXPO is a full-spectrum 2-day event that hosts exhibitors in sectors such as: Cultivation, New Technologies, Smoke, Lifestyle, Education, Industrial Hemp and Industry Services. Hundreds of products & services will be showcased, representing the industry's cutting edge technology, equipment and supplies, lightning, nutrients, mediums, tools for harvesting and processing, lifestyle apparel, beauty, health, and more.  Over 50% of the exhibitors showcased are from out of state, hailing from coast to coast, and our attendees/buyers hail in from around the country as well as internationally- Amsterdam, Israel, Canada, Central and South American countries have all registered and attended.

“Providing a professional and safe platform to comfortably pursue business within the wholesale and retail markets; and assisting in building these relationships is the goal of the INDO EXPO,” says Operations Director, Stephanie Swimmer.

INDO EXPO looks to assist in building relationships between growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the public. This show will provide a safe business environment as well as a forum for constructing business relationships and exchanging ideas and information.  INDO EXPO supports the growth of the industry by bringing together professionals from around the globe.  The opportunities are boundless... people with new businesses, ideas, products and services, are joining the “WORLDS FASTEST GROWING BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!”

Complimentary seminars are offered daily and cover topics such as: organic growing, pesticides, greenhouse growing, industrial hemp, genetics & breeding, investing in the business, store display and visual merchandising, inventory control, small business best practices, email marketing campaigns, industry careers, HR issues- “effective talent management”, branding and marketing, optimizing your investments, and more.

For more information or to register for the INDO EXPO January 30-31th, 2016, visit Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram  Admission is complimentary to all Press.

About the INDO EXPO

The Indo Expo Show is a professional full-spectrum B2B Industry event. This two day event will be focused primarily on business to business (B2B) relationships, while building and supporting connections between wholesalers, retailers/buyers and the public.  Admission is complimentary to those working within the Industry.

The 2015 National Cannabis Summit
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by Samuel Farley

On October 12, the cannabis community gathered for the 2015 National Cannabis Summit at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Denver. Combining the effectiveness, scale, and networking opportunities of the country’s best cannabis business events, the summit was a great example of the nationwide industry coming together. The event was upscale, professional, and provided both an educational environment and a great business networking experience for those involved. It brought together pro-cannabis organizations, businesses and respected individuals within the national cannabis community for a spectacular two-day event. Speakers from a variety of backgrounds including cannabis businesses owners, combat veterans, patients with notable stories about the benefits of cannabis, and community leaders, were present at the event. Some of the most noteworthy speakers included Seal Team Six member Robert O’Neil, and Dr. Sue Sisley of the Scottsdale Research Institute. Other notable attendees included Charlo Greene, a cannabis activist and the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, who was made famous by quitting her TV news job live on air saying, “Fuck it, I quit”, and 15-year-old Coltyn Turner, who coined the now-famous phrase, “I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the 2015 National Cannabis Summit was the chance to hear the featured patient stories surrounding cannabis as a truly life-saving medicine. The stories of veteran Matt Kahl and 15-year-old Coltyn Turner stood out as two of the most important aspects of the event. For medical patients, the chance to hear other patient stories such as those of Kahl and Turner was an incredibly valuable experience. Kahl is a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division and just one example of the thousands of soldiers who have come back from service suffering from PTSD. The symptoms of PTSD are different for everyone, but can include serious depression, flashbacks, anxiety, insomnia and other issues that sometimes lead sufferers to commit suicide. The number 22 figured prominently into Kahl’s presentation, which is the number of veterans that commit suicide every day in the United States. Cannabis was able to help save Kahl’s life, and it could help save and improve the quality of life for thousands of veterans across the country.

Coltyn’s story was also incredibly heartwarming and served as yet another real-life example of cannabis being used as a life-saving medicine when other options were simply not effective. Coltyn is now 15, and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at a very young age. None of the pharmaceuticals that Coltyn’s doctors tried over the first few years worked, and some of the drugs actually exacerbated his symptoms (such as ulcers). After years of suffering and experiencing little to no relief from the laundry list of medications he was prescribed, the Turner family decided to give their final option a try, what their doctors called “alternative medicine”. The family became one of the thousands that have uprooted their lives to move to Colorado in order to access legal and safe medical cannabis in whatever form is needed. In the months since Coltyn and his family moved to Colorado, he has seen amazing success. What worked for him was a high-CBD capsule that he takes a few times a day. The high-percentage CBD capsules with a very low percentage of THC have actually caused his Chron’s to go into remission, and he has been ulcer free since the second month after he moved to Colorado.

In addition to the speakers and cannabis leaders at the event, a variety of companies including Incredibles, Bluebird Botanicals, Black Dog LED, and many others within the industry were showcased. During the opening speech by Christian Hageseth of American Cannabis Partners, he referenced that the industry is still in its infancy, and a huge opportunity for growth still exists in a variety of future product contexts. Towards the end of the opening remarks, Hageseth mentioned a key aspect of the future success of the cannabis industry when he said, “Consumer acceptance equals success.” The national conversation really has to begin with educating consumers and making the cannabis industry as legitimate and as regulated as possible. The cannabis industry needs to become a respected industry nationwide by both consumers and non-consumers alike. The overall goal is to eventually have both the legal framework and the national discussion surrounding cannabis at such a level where adult consumers of legal age are able to go to their local dispensary, similar to their local liquor store, and have a true selection and variety of regulated and safe cannabis products to choose from. I look forward to the advancements within the industry over the next year and can’t wait to see the new products and companies that will be featured at the
2016 National Cannabis Summit.


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