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KannaKick Energy Chews by KannaWay
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Imagine this: it’s Friday afternoon and you are exhausted after a long work week, but it’s your best friend’s birthday and you have to muster up the strength to A) finish the work day B) drive home and C) actually go out. You could grab that 10th cup of coffee for the day or you could enjoy a KannaKick! At 100mg of caffeine in each piece, these chewy energy-filled KannaKicks provide quite the punch, and offer a healthy dose of hemp CBD oil for an added bonus. The caffeine buzz is sustainable, no intense surge or crash, just a steady streamline of energy that lasts for a few hours.

KannaKick chews are made with organic and natural ingredients. They not only provide the body with sustained energy but also B-vitamins and non-GMO hemp oil high in CBD. There’s no THC or CBD from the marijuana plant, just hemp, so you won’t feel high, just pleasantly energized, yet not jittery like the feeling most energy drinks leave behind.

These handy little treats to help you manage those long days and late nights come in five flavor varieties, four chews to a pack and each chew is equivalent to one and a half cups of coffee.

Grab a pack of KannaKicks to keep in your desk drawer for when you need that much-needed afternoon boost.


Cibdex CBD Drops
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reviewed by Rick Macey

As an old school cannabis user prone to debilitating migraine headaches, I started dosing in the dim days before cannabidiol was widely available in liquid form.

It was time to catch up with modern cannabis science. Enter Cibdex CBD Drops from HempMedsPX.

Every few days I alternated between the original flavor and the peppermint. Each one ounce bottle has a whopping 80 doses - or “servings” as it’s described on the label.

Cibdex comes in 100mg - which I used - and 500mg of CBD per serving. About 15 drops, which is equal to a half-filled dropper, is recommended once or twice a day. I chose to begin modestly with once a day in the morning.

I placed the drops under my tongue, as specified, and attempted to wait the instructed  60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. At first I barely made it to a minute before ingesting, since I can’t remember the last time I had to hold a liquid under my tongue. After a few servings, though, it was a piece of cake. The liquid is consistent and went down smoothly, although the peppermint variety is definitely for folks who like mint.

I couldn’t help but notice the results within a few days. I had expected an increase in pain, at least at first, since I was changing the CBD delivery method I was long accustomed to. That didn’t happen. The reverse is true.

My headaches, which usually occurred in varying degrees of intensity once or twice every day, most often for two or three hours, have become less frequent and less intense.

Most of us know that CBD has powerful healing properties. It will be no surprise if in the near future, researchers consider CBD one of the most fruitful discoveries of modern (and ancient) medicine.

I noticed an improved ability to concentrate on detail-oriented tasks. There has been a lessening of other aches and pains that typically afflict ex-jocks in middle age, particularly in my lower back and left knee, which I tore up playing sports.

It’s no exaggeration to say that my overall health has improved in only a few weeks. I am a bit astonished.

If you’re looking for a nutritional supplement that taps into the healing powers of CBD, check out Cibdex from HempMedsPX.

You will be happy you did.

CanChew Hemp CBD Gum by Hemp Meds Px
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reviewed by Rick Macey

As a lot of us will admit, it’s not easy or simple to acquire a new habit. We usually have our quirks, eccentricities, and preferences more or less worked out by the time we become young adults.

I begin this review of CanChew that way because of an important admission I must make: I have never been a gum chewing person. Not even as a kid. So when I was asked to try this hemp CBD gum, I didn’t expect to take to it. I was wrong.

CanChew is a nifty new way to ingest CBD. It’s distributed by CannaGum Marketing Group in San Diego, California. As the world’s first hemp based cannabidiol chewing gum, it was developed by a team of dentists and physicians.  There is no sugar - the main reason I avoided gum - and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It’s sort of the anti-chewing gum of chewing gum, if that makes sense. That becomes more apparent when you first take one of the round pieces, which come in four packages of eight, and pop it into your mouth.

I tried the “cool mint” variety, and it was precisely that. It was surprisingly tasty. If you didn’t already know, you’d have no idea that you were ingesting 10mg of CBD derived from 50mg of hemp oil. It’s also quite tasty, especially considering it has no calories.

If you’re an active chewer, it takes only 10 minutes to reduce the gum to its basic gumminess, with no remaining trace of the dark specks of CBD. The mint flavor lasts a bit longer than it takes to deliver the CBD, which I think is pretty cool.

I used CannaChew to replace CBD oil supplements.  There was no change in my health, which proved to me that the gum was equally as effective in delivering CBD.  And when you consider how convenient it is, it becomes clear that this is one product without a downside.

As a quality nutritional supplement that is vegan - no soy or gluten - CannaChew is easy to embrace. It’s not often an adult acquires a new habit.

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