Wingtip Native Fresca 6-Panel Strapback by Grassroots California
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reviewed by Lisa Fay

Grassroots California’s strapback hats are the perfect all around hat. The design of this striped beauty works with whatever style strikes you. This hat goes to the slopes to hide helmet hair and to the beach to shield the sun. Since the size is adjustable, the fit is perfect. You will surely turn a few heads wearing this stylish strapback.

Grassroots has a variety of clothing and hats for both women and men at a price that won’t drain your wallet. On top of that, they are dedicated to helping local communities and communities abroad by donating a portion of every purchase. Grassroots’ diverse style has artists that range from Ann Taylor to Method Man and so many more. You are sure to find a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe from Grassroots. Check out their selection at

Naomi Hinds
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by Caroline Hayes Based out of Denver, this Canadian-born, Caribbean-raised gem and mineral connoisseur creates a delicate balance where form meets function by turning nature’s bling into gorgeous, wearable adornments. Naomi has traveled the world, creating and connecting with all types of people, music and the gifts of the universe. These adventures reflect on her kind, carefree attitude, love for life’s greatest adventures – and pretty, shiny things. On any given weekend during the summer you can find Naomi at a music festival with her Naomi Hinds Designs booth set up, slinging gems, minerals and handmade jewelry.
Opal Ring

Opal Ring

THC: You were born in Canada and raised in the Caribbean, how do you feel this has shaped your artistic abilities? NH: I’ve never thought about the direct influence. It has definitely given me a broad perspective and shaped me as a person to have such diverse roots. What has most shaped me as an artist is my lifelong love for gems and minerals, which is certainly from my time in Canada (and my Mum’s best friend). In Ontario there is a definite rockhound sub culture and I got just enough exposure to get completely hooked! I was the little girl who brought a piece of pyrite home as my souvenir from Disney. In Guyana I was a part of a very colourful culture. From where I lived there was a Hindu Temple three blocks one direction and Muslim mosque two blocks the other direction. I used to stare endlessly at the West Indian ladies’ amazing jewelry and vibrant clothes. That rainbow array of colours and sparkle has definitely made it into my aesthetic.
“The Music of Spheres” Stilbite with cavansite and large cavensite nodules, peridot, topaz, citrine, natural diamond accentes with fine silver and 14K gold

“The Music of Spheres”
Stilbite with cavansite and large cavensite nodules, peridot, topaz, citrine, natural diamond accentes with fine silver and 14K gold

THC: What has been your biggest inspiration in your life? NH: More than anything, the example my parents set of finding your passion and following it endlessly. The gems and minerals are constantly different, no two specimens are the same and they remain my biggest passion. I started making jewelry because I had a pocket full of rocks that I wanted to wear. Many times I was making things I intended to sell and I would move on to making something different because I wouldn’t remain entertained. The only thing, of all the many things I can design and make, I haven’t become bored with finding the way in which each stone speaks to me and I can’t ever see losing that passion or inspiration. THC: What’s your most popular piece? NH: My favourite designs right now are probably the stalactite jewelry I’ve been doing. The Tourmaline Gem Shades have definitely received the most notoriety. Naomi Hinds2 THC: How did that idea [of the Tourmaline Gem Shades] come to be? NH: I’ve embellished a pair of lenses by redoing or embellishing the arms of the glasses. In 2007/2008 I made the first sunglass frames for a friend who was in need. The first pair of Tourmaline Gem Shades was a commission from the curator of the Smithsonian’s mineral collections in 2009. He had a pair of tourmaline in his personal collection that he had always envisioned as glasses and heard I was the girl for the unique job. The idea took off from there. I’ve made three pairs of Tourmaline Gem Shades. They are ultimately more of a collector thing than an every day practical item, which is why I have started making Amber Gem Shades. The Chiapas amber lenses are cut from the highest of high quality amber, in clarity and colour. They are comfortable for everyday wear with kind of a “fear and loathing” tint to the lens. Naomi Hinds3 THC: Where can Coloradans find your work this fall? NH: The next big show I’m doing is here in Denver. The Denver Gem and Mineral show where I will be set up at the Merchandise Mart as part of the Lapidary Artist Collective. I travel a lot for shows and do most of my work one on one. THC: Where do you source your gems from? NH: I have been going to gem shows almost my whole adult life and have really great relationships with people directly involved in either mining the stones or bringing them from the mine into the country. As much as possible I use locally mined materials (as in North American or anywhere you could feasibly drive) and more than 50 percent of the stones I use are cut by lapidary artists with whom I’ve formed friendships.
Stalactite necklace lavender amethyst and brilliant labradorite

Stalactite necklace lavender amethyst and brilliant labradorite

THC: Favorite stone/gem? NH: I don’t think I have a favourite... singularly.... I think they might all be my favourite at different times in my life, and I generally wear what I’m in love with currently. What I’m wearing right now and the reasons I love them: Alexandrite, this one is a natural crystal from Tanzania and has beautiful color change and a bit of a cat eye effect. Ethiopian Opal, cut by artist Kevin Smith in Tucson AZ, that has a rainbow dance and all sparkle. Amazonite, which has deep blue/green crystals from Teller County, Colorado that naturally have the perfect angles and shape for jewelry. THC: What kinds of metals do you use for the wire wrapping part? NH: I work in precious metals, silver and gold. Most of the settings are in sterling silver and the woven work in .999 fine silver. I love the look of mixed metals and adding gold accents into predominantly silver pieces, or visa versa. The 18K pieces have been more upon request but I seem to be inspired to do more all gold designs of late. THC: Please tell us about some of the awards you have won. NH: Well, nothing really of huge note. A few “best of shows” for my art booth, a “most innovative” after this years’ Tucson gem show, “people’s favourite” from another art show. THC: Well that’s definitely something! Naomi Hinds7 THC: What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you as a successful jewelry artist? NH: To be successful jewelry artist is the coolest thing that has happened! If I can do this for the rest of my life, I will be happy... and happiness is the greatest success! Thank you for your time and inspiration Naomi! In addition to her pre-made pieces, Naomi offers custom made pieces where she works independently with the buyer, helping him or her choose the perfect combination gems. At interested buyers can view her “Design Shop” to see works already in progress, and help shape the vision from there.
100% Hemp Shirt by RECREATOR
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reviewed by Monocle Man

RECREATOR out of California makes very functional clothing that you will want to wear again and again. While they make several t-shirts that are blends of organic cotton and hemp, I was lucky enough to test their 100 percent hemp fiber tee. When some people think of hemp clothing they might think a shirt that is 100 percent hemp maybe isn’t soft enough, those people would be 100 percent wrong. This shirt is possibly one of the softest I have ever felt with the tags still on it, and it got even softer after it was washed. The construction is excellent with sturdy stitching and a perfect fit very true to size. It is so lightweight and breathable this plain black hemp shirt will be a wardrobe staple from here on out. RECREATOR is putting out some of the nicest hemp t-shirts on the market, all of that and when you plant the tags from their clothing in the earth, stuff grows. You can also use the hemp wick that the tags are tied on with to smoke a bowl. Could it get any cooler than that? Check them out

PrAna Clothing
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by Caroline Hayes

PrAna does a fabulous job of making workout clothes that transform flawlessly from the gym to real life. Everything this Cali company pumps out is fashionable, functional, and consciously made clothing. This is not the first time we have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of their products, and the goods are just as fantastic the second time around. The items on this page are just a glimpse of how fabulous their spring 2015 line is and an example of a really cool company using awesome hemp. We hope you, the reader, are just as impressed and excited as we are about prAna not only as a company but their good looking digs. Go to to view products, prices and for ordering.


Furrow Short

Furrow Short

Like most of prAna’s men’s shorts, these are perfect for a casual day but nice enough to wear with a button down for an evening outfit. The colors are neutral earthy tones that pair well with anything. The Furrow Short is lightweight, comfortable with a relaxed fit. Guys: you will love wearing these, and ladies, you will love looking at your man in these stylish shorts. Color shown: Black Herringbone. This shirt is made of 53 percent hemp, 44 percent recycled polyester and 3 percent lycra.


Freya Knicker

Freya Knicker

These low-rise capris are practical for daytime running around and attending work out classes. Not only are they comfortable and just a good looking pant overall, but they make the booty look good by adding some support. The cute detail on the back waistline is also flattering. You will have great movement with the Freya Knickers, allowing you to accomplish anything throughout your day. Color shown: Vivid Viola. These pants are made of 53 percent hemp, 42 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.

Peppa Jacket

Peppa Jacket

Peppa Jacket

This jacket wins for so many reasons and is a must have for spring. For one, it’s strikingly cute and comes in fun patterns. It’s lightweight yet warm enough for those cool spring breezes, and most importantly, it is comfortable. You will absolutely love the way this feels and fits. Color shown: Mosaic. This jacket is made up of 53 percent hemp, 45 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.


Crux Crew Shirt

Crux Crew Shirt

One of prAna’s best performance shirts. The material has a nice sheen to it, making it a bit classier than other fitness shirts. The Crux Crew shirt can be worn for any type of activity. Fast drying, breathable and the way the seams are stitched makes it so it prevents chaffing. It also has anti-microbial properties to help make it odor resistant. Color shown: Gravel. This shirt is made of 92 percent recycled polyester and 8 percent hemp.





The Hedi Council
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by Caroline Hayes

It’s been about a year since we have checked in with Denver’s The Hedi Council and boy are we so glad that we did. Owners Jonathan Liberto and Lauren King are about to drop the 2015 Spring Capsule Collection, and with all the fresh colors and improved styles, we are so excited to tell you, our fashion connoisseurs, all about it.

So what’s the Spring Capsule Collection all about? There’s a new hemp hat among five other new lids, fresh colors like mint and indigo have been incorporated, two-toned button downs that have matching jogger sweats, U.S. made socks and "the long awaited Coconuts and Kush Cabana shirt and matching bucket hat," explained King, who is very excited about this new launch. "The Hedi Council 2015 Spring Capsule Collection was inspired by today’s trending streetwear fashion." The colors and styles are so vibrant and fun, and it’s fantastic to see a Colorado company growing.

From left to right: Mountain Rambler 5 Panel, Coconuts and Kush Bucket Hat, THC Classic Snapback, Headeye Hat, Soap Stoned Hat, Cursive Arch, Headeye Hat, THC Classic Snapback and Cursive Arch

From left to right: Mountain Rambler 5 Panel, Coconuts and Kush Bucket Hat, THC Classic Snapback, Headeye Hat, Soap Stoned Hat, Cursive Arch, Headeye Hat, THC Classic Snapback and Cursive Arch

The new hats are thicker and sturdier than ever, have personalized eyelets, which read "Freshly Baked by The Hedi Council" and have uniquely designed satin lining. The styles range from 5 panel to flat bill, snap back and fitted. There really is something for everyone’s style with this new line. Some feature hemp, others leather and even denim.

All of the gear you see is going to launch on 420 weekend, so be sure to come to the BIG Industry Show and check out their booth (number 603)!

Be sure to check out for all the new styles that have come out since their last appearance in THC Mag.  
Chaos Threads
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by Caroline Hayes

Local clothing.

Those two words are music to our ears here at THC. There are so many wonderful companies coming out of Colorado these days and with the Colorado pride soaring higher than ever, this is the time for these companies to rise!

Today, we are thrilled to tell you about Boulder-based CHAOS Threads, founded by brothers Damien and Justin Rizello, later joined by their youngest bro, Xander.

The idea for CHAOS Threads manifested back in 2010 over long hours of baking and packaging the Rizello brothers’ creation The Baklava, an edible they marketed back then. The brothers talked with each other about their dream of starting a clothing company, made of quality, sustainable and eco-conscious threads. "A desire to combine the greatest quality threads with art; a lifestyle apparel, embodying style. We wanted to design our wardrobe and have it be a blank canvas in which we could play within consciousness. Through the process of building CHAOS Threads, we’ve come to realize that what we can do with textiles is endless," said Damien.

At CHAOS Threads the Rizellos have the clothing manufactured in "small batched" production. The theory behind this is if a certain style that isn’t very popular, it doesn’t have to sit around and "degrade the value of the brand. And when we hit on a style, we have an ability to create a demand and proof of concept. It’s a really good way to keep our finger on the pulse of the customer," Damien explained. The result is a carefully thought out design that makes a big impact.

CHAOS Threads are made with sustainable fibers and lots of love. The most prized fiber used is combed cotton from India, which the Rizello brothers learned about from a textile manufacturer in Montreal named Delyla who specializes in eco-friendly knits. Damien says it’s softer and higher quality compared to U.S. and Chinese yarns. Although CHAOS clothing is produced outside of the U.S. for now, the dream is to create everything in Colorado one day. "We originally wanted to manufacture in the USA only. This idea expanded when we found Delyla in Montreal. Their mission and philosophy are similar to ours so we couldn’t resist," said Damien.

CHAOS’ styles and designs are fresh, fashionable and created with regard to higher level thinking and acting. The Rebel-Lion graphic (pictured on the left) "represents leadership, symbolizing nocturnal strength into subconscious thought and solar reflective healing; thus serving conscious balance within sound judgment, courage, honor and wisdom. Join the CHAOS team on our journey in a message of prudence to all."

This is exactly the forward thinking motion that conscious consumers want to support.

Expect to see big things from CHAOS Threads. The Rizello brothers are going to offer fashion and graphic design consulting, information on where to source mindful and blank apparel, and screen printing under the name CHAOS Apparel. They will also be combining forces with other like-minded companies to bring to you the most environmentally friendly, sweatshop-free clothing, and finally, they will bring to you CHAOS Hemp Blended Threads. "During the marijuana movement, we’re honored to help uniform our alliance, stand together and represent all characteristic benefits of the plant," Damien said. We are all looking forward to it! You can find CHAOS Threads at  
Miss Mary Jane Co.
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black & white weed print legging

by Caroline Hayes

Disappointed with the lack of female attire and women presence all together at the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Denver, Madison Alvarez got the idea for Miss Mary Jane CO. "At that time, I knew I wanted to create a brand that females could identify with, within the cannabis community," she said. Together with her boyfriend, Daniel, they started Miss Mary Jane Co.

"We also noticed the growing popularity of cannabis culture on Instagram. That inspired me to create a marijuana personality on Instagram: @missmaryjaneco. Interesting enough, before we started selling products, Miss Mary Jane CO was actually meant to be known as Miss Mary Jane CO as in Colorado, not company," Madison explained.


tie dye weed print legging

"At first I didn’t have all the kinks worked out, and actually viewed my business to be going in a different direction than fashion. With the rise of dabbing culture and not much, if any, dab related apparel; we put out the first dab hat (to the best of my knowledge). I really enjoyed seeing something come to life and actually selling well online. Then we made our weed leaf leggings and that’s when we really started to grow in popularity," she said. "I love the feel and the fit of the leggings. I’ve had the opportunity to create 11 different designs including three artist series collabs so far and they only seem to get better each time! I am proud of what my company has put out and it’s great to see so many ladies enjoying my original products as much as I do!"

Madison creates her designs in-house with her design team. The rest of Miss Mary Jane Co’s products, such as the glasswares, are American made and mostly by women.


mini kiwi slice dab rig

Madison says of the mini fruit rigs (pictured): "The fruit rigs are made by Gina Gaffner from Austin, TX. We have been carrying her glass art for over a year now. We love carrying cute and fun products, especially ones made by females."

Future plans for Miss Mary Jane Co involve a storefront as well as getting the clothing line and products in more dispensaries around the area and eventually moving into mainstream. For now, interested buyers can purchase items online or at Medical Oasis where they carry the entire clothing line.

A few last words from the lovely Madison: "We truly appreciate all the support from our fans. I love fashion, cannabis and I love glass art. I am very thankful to be a part of this growing industry and to be able to make a career from what I am passionate about. Keep your eyes peeled for all the new stuff we have planned for 2015. It’s going to be a big year for us!" IMG_4028  
Platform High Heels by Kush Kouture
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So you are a female cannabis enthusiast that likes to look as fabulous as you feel? We have found you the perfect "going out" heels. Kush Kouture platform heels have sass for days! They come in a wide range of prints and styles, of course our favorite is their line of Herbal Leaf print in various colors and levels of spikey-ness. Some have a smooth closed toe upper and matching platform, with a silver spiked heel that says "I am confident and beautiful but I also have an attitude." We also like the double spike shoe that has spikes on the heel and the platform, statement shoes that say "I live life with reckless abandon, #badbitch." Any of these high-profile platform heels will make you feel like the goddess you are.


The Universal Beat
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by Caroline Hayes

The world needs more companies run by people who set out to do the right thing for other people, conducting acts of kindness from the heart with pure intentions. Universal Beat is an example of this type of positive behavior. What started as two guys living together in Brazil evolved into an independent clothing company intended to spread light, love and overall consciousness. This is the first of what could be many interviews with Trevor Pirtle of Universal Beat.

SONY DSCTHC: So Universal Beat runs out of a bus, which is pretty awesome. Any plans for a storefront in the future?

TP: At the moment, our shirts are currently stocked in a few stores, including Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, The Fitter in Boulder, the Headed West in Denver and FX-18 in Taos.

We do have plans for the future for a brick-and-mortar store that would also be part health food restaurant, café, and gathering center for yoga, meditation, and other events.

THC: Please explain the vision of Universal Beat.

TP: We find land that is super affordable solely because there is no one around. We buy tons of land in the area and start growing using permaculture techniques. We build affordable, sustainable shelters. We get our electricity from the power of the sun.

We invite lots of smart, conscious people to come live in community and love and support each other while we work on our projects to help spread love and light throughout the cosmos.

The ‘60s was all about free love. There’s another revolution that’s happening right now, and it’s all about using that love to support one another. It’s about community, the gathering of the tribes.

We like to live, work, and be surrounded with loving and supportive people. We like to live in nature and enjoy a beautiful view 24/7. We want to grow our own food and our own cannabis. We want build our own shelters, locally sourced earth homes. We want to live as sustainably as possible. We want our work to be intrinsically rewarding and allow us the freedom to travel and work when we want to.

We sell T-shirts, because it’s the path of least resistance right now. It just happened to start that way. We have other apparel, books, and music all in the works. The Universal Beat is a vessel for spreading love in whatever form it takes. We support and collaborate with people we like that are doing good for the world. Collaboration and synergy over competition.

There is so much abundance in the world, and the more we share, the more it grows. If we just took the money spent every year on the U.S. military budget, we could provide free healthy food and clean drinking water for the entire world.

We are creating the space for consciousness to flourish. And we want brilliant people to join us.

THC: I read that you all just bought some land. Where and what’s the vision for this?

TP: We bought five acres in October in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado.

Our intention is to turn the entire area into a 23rd century hippy village. We’ll have a recording studio, permaculture garden and earth homes. We are creating a retreat space for people to come and heal, dance, play, and work with other conscious people.

Land is so affordable (because it’s in the middle of nowhere) and we want people who want to help the world to buy land and join us in making a village from scratch and see what it turns into.

THC: What do you see for the future of sustainable clothing in Colorado?SONY DSC

TP: People who are into sustainable living generally understand that we’re all in this together. Everything is connected, we are all human. Because of this, there will be much more collaboration and energy from different sustainable clothing companies than in other industries. Generally, we understand that helping each other is so much better than competing. If you make awesome clothing and you’re a cool person, I would love to promote you on our platform. Do I expect people’s entire wardrobe to be Universal Beat apparel? No.

If you are helping the world, a good person, and make good products, how could I not want to be friends with you? And how could I not want to help my friends succeed?

THC: Who else is involved in the movement of Universal Beat?

TP: Currently, there are two of us leading the charge, Kevin Lane and Trevor Pirtle (me).

To easily convey our roles, Kevin is the right brain of the operation; I’m the left-brain.

The movement is still in its infant stage and we currently do not have enough money to pay other people to work and live with us. But we’re growing.

THC: I see that you wrote an e-book on meditation. What’s that called and where can interested readers find that?

TP: The minibook is called How Meditation is Helping to Usher in the Next Revolution in Human Society. The book briefly describes the different stages of consciousness that humans go through, both individually and collectively, and how important meditation is for the evolution of consciousness.

If you’re interested in reading this, you can download it for free at

I’m also currently writing another book called The Grounded Spiritual Guide to Life. The book is 37 chapters, each one page, about a variety of topics. I’m writing the book with the pretext of it being everything I would tell my kids about how to live in as few words as possible.

This book will be self-published and my intention is that it’ll be released in January/February.

THC: What else would you like our readers to know?

TP: The world needs you to act on things you are most passionate about.

You are everything, everything is you. When you are good to everything, everything is good to you. What’s best for you is best for everyone.

I love you. You are perfect as you are. No need to prove yourself or do anything. Just be. Everything is okay.

Thank you for reading!

THC: Thank you Trevor! We look forward to hearing more about what you guys are up to. Universal Beat2  




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