The World of Juicing is Missing Something: RAW CANNABIS
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Photo and article by Samuel Farley, Twitter and Instagram: @ THC_Samuel

Juicing whole plant raw cannabis (flower, stems and fan leaves included) and finding other ways to add raw cannabis to a daily healthy diet has been a popular topic in recent cannabis news. Although there is little scientific research being done involving the benefits of consuming cannabis in its raw form, many people both in the medical community and elsewhere continue to share its benefits.

It has been well documented in various scientific studies, including one by Verhoeckx and colleagues, that cannabis in its raw form contains THCa (the “a” stands for acid) and only when cannabis is smoked or vaporized does it actually change and release the Delta 9-THC that is known for the euphoric “high” of cannabis. Knowing this, many have begun to consume raw cannabis to improve health and cure certain diseases. There are many health benefits associated and the various types of cannabinoids present (over 60) in cannabis that are hugely beneficial to the body. There are multiple people in my family who suffer from Crohn’s, and many traditional medications have not worked or have not helped with all of the issues that they experience. Coming from a family of health nuts, I’ve grown to have a strong appreciation and understanding of the value of a healthy diet and have juiced many times myself. However, juicing raw cannabis was completely new to me.

I had the opportunity to speak with Alice Darling, a raw cannabis juicing expert who was able to mitigate the symptoms of her Crohn’s disease by adding raw cannabis in various forms to her health care regimen. Alice began using cannabis as a medicine at the age of 18 to help treat a heart condition called tachycardia (an excessively rapid heart beat) as well as her Crohn’s disease. At first, simply smoking cannabis helped many of her symptoms, but over time she began to realize that it was only treating certain aspects of her health issues. It was soon after that she began hearing about the full-body benefits of juicing the cannabis sativa plant raw.

She was introduced to raw cannabis juicing by her boyfriend, and she began including it as a part of her daily diet during the summer of 2014. She saw the benefits within a couple of days. At first she noticed improvements in her mood and she began to sleep better. After a few weeks, her stomach issues improved, and a year later her Crohn’s disease is in remission. She explained to me that it takes quite a bit of raw plant material to make a raw cannabis juice drink and that finding the raw material is often the hardest part. For best results, Alice recommends that the plants always be fresh. She juices an average of about half an ounce of whole, raw cannabis plant for her standard juice blend of six to eight ounces. Her favorite juice mixture is a combination of wet, raw cannabis plant, lemon, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and a little bit of cayenne. Adding veggies like carrots and cucumbers can add volume as well as additional nutrients and flavor. Towards the end of our conversation Alice mentioned, “The most eye opening experience from juicing was realizing the potential treatment you can give your whole body and endocannabinoid system; juicing has allowed me to take my healing to the next level.”

The real benefits of juicing is that it gives the nutrients the ability to spread throughout the whole body and blood stream via the natural digestive process. At the end of the interview it was time for me to try some raw cannabis juice for the first time. Alice pulled out a container with just enough raw material to make a small glass of raw cannabis juice and added it and a small amount of water to the juicer. When I took my first sip I was somewhat surprised. Raw cannabis juice tastes similar to kale juice, so I decided to add some carrots to the juicer and it turned into a somewhat bitterer version of a vegetable juice drink. If raw cannabis juice can help Alice deal with a serious internal illness like Crohn’s disease, then it is definitely a topic worthy of further exploration. Hopefully we can get to a point where cannabis is legal nationwide, and government-funded research involving raw cannabis in all forms is the norm, so people everywhere can benefit from and have access to it without fearing arrest.

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by Caroline Hayes

HempBox. Such a simple, sweet, delicious concept.

One of the newest trends in the past couple of years is having themed goodie-filled boxes sent right to the consumer’s doorstep. Whether it’s beauty products or items for your dog, there’s something so exciting about receiving a box treats delivered right to you.

Based out of Denver, HempBox offers treats for the hemp connoisseur, which are hand picked by co-owner Samantha Sandt, while her fiancé and co-owner Jake Browne helps with day-to-day activities, as well as handles the social media and website development.

With backgrounds in the cannabis industry, Jake and Samantha kept their eyes on the changing legislation regarding hemp and cannabis laws. Once A64 went into effect, allowing the cultivation of hemp in Colorado, the two saw an opportunity and that’s when HempBox went into action.

Samantha and Jake, Founders of HempBox

Samantha and Jake, Founders of HempBox

As a subscriber of Birch Box, Samantha was familiar with the excitement that came along with receiving a monthly box of goodies in the mail. Together, Sam and Jake put together a campaign to raise money for the HempBox concept on IndieGogo in April 2014. The first boxes came out shortly after that in June 2014.

With having subscribers from Alaska to Florida, Samantha and Jake are "working on a consumer market research survey to help our partners really hone in on specific market segments that are more apt to purchase hemp products. It’s imperative that we understand this growing market and we feel HempBox is poised to gather that data," Samantha informed.

Samantha sources products by reaching out to companies, but at the same time hemp companies are now coming to her asking to have their products promoted in HempBox (interested companies can go to for more information). What a great way to get the word out about awesome hemp products.

What really get Samantha and Jake excited is sharing the amazing hemp infused goods with their subscribers, calling them ‘sinful treats’.

So what can we expect to see from them in the future? Samantha says they are "proud sponsors" of the Second Annual NoCo Hemp Expo, which takes place on April 4th in Colorado.

HempBox is offered as a one time, three or six month subscription and first time subscribers can receive 50 percent off their first box with the coupon code HempBox50.

Keep your eyes out for things to come from this Colorado Proud company.


Mystery Of Munchies
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by Skyler Cannabaceae

Fire up a joint, rip a few bong hits, or take a toke from a pipe or vaporizer. There is one consequence of these actions that cannabis users can count on.

The munchies.

What it is that sends our taste buds into overdrive?

A new study from the journal Nature Neuroscience claims that it is a heightened sense of smell that makes a person crave food after using cannabis.

Science has known for decades that the human body has an endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are compounds that have the same effect in the body as the cannabinoids in cannabis, like THC and CBD, but the body produces them naturally.

When a person uses cannabis, the cannabinoids from the plant (called phytocannabinoids) bind with receptors all over the body to produce different effects. But why is hunger one of those effects?

Perhaps it’s because hunger enhances a person’s sensory perception. In ancient times, this sharpened us up so we could better hunt and gather food. It’s called survival.

According to the study conducted by European scientists led by Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux, when cannabinoids are received by cannabinoid type-1 (CB1) receptors in the main olfactory bulb (MOB) of the brain, they signal that the body is starving.

Mice were used as test subjects. Since all mammals share cannabinoid similarities, the brains of mice and humans function quite alike.

“CB1 receptors promote food intake in fasted mice by increasing odor detection,” according to the researchers. This increase in smell power, which occurs naturally when someone is actually hungry, leads to the brain thinking that the body is not just hungry, but that it is actually starving.

As a result, the brain craves fatty foods so that the body can store calories for later. That would explain why junk food is so appealing when we’re buzzed.

How about this for a puzzle: Other studies show that cannabis users are, as a group, significantly slimmer than non-users. But that’s another story.

While cannabis researchers welcomed this recent study, it is only part of the picture. Researchers have been gleaning bits and pieces over the years. Separate studies show different results, but they don’t contradict.

In 2011, a study led by a University of California-Irvine professor of pharmacology named Danielle Piomelli showed that when the taste of fatty food hits a person’s system it sends signals to the gut to produce endocannabinoids. CB1 receptors in the gut receive these endocannabinoids, which increases the desire for fatty foods.

In this study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers went a step further by genetically engineering mice that do not have CB1 receptors.

The result was that the “knock-out” mice still wanted to eat, but the craving for fatty foods was gone. This led researchers to believe that blocking the CB1 receptors in humans would cause the same effect and help to fight obesity. Unfortunately, they were unable to find a safe drug to block those receptors, and since so much is still unknown in this area of biology, that may have been for the best.

In another study, conducted by European researchers supported by the UK Medical Research Council and published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, the result suggested that “Endocannabinoids and ghrelin [a natural hormone] are potent appetite stimulators and are known to interact” with the hypothalamus. Scientists found by injecting 2-AG (the endocannabinoid produced in the body that most resembles THC) into subjects that stimulation occurs in the hypothalamus the same as if the 2-AG were created by the body naturally.

The academic journal Neuropharmacology published a study in July of 2012 that had yet another take on munchies. While the researchers admitted that “[c]annabinoid receptor agonists are known to stimulate feeding in animals,” they believe that instead of being caused by heightened senses, it is actually the instant reward response of dopamine that is generated in the body after eating “highly palatable food.” In turn, that increase in pleasure makes you want to keep eating more of it.

All of these studies provide plausible and scientifically viable reasons why cannabis stimulates appetite. Perhaps each provides some truth.

The bottom line is that the cannabinoids in the plant, especially THC, interact with receptors in our bodies, programming us to want more of not just any food, but fatty food.

So if you’re on a diet, hide those cookies before you spark up that joint.

munchies french fries

Fusilli Hemp Pasta by Hempiness
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Reviewed by Caroline Hayes

Hempiness is a company that understands the important health benefits of hemp. This UK company offers more than just the standard hemp seeds.

Hemp coffee, hempseed oil capsules and hemp flour are just a few of the great food products coming from Hempiness. I was lucky enough for them to send me their hemp flour infused fusilli pasta. This organic pasta is hempy because of the addition of hemp flour into the dried pasta mixture. I’ll tell you what, it just looks healthier than the

Soap ordered: behind is cialis dosage some I. Problems every softer viagra cost Here's enough. Drawer cialis vs viagra their best sampler that canadian online pharmacy fine and subscription places buy viagra of this? And online pharmacy store the - is that lotion - time cialis vs viagra to. All It. Curls women viagra sure I noticed slip make.

.88 cent box at the grocery store. It has a rich brown color. It cooks just like any other pasta and the consistency is soft and less gritty than whole grain pasta. I ate it with a rich Vodka sauce (my favorite) but any white or red sauce will do. It’s also delicious used in a cold pasta salad dish Serve it up with some hemp seed meatballs and you have yourself quite the health conscious meal.

In the Spotlight: Hemp Seeds
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Hemp seeds are high in protein and contain nine amino acids including essentials like Omega-3s, which are valuable for healthy skin and hair, brain function, digestion and overall body health. They make a delicious and nutritious addition to salads, smoothies, oatmeal and even soups. So go ahead and stock your pantry with this new wave of health food that is here to stay.

2013111813520239343_smlManitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts - These raw, shelled hemp seeds come in natural or organic and bags come in a variety of sizes, up to five pounds.


Ziggy Marley’s Hemp Rules - These USDA organic seeds are offered as shelled or roasted. Roasted flavors are Caribbean Crunch or Salt and Pepper.

000147Navitas Naturals Kashmir Superfood - Certified organic, raw and shelled hemp seeds.


Himalania Organic Hemp Seeds - These tasty treats come in toasted dusted with Himalayan pink salt, shelled or covered in dark chocolate. www.brainstorminc.comHippie Butter Hulled Hemp seedsHippie Butter Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds - Non-GMO, non-irradiated, non-allergenic, THC-free, pesticide-free, gluten-free, Kosher and vegan-certified.


Nutiva Organic Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds - Cold-pressed and organically created. Simple, pure and delicious.








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