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My Weigh Hemp Digital Scale
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Reviewed by Monocle Man

One night I was doing some stoned online glass window shopping and came across this gem. The 500ZH from My Weigh. My Weigh was the first company to purchase this eco friendly material and distribute the coolest scale you can own. The company prices the 500ZH at $25.95, and is sold at near cost. They do it for the love and to promote natural composite plastic to the world. This scale reads in gram, ounce, troy ounce, and penny weight. It runs on two AAA batteries, which are included. Like the name implies there is a 500 gram capacity for this scale. You will get plenty of compliments on how nice this scale looks. Support My Weigh and buy the 500ZH made with hemp composite plastic.

Organic Hemp Wick by Hemplit
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reviewed by Monocle Man

Hemplit Organic Hemp Wick is made in America and is a 100 percent natural alternative to a butane lighter. It is made with organic hemp and beeswax. It comes in a variety of different sized packages, so whether you use hemp wick sometimes or everyday, they have you covered. If you are new to hemp wicks, using one of this caliber will provide a clean natural flame for your smoking needs, free of butane and other toxins. Hemplit’s company philosophy is “Keep it Natural,” judging from their product ingredients and functionality, they are doing just that.

Hemp 420 Multi-Tool by Swine Army
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reviewed by Monocle Man

Swine Army is the creation of the Legalize Pot Belly Pigs company. Combined, they create a wide variety of products from apparel to smoking accessories. I tried out their Hemp 420 Multi-Tool. This thing has everything needed for your smoking adventures. It comes equipped with a glass one hitter, Pure Hemp 1.25 rolling papers, three feet of hemp wick, a full sized Bic lighter, a grinder, a poker, and a roach clip (the last three are all stainless steel.) The whole thing is very compact, about the size of the palm of your hand. The hemp housing of the multi-tool is expertly hand crafted with quality materials, is very sturdy, and comes in a variety of colors. This handy 420 all-in-one delivers what it promises, everything in one place for your smoking convenience.  www.etsy/shop/legalizepotbellypigs

Kushley Organic Products Gift Starter Kit
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Includes: 2 ounce Kushley lotion, 4 ounce Kushley fine mist spray, Kushley soy candle

Kushley products are all natural, contain a premium quality blend of organic botanical extracts, and are hand crafted in the USA. The purpose of these products is to eliminate odors. Kushley claims to eliminate 99.6% of every airborne, body or embedded organic odor. They most certainly hold up to their claims. All Kushley products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We used each product to test out their odor eliminating power. They all successfully mask the odor of recently burnt cannabis. The scent of Kushley products is fresh and somewhat citrusy. They smell very natural and clean. The fine mist spray permeates a much stronger scent than burning the soy based candle but both are effective at eliminating airborne odors. The lotion can be used on your hands, face, and body. It is safe for sensitive skin and successfully eliminates odors on the skin, such as garlic, cigarette smoke, or fish. Kushley lotion is PABA, petroleum and paraffin free, and con- tains olive, sunflower and avocado oil, organic herbs, botanicals, shea butter and essential oils. Kushley is terrific in our opinion, and at a $19.95 for this gift set you can affordably find out for yourself. Check out this great product line on their website and read about the many useful ways to utilize the fine mist spray.

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HempVĀP™ is a ^CBD alternative to an e-cigarette. These contain no nicotine, no THC, just premium, golden ^CBD-rich hemp oil.  HempVĀP™ is the first ^CBD vape product made from industrial hemp oil. This vape pen has a smooth flavor that vapes cool and clean. This is not your run-of-the-mill gas station vape, with questionable e-liquid.  These contain industrial hemp→hemp oil→CBD-rich hemp oil.  Simple.   They taste great too.  With flavors like strawberry, honeydew, and papaya, how can you go wrong.  I have been using my HempVĀP™ for three months now and I LOVE it!  Honeydew is my favorite flavor.  It tastes delicious and smells amazing.  Try them for yourself.

Randy’s Roots - Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
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Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer? Randy’s Roots rolling papers are the perfect gift to give to your doobie brother. Randy’s Roots papers are 100 percent organic, hemp (unbleached), vegan, natural Arabic gum and American stainless steel. Wait, what?  That’s right these papers have a stainless steel wire runs through the seem. You might be a little weirded out by this at first but once you try it, you will see the genius behind it. The wire gives you support and makes rolling a joint easy even for the novice. It also gives you a built in roach clip, just bend it back and no more burnt fingertips.

I-Tal Hemp Wick
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I always have some hemp wick around the house and one of my favorites is I-Tal. Comes in pretty handy, not only for a smoking session but great item to take camping. I love using mine for smoking bubble hash to control the flame and not having to taste a bunch of butane. Wrap it around your lighter to help identify your lighter when you have a sticky fingered friend around.




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