Trump Threatens Adult-Use Cannabis
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by DJ Reetz

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday made the bold claim that the Trump Department of Justice would likely be targeting adult-use marijuana in the eight states that have voted to legalize it. While Spicer was clear that this would not include attacks on state medical marijuana programs, the news is troubling for the markets that have so far flourished in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, as well as the burgeoning industry in Alaska and the prospective industries in California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine that have yet to take shape.

Spicer tied any forthcoming enforcement to an effort to stymie the opioid epidemic, saying that the federal government shouldn’t be “encouraging people” by allowing adult-use cannabis laws.

Drawing a clear distinction between medical laws, which have previously been protected from federal meddling by an attachment to a previous appropriations bill that barred the Department of Justice from spending money interfering with state-legal medical marijuana programs.

“That’s something that the Department of Justice, I think, will be further looking into,” said Spicer. “They are going to continue to enforce the laws on the books with respect to recreational marijuana.”

Despite Spicer’s unfounded claim that adult-use marijuana somehow worsens the crisis of opioid addiction, most data shows that medical cannabis laws lessens opioid use.  A 2014 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine showed a 25 percent lower rate of death due to opioid overdose in states with medical marijuana laws between 1999 and 2010.

Another study out of the University of Athens looked at data from 2010 to 2013, finding that on average of doctors prescribed 1826 fewer doses of pain medications, including opioids, in states with medical marijuana programs.

A study published in The International Journal of Drug Policy found that 63 percent of respondents registered to receive medical cannabis were using the plant in place of prescription drugs.

Spicer’s claim that progressive cannabis laws lead to increased opioid use may not be based in fact, but the impact on tax revenues and local economies that enforcement actions predicated on this claim are more easily nailed down. Colorado sold over $1 billion in cannabis sales last year, generating more than $127 million in tax and fees for the state.

Earlier in the press conference, Spicer stated clearly that Trump represented a party that believed strongly in states’ rights. 


CBD Fights Back: Lawsuit Filed Against DEA
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by DJ Reetz

A lawsuit filed on January 13, 2017 aims to push back against a recent DEA decision to create a separate tracking number for “marihuana extracts” under the Controlled Substances Act, effectively codifying all cannabinoids derived from marijuana or hemp as Schedule I controlled substances. The lawsuit was filed by the Hoban Law Group in the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on the same day the new ruling was set to take effect, and seeks judicial review of the decision, claiming that the DEA has overstepped their authority in adding this definition of “marihuana extract” to the controlled substance schedule without following proper procedures to do so as outlined in the CSA. Serving as plaintiffs in the lawsuit are the Hemp Industries Association, Centura Natural Foods, and RMH Holdings.     

The DEA’s announcement in the federal registry published on December 14, 2016 raised concerns amongst many in the cannabis industry that the DEA would begin to target producers and distributors of hemp-derived CBD, which would fall under the definition of “an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis” outlined in the DEA’s final ruling.

“This is an action beyond the DEA’s authority. This final rule serves to threaten hundreds, if not thousands, of growing businesses, with massive economic and industry expansion opportunities, all of which conduct lawful business compliant with existing policy as it is understood and in reliance upon the federal government," said Hoban Law Group Managing Partner Robert Hoban in a press release.

The DEA has claimed that the ruling presented in the recent federal register amounted to little more than a clerical decision carried out in order to make tracking cannabinoid extracts easier, but many in the hemp CBD industry saw it as the first step toward a federal crackdown on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has thus far operated nationally in somewhat of a legal gray area.

The true impact of the classification will likely be seen in the coming months and years.


NCIA's Seed to Sale Show - January 31st-February 1st, 2017
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NCIA's Seed To Sale Show is the only national show focused solely on innovative best practices, science, and cutting edge technology in cultivation, processing, and sales strategies. This January 31st-February 1st, over 2,000 of the nation’s leading cultivators, dispensary operators, extraction artists, ancillary product providers and infused product manufacturers will convene to discuss best practices, present case studies, and share information about the science and emerging technology surrounding the whole life cycle of the cannabis plant grown, processed, and sold in a regulated market. As the largest B2B cannabis event in Denver, #SeedToSaleShow will offer an impressive expo floor and will recognize the best in the industry with the Cannavation and Cannatech Awards.

THC Championship - FULL Winners List
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Overall Champion

A Cut Above in collaboration with Absolute Terps – Headband X I95 - Medical Wax/Budder


1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Sour Tangie

2nd Place: Incredibles - Sourband

3rd Place: Dabble Extracts - Crystal Berries

Connoisseur’s Choice: Incredibles – Sourband

People’s Choice: Dabble Extracts – Crystal Berries

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Sour Tangie

CBD Concentrate

1st Place: EndoCanna - Spectrum

2nd Place: EndoCanna - Critical Cure

3rd Place: Jett Cannabis - Tora Bora

Connoisseur’s Choice: EndoCanna – Spectrum

People’s Choice: EndoCanna– Spectrum

Best Tested: EndoCanna – Spectrum

Medical Wax/Budder 

1st Place: A Cut Above in collaboration with Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

2nd Place: A Cut Above – Manderin Tangie Cookie

3rd Place: Dabble Extracts – Vanilla Wafer

Connoisseur’s Choice: A Cut Above in collaboration with  Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

People’s Choice: A Cut Above in collaboration with  Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

Best Tested: A Cut Above – Mandarin Tangie Cookie

 Medical Indica Flower 

1st Place: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

2nd Place: Green Man Cannabis – Motor Breath

3rd Place: Verde Natural - Herijuana

Connoisseur’s Choice: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Best Tested: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

Medical Sativa Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

2nd Place: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

3rd Place: The Green Solution – Glass Slipper

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Glass Slipper

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis - Ghost Train Haze

Medical Hybrid Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Star Killer

2nd Place: The Green Solution – Blackwater X White Beast

3rd Place: High Level Health – Girl Scout Cookies

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Herbal Cure – Frankenberry

People’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis – Star Killer

Best Tested: The Green Solution - Blackwater X White Beast

Adult-Use Indica Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Louis the 13th 

2nd Place: Crested Butte Cannabis – Chem4

3rd Place: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Connoisseur’s Choice: High Level Health – Gorilla Glue #4

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Best Tested: The Herbal Cure – Chem Dog

Adult-Use Sativa Flower

1st Place: Natural Remedies – Moonshine Haze

2nd Place: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

3rd Place: The Clinic – Tangie

Connoisseur’s Choice: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

People’s Choice: The Clinic - Tangie

Best Tested: Natural Remedies – Moonshine Haze


Adult-Use Hybrid Flower

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis - Skunkberry

2nd Place: Natural Remedies- Banana Kush

3rd Place: High Level Health - Biostar

Connoisseur’s Choice: Walking Raven – Tangerine Haze and High Level Health - Biostar

People’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis - Skunkberry

Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis - Skunkberry

Medical Solventless Concentrates

1St Place: Verde Natural – Keylime Pie

2nd Place: Canna Caregivers – Black 900

3rd Place: Extracted Colorado –Stash House LA OG

Connoisseur’s Choice: Canna Caregivers – Black 900

People’s Choice: Verde Natural – Keylime Pie

Best Tested: O.PenVAPE – Solventless Oil

Adult-Use Solventless

1st Place: Essential Extracts – Chem Diagonal Matter

Connoisseur’s Choice: Essential Extracts – Chem Diagonal Matter

People’s Choice: Extracted Colorado – Stash House Sour Diesel

3rd Place: High Level Health – Platinum Valley

2nd Place: Extracted Colorado – Stash House Sour Diesel

Best Tested: O.PenVAPE - Solventless Oil

Adult-Use Wax/Budder

1st Place: The Green Solution – Blueberry Pure Wax

2nd Place: Harmony Extracts – Strawberry Cough

3rd Place: The Lab – Sour Fall Budder

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Blueberry Pure Wax

People’s Choice: The Lab – Sour Fall Budder

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Strawberry Cough

Vape Pen

1st Place: Evolab – Alchemy

2nd Place: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

3rd Place: Wonderleaf – Sour Tangie

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

People’s Choice: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

Best Tested: Wonderleaf – Sour Tangie

Adult-Use Live Resin

1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Lemon Skunk

2nd Place: Harmony Extracts - NYCD

3rd Place: Revered, Inc./Quest Concentrates - Space Queen

Connoisseur’s Choice: Harmony Extracts - NYCD

People’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Green Queen ‘99

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Lemon Skunk


1st Place: Myaderm

2nd Place: The Green Solution - Nectar Bee Muscle Rub

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Nectar Bee Muscle Rub

People’s Choice: Myaderm


1st Place: Sweet Mary Jane – Love at First Bite

2nd Place: Craft Concentrates – Canamels

3rd Place: Craft Concentrates – Melty Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Connoisseur’s Choice: Craft Concentrates - Canamels

People’s Choice: Craft Concentrates – Canamels 

Best Tested: Canna Caregivers – Indica Brownies

Medical Live Resin

1st Place: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

2nd Place: A Cut Above – Manderin Sunset #3

3rd Place: A Cut Above – Strawberry Fields

Connoisseur’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

People’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

Best Tested: EndoCanna – Golden Goat

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THC Championship Awards - 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!
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The THC Championship is celebrating our competition this December with THE Industry Holiday Party and will be held at City Hall! This year is our Funkin’ 5th Year Anniversary, and we are going all out for all of our readers, our competitors, judges and sponsors. We have some amazing music in store for the evening starting with the reggae beats by PNUCKLE, then we’re funking up the night with RUDY LOVE and BACKBONE. Our awards will be given out at 7:45PM.

Please note that we will be hosting a camera crew at our event. A part of the “The Love Story” is being shot for the documentary of Rudy Love.
We are looking forward to partying with YOU!

MetLo RoofTop will be hosting the VIP section of our celebration!!

Get your tickets HERE!

(21+ event)
Please note - no consumption on City Hall premises

The Love Story (teaser) from TBC on Vimeo.  Rudy:





Chong's Choice: An Interview with a Cannabis Legend
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by DJ Reetz

Celebrities are popping up everywhere in the legal cannabis industry these days, attempting to capitalize on their stoner images to form the basis of national brands.  Tommy Chong, elder statesman of weed, is no different. As an icon of cannabis culture, Chong’s status has attracted attention, for better or worse. For the worse like his 2003 arrest and prison sentence for selling cannabis paraphernalia in Pennsylvania; seemingly tied to his iconic status. Currently though, that status seems to be working out for the better with the launch of Chong’s Choice, a line of cannabis products available in multiple states. Because interstate cannabis commerce remains illegal, the brand will be using different growers in different markets.

THC caught up with Chong on the eve of the launch of his recreational line in Colorado to discuss the ins and outs of his celebrity cannabis brand, and to bask in his grandfatherly stoner wisdom shortly after the November election.

THC: Chong’s Choice is launching its adult-use line in Colorado. How did you determine which companies to work with?

Tommy Chong: We try the product. It’s very simple; we try the product, we look where they grow it, we look how they process it, see how organized and how together the operation is. Usually they’re great, because if they’re together enough to know that it would be good to have us on board fronting their product, that’s half the battle.

THC: Do you see any problems with having a brand across multiple states as far as consistency? If somebody were to buy a Chong’s Choice joint in Colorado it could be something totally different from what you get in California.

TC: Well, the great thing about our product is once your try it, it’s hard to determine what your name is, let alone whether or not the product is good [laughs]. The essence of what we sell, usually the quality is only known to connoisseurs like myself who have had experience enough to know. Like everything, a good 90 percent is in the packaging and the branding.

In fact, we got rid of some people in California that were trying to put inferior product into our brand; we got rid of them right away — it didn’t take long, we get complaints, we act on them right away.

Grape Stomper by Chong's Choice

Grape Stomper by Chong's Choice

THC: The red “Get America Stoned Again” hat that you’re wearing seems to be a play on Trump’s campaign slogan. What are your thoughts on the recent election? Big win for cannabis … but maybe not?

TC: Big, big win for cannabis. Big win for the people. I’ve just given it a lot of thought last night especially; I smoked up and I did some reflecting, and I realized that we’ve got the right guy in the president. The American people did not make a mistake.

You talk about underdogs — and that’s why America likes underdogs, for the very reason that they have to be totally honest. Underdogs are stripped bare of everything, they’re stripped bare of support and they’re examined closer than anybody. And in spite of all that, it was his energy to win under all those extreme odds — I mean, that was extreme odds he was up against. They had me convinced that he would be terrible for the presidency. Once he won, I realized our system of government is so superior because of that nature. Guys like me that could be swayed easily because of decorum and etiquette, we’re not the guys that have to deal with everyday problems like the people that voted for him. The people that voted for him, they saw what I see now. The Apprentice was not an accident; when we saw how he handled people with kinda minor problems compared to world problems. But he put his energy into each show and each problem, he put his total energy into it, and he’s going to do the same with America.

Don’t let the Christies and the Giulianis and all that worry you, because [with] Donald Trump, if you don’t perform, you’re done. One and done.

THC: You were a Bernie supporter

TC: I was a big Bernie supporter.

THC: It sounds like you’re now a Trump guy?

TC: I am totally a Trump guy; I turned. In fact, I was going to tweet it, but I thought, I’m going to do an interview, so I’ll let you guys do it for me. Trump did not come out against pot. He said he would respect whatever the states decide. And even though he doesn’t smoke it, that’s the best attitude: let the people decide.

THC: There was certainly some reaction, at least with the Republicans taking the House and Senate, that perhaps this doesn’t bode well for the legal cannabis industry that’s formed under the Obama administration. You don’t see it that way?  

TC: Not at all. I’ll tell you why, because the Republicans acted the way they acted because they had a Democratic president in there, and they were out to stifle everything that that president did — which is the way the American system should work, it should not be a rubber stamp. We don’t need dictators; we need people that have to answer for everything.

Like Trump now, he has to answer the backlash of the Hillary supporters or the other people that did not want him in, and now they’re the ones that are protesting. Isn’t it weird? It’s so ironic that Hilary’s people are the ones that are protesting the election. And it wasn’t a close election, it was over that night. It wasn’t the next day you had to count and recount or anything like that. Trump won, and I’m with people that think he’s going to be the best president we’ve had.     

THC: If there is a crackdown on the legal marijuana industry, seems like there’s at least one US attorney that might want to have another shot at you.

TC: Me? Not really. [When] I got busted it was my fault, because I didn’t protect myself legally. There were a lot of people in the business that knew enough to protect themselves legally. What I did wrong was I [used] my name and I did not protect myself behind corporations. Like, if I had a Trump advising me, I wouldn’t have went to jail; he would have said, ‘Ok, but make sure you’re protected.’

THC: It just seemed like the US attorney that prosecuted your case had a personal issue with you.

TC: It was more the Attorney General, Ashcroft.  What happened was I would do radio — I was on the road by myself, I would do stand-up with myself and my wife — and I’d go to right-wing radio. Right wing loved me because I’m controversial. So I was on right-wing radio and I was outing everybody that smoked pot, and I was making up names just to bug ‘em. And so I said Danny Sullivan, the race car driver, he’s a friend of mine. And I said, ‘Oh, Danny Sullivan, he smokes pot.’ I said that in St. Louis, and that was Ashcroft’s home state.  I’m quite sure that radio show got to him [...] and so they put a hit on me, they said, ‘Take this guy down.’ Plus it was the Iraqi war was just beginning so the Bush administration wanted to deflect some of the press to get the radical hippie side of it. And that’s when Bush came out and said that us potheads were supporting terrorism by selling bongs — we were supporting terrorism because all that money went into terrorist organizations […] And so they put a hit out on me and they created that Operation Pipe Dreams, and as a result, I was the only one that went to jail, because I was famous.

THC: It seemed like you were targeted because you were famous and had been a generational icon for cannabis consumption.

TC: And I was also an anti-war guy. I was totally against the war. I was against the war in Vietnam, I was against the war in Iraq; I had no idea.

THC: You’ve been pretty vocal about treating your prostate and colon cancer with medical cannabis. How’s your health these days?

TC: That’s another reason why I smoke pot. Luckily, I got cancer [laughs] so I could get my medical marijuana card. If I get stopped at the border or anything, I can just show them my medical marijuana card and tell them ‘I’ve got cancer guys.’ But the way it helped my cancer — this is the warning I try to put out to everybody: don’t rely on one method to cure anything […] make sure you get experts looking at your problem. That’s what I did. So, the doctors and oncologists they told me, ‘Yeah, use pot. But we’re still going to have to irradiate the area, you’re still going to have to get the operation to take out the tumor, and other than that, smoke all the pot you want. But this is what we have to do.’ And you have to do chemo, which I did. And now I’m cancer free.

What pot does to you when you’re sick, it gives you an appetite. Not only an appetite for food, but an appetite for life. You get your sense of humor back. That’s how you’re going to get through, you got to have your sense of humor and you’ve got to eat, because if you don’t eat, you die. As soon as I started smoking pot my operation healed, everything healed, and now I’m back on the road. I’m probably in the best physical shape of my life.

THC: That’s good to hear. Some people treat cannabis as a kind of wonder drug that can cure cancer all on its own, sounds like you think that’s a dangerous outlook.

TC: It’s totally dangerous. Do what you’ve gotta do, but it’s not a miracle drug. Just Google marijuana […] it’s been effective on brain tumors, it’s been effective on skin cancer, but [only] on some people. Now that we’re getting it legal, doctors are going to be able to experiment with it. Up until now, it’s been illegal to even try to experiment with it, to test it. And now there’s testing. In fact, I saw an ad in the paper looking for people to volunteer to be smokers [chuckles] and you get paid something like $5,000.    

Durban Haze by Chong's Choice

Durban Haze by Chong's Choice

THC: Now that you’re cementing yourself as a figure in legal cannabis, do you think that the cannabis industry is still holding on to some of the ideals that you had in your younger days?

TC: More so. The thing is, I learned very early from very wise people. I got turned on by jazz musicians, and they’re probably the wisest people on the planet because they’re not only accomplished artists, they’re also intelligent gurus. You talk to any jazz musician and he’ll tell you the meaning of the universe, if you ask him. So I was taught very early.

What the cannabis did to me, it made me realize this is all I really need. I’m a body builder, I work out with weights, and I’ve been around very successful body builders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger for instance. I watched Arnold train during his reign when he was Mr. Olympia. The only substance he would do — he would not drink soda pop if it had any trace of sugar in it, he would not drink a bit of alcohol while he was training — but he would smoke a ton of pot. He’s six-time Mr. Olympia, he could smoke pot.

THC: Do you think he could smoke more pot than you?

TC: It’s funny you should say that. I was at a session that they had — they used to have a pot smoking session — and they had a giant bong, and all of these big muscle heads would put almost a half an ounce in the bowl and they would light it with a torch and then they would inhale. The whole trick of it was to breathe in so much that the pot would glow like a light bulb and then get sucked into the water and make an explosion sound.

Dave Draper was there, he did it, Arnold, a guy named Zaybo, Peanuts, there were all these big muscle heads, and I was there. They handed me the bowl and I took the smallest toke ever [chuckles] because I’m a one-toker. I took that one little toke and they all looked at me like ‘Ugh, who invited this guy?’

THC: Sounds like the conclusion there is that Arnold smoked you under the table.

TC: Anybody could. You could probably smoke me under the table. Here’s the trick though: it’s not how little you do, it’s how often you do it. I take that little bit, but I’m almost 80 years old and I’m still here. Arnold’s got bad knees and he’s limping around, but I can probably run down the block faster than he can.

THC: It seems like the character you created in the ‘70s is now used by the anti-cannabis crowd as a caricature of weed smokers, what are your thoughts on that?   

TC: Rightly so. It was a conscious decision of mine. When Cheech and I got together, we had a ton of characters; we had 200 characters that we could have done. But what we did when we were going to put two characters on the screen, I took sort of a page from Charlie Chaplin. Charlie, when he started his career, he had a lot of characters too. But the one that resonated with everybody was the tramp, because he was the lowest common denominator. So my character basically is based on Charlie Chaplin’s lowest common denominator. That’s why my character […] you can’t get much lower than him and still survive. And that’s another reason why I understand Trump, because he’d be right with him. I did that on purpose.

But my real persona is the guy that lasted longer than anybody on Dancing With the Stars, and I use that. I’ve got people of all ages that come up and say, ‘Hey man, you did great on Dancing With the Stars.’ I tried to do the stoner thing on Dancing With the Stars, but the producer said, ‘Oh Tom, every time you do that weed salute I have to cut to the mirror balls, so will you not do it?’

THC: Two hundred characters and the one that resonated with everybody is the Cheech and Chong character that we all recognize.

TC: Cheech the Chicano, the low rider who didn’t even have a door handle on his car, and Chong the ‘hey man.’ We called him ‘man’ because all he ever said was ‘hey man.’

Do you know the origin of ‘man’ by the way? I got it from the jazz musicians. The reason they used to call each other ‘ hey man,’ ‘good to see you man,’ was because back in the Jim Crow days they used to call black people boy. ‘Hey boy,’ ‘get over here boy,’ so as a protest they would call each other ‘man,’ because they’re not boys, they’re men. So I got that character right from the jazz guys.

THC: Any other characters that you still reflect fondly on, that you wish you would have continued to do?

TC: Ralph and Herbie, the doggies. But we’re too old to do what we used to do. That got us arrested one time in Tampa, Florida. We being Ralph and Herbie on our hands and knees, being little dogs, and Cheech went over and grabbed a cop — he was at the bottom of the stage looking out at the crowd — and Cheech leaned over and took the cop’s hat off of his head with his teeth. And then he peed on the cop. The next thing that we know we’re riding in a cop car going to get booked in jail.

THC: Seems like Cheech has gone on to establish himself as more of a mainstream actor, not associating himself with cannabis the way that you have continued to. But you’re doing a good amount of acting these days, like your appearance in “Zootopia”, Disney’s allegory for the drug war.

TC: Isn’t that something? I turned down Disney — I turned down “The Lion King” — much to everybody’s dismay, because Cheech made probably half a million dollars off of that, maybe more.

THC: It was supposed to be Cheech and Chong as the hyenas, right?

TC: Yeah, and I turned it down because it was Disney. I was making a protest, you know. If they won’t let me in their amusement park because I’m wearing a pot t-shirt, I’m sure not going to be in their movie. When they asked me to do “Zootopia” they knew exactly who they were getting, in fact they wrote the part around my ‘hey man’ character. Oh yeah, we’ve come a long way baby.

THC: An allegory for the drug war is certainly an interesting topic for Disney to tackle.

TC: Everybody’s evolving. That’s what I say with this country, this country is evolving. We’re going to be the Amsterdam of the continents.

THC: You come to Colorado fairly frequently.

TC: As much as I can.

THC: Where’s your favorite place to smoke weed in Colorado?

TC: In the mountains. In Aspen there’s a little grove they call the Jerry Garcia [Shrine], there’s a little shrine, I think Jerry Garcia’s picture is up there. The skiers come down and we meet there and we smoke. That’s one of my favorite places.

And then any hotel room that says no smoking, that’s my favorite place.

THC: You ever get in trouble for doing that?

TC: I got yelled at a few times. In Boulder, it’s weird, we’ve been going there for a few years and the hotel [management called us], ‘Mr. Chong, we’ve got a report of some smoke coming out of your room.’  And I said, ‘Ah, no worries, there’s no fire here.’

THC: So you guys are launching the adult-use line of Chong’s Choice here. California just went rec, I assume that’s in your future?

TC: Chong’s Choice in California! All over.

THC: The Chong’s Choice website even shows your line available at a medical dispensary in Arizona, which is certainly not known for a robust medical marijuana market or cannabis culture.

TC: There are people everywhere. You know the most popular state probably is New York, and it’s not [recreationally] legal there either. New York [City] used to be the hub of marijuana use in the financial district. You could walk down the financial district and people would be just puffing away. But then you got guys like Giuliani and idiots like that. But it’s going to be all over the world, believe me.

THC: There was definitely a broad referendum on cannabis this election cycle.  

TC: They did it. Look at Trump’s stance on cannabis.

THC: You think you could get Trump to smoke weed with you?

TC: I don’t think so. Trump has got his own agenda; he’s got his own addictions, and pot’s not one of them.  There are certain people that I would prefer, ya know, to be very straight, and Trump’s one of them, or the president — unless you need it. Only smoke it if you need it, that’s my thing. Don’t smoke it if you don’t wanna.

THC: Anything else you’d like to add?

TC: I just want to thank everybody. I want to thank the people that support Chong’s Choice, because if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be in business. So I really owe a debt of gratitude to everybody out there that uses my product, buys my records and supports my dancing and everything else. I love my fans. Without you guys, I would be just a stoned pot head somewhere.

After our interview, THC was contacted by a representative of Mr. Chong to clarify that while he is optimistic about the presidency of Donald Trump, he does take issue with the appointment of climate-change denier Myron Ebell to head the EPA.  Chong’s Choice is grown locally by the good folks at Verde Natural using organic, soil-based techniques. Look for the line at any number of adult-use dispensaries around Colorado.




2016 Election: Cannabis Wins Big
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by DJ Reetz

Results from the 2016 election might seem grim, but the silver lining seems to be the sweeping victory for cannabis. Nine states voted on cannabis measures, eight of which passed despite the often staunch opposition from the political hierarchy in many of these states.

The biggest news is likely the passage of Proposition 64 in California, which was approved by 56 percent of voters in the state. California has served as one of the vanguards of cannabis progress since passing the nation’s first medical marijuana law in 1996. Unlike some other measures, 64 saw strong support from the state’s elected officials, including an endorsement from Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Proposition 64 levies an excise tax of $9.25 per ounce of cannabis flower and $2.75 per ounce of leaves on cultivators, as well as 15 percent on retail sales. That money is designated for the state’s Marijuana Tax Fund, intended to cover administration of the state’s adult-use program, with excess going to research and harm mitigation. Some $10 million of this excise revenue will be handed out to public universities studying the impacts of legalization, $3 million has been earmarked annually for the California Highway Patrol to develop protocols fro determining driver impairment, $2 million will be given to UC San Diego for medical cannabis research, and $10 million will be given to local health departments and non-profits to pay for various substance abuse, mental health and job placement programs. That last number is set to increase by $10 million every year until it reaches $50 million in 2020. Any additional money held in the in the Marijuana Tax Fund will go toward youth programs, environmental mitigation related to illegal outdoor grows, and reducing the number of stoned drivers or other wise combating unforeseen negative effects of the measure. Additionally, local governments could impose their own sales tax.

Some concern was raised by members of California’s medical marijuana community, who worried that the taxes would be levied on patients, though 64 includes exemptions on some taxes for medical producers.    

 Nevada followed suit with the passage of Question 2. Similarly to California’s measure, the law imposes a 15 percent excise tax on cultivation and annual fees ranging from $3,000 to $30,000, depending on the type of license, in addition to the one-time application fee of $5,000. This money is designated to the Nevada Department of Taxation and local governments to cover the cost of administering the program. Any additional money has been earmarked for the State Distributive School Account.

In Massachusetts, Question 4 passed with support of 53.6 percent of voters, despite strong opposition from Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, among others. Adult-use sales will be subject to existing state sales taxes as well as 3.75 percent excise tax. Local governments will have the option to levy up to an additional 2 percent tax on sales. State taxes and licensing fees will go into the Marijuana Regulation Fund, which will pay for the program’s regulation.

Maine also legalized adult-use cannabis for those 21 and over with the passage of Question 1. Adult-use cannabis will be subject to a 10 percent excise tax on all sales. Notably, Question 1 included language relating to cannabis clubs, where cannabis could be both sold and consumed.

Of the adult-use measure on ballots, only Arizona’s failed to pass. In a narrow loss, Proposition 205 failed with a vote of 52.14 percent opposed to 47.86 in favor.  

On the medical front, victories in North Dakota, Arkansas and a sweep in Florida will bring medical cannabis programs to those states. A measure restoring some of the medical marijuana program in Montana, decimated by the state legislature in 2011, passed with 56.96 percent in favor.  

In Colorado, the progress on cannabis issues continued, or at least held firm. The defeat of Proposition 200 in Pueblo County and Proposition 300 in the city of Pueblo protects the adult-use industry there. Both measures sought to ban sales, production and testing of adult-use cannabis, which have provided the impoverished area with an estimated 1,000 jobs and millions in related revenue and taxes.

Voters in Denver narrowly approved Initiative 300, which will allow for cannabis consumption licenses as part of a city pilot program. The program will, for the first time since the opening of adult-use dispensaries in 2014, give cannabis purchasers in the city a legal place to consume outside of private residences, as well as allow for consumption events.

These victories represent significant progress for cannabis nationally. With nearly 50 million more people now living in adult-use states, a change in federal attitudes toward the plant seems closer than ever. Medical cannabis victories in states with heavy conservative leanings also show promise of shifting attitudes.



LivWell Announces Solidarity with Pueblo Cannabis Growers
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Colorado’s leading cannabis company announces Pueblo-grown cannabis now available in its stores to support the county’s cannabis industry in light of efforts to ban recreational sales.


DENVER—October 27, 2016 — LivWell Enlightened Health announced today that it will begin offering Pueblo-grown cannabis for sale at its adult-use stores to support Pueblo’s legal cannabis industry, which is currently under dire threat by Issue 200. Were 200 to pass this November, it would ban all legal and regulated adult-use cannabis sales in the county, devastating the area’s growing industry and breathing life back into the shrinking criminal market.

 LivWell will immediately begin offering its customers $89.99 pre-weigh recreational ounces of cannabis grown outdoors by Pueblo cultivator, Los Sueňos Farms. LivWell historically produces the bulk of the cannabis it sells, but company owner and CEO John Lord believes that the threat facing Pueblo deserves more than just the monetary and political support the company has provided so far.

 “Issue 200 seeks to overturn the will of the voters who overwhelmingly approved of recreational cannabis with the passage of Amendment 64,” said Lord. “This is not just an issue for Pueblo, but for all of Colorado. We are proud to support those companies bringing good-paying jobs to Pueblo by offering the fruits of their labor to our recreational customers across the state.”

 Despite having no retail presence within the county, LivWell is already one of the top-5 financial backers of the effort to defeat 200. LivWell’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Neal Levine is also serving as part of the campaign leadership team. Earlier this year, Levine helped to lead the successful effort to keep a statewide measure off of the ballot that would have wiped out most of the adult use cannabis industry in Colorado.

 “We cannot sit idly by and allow the prohibitionists to wipe out 1,300 good paying jobs in Pueblo based on falsehoods and scare tactics.” said Levine, who also serves as a board member for the National Cannabis Industry Association, the cannabis industry’s national trade association

 The cannabis industry in Pueblo has brought a much-needed economic boost to an area still dealing with the aftershocks that accompanied the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980’s. The cannabis industry has contributed directly to the creation of more than 1,300 jobs there, and cannabis-related companies accounted for more than 65% of all the commercial building permits issued in the county last year. As of May 2015, the county’s unemployment rate of 7.1% is far higher than the state overall (4.2%). Passage of Issue 200 would devastate economic prospects in this southern Colorado jurisdiction, which have otherwise looked quite promising thanks to the hundreds of cannabis companies that currently comprise the region’s budding marijuana industry.

 “200 is another deceptive effort in an increasingly long line of deceptive efforts to roll back Amendment 64 piece by piece,” said Lord. “We expect the entire industry to continue to step up and fight these threats wherever and whenever they pop up.”

 By offering Pueblo-grown cannabis to its customers, LivWell aims to raise awareness about this important issue among its large customer base and to demonstrate solidarity with its fellow southern Colorado cannabis workers.


About LivWell

LivWell Enlightened Health is among Colorados largest cannabis companies, with fourteen locations across the state. LivWell provides its patients and customers with the best value, quality and variety of cannabis products including flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, smoking accessories and more. LivWells team of innovative farmers and scientists grow more than 40 strains of cannabis to meet the varied and evolving tastes of its customers. LivWells searchable strain library can be found at LivWell employees undergo rigorous training and education through LivWell University, preparing them to be the most knowledgeable, helpful budtenders in the industry, and to become advocates of responsible use. LivWell employs approximately 500 Coloradans who enjoy higher-than-average salaries and benefits. For more information, including a list of LivWells locations, visit

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