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Sträva Restore
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reviewed by DJ Reetz

Don’t ask me to do anything before I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Seriously, the best response you’re likely to get is an indignant glare and an apathetic shrug. If it’s the morning following a rough night, that response gets even testier. Fortunately for everybody at the THC offices, we’ve got plenty of Sträva coffee on hand.

Each bag is infused with full-spectrum hemp oil derived from locally grown Colorado hemp, and every 12-ounce bag of the Restore is imparted with approximately 120 milligrams of CBD. That averages out to around five milligrams of CBD per cup of coffee. It might not be enough to replace your current CBD regimen if you’re using it as medicine, but it makes a nice addition to a cup of Joe and helps keep any caffeine jitters in check as you’re slamming your morning cups.

Some CBD companies might cut corners on the quality of the coffee when producing a product like this, but Sträva is focused on the quality of their roast. They’re a coffee company first, and their passion for quality coffee is apparent. Restore is a Colombian roast with a deep, rich aroma and taste on par with any other bagged coffee you’ll find at the grocery store or coffee shop. It’s good coffee all on its own, and the CBD is icing on a tasty, invigorating cake.

Sträva offers several varieties of CBD-infused coffees with different amounts of CBD, as well as a full line of traditional roasts. With such a wealth of options, you’re sure to find one that fits your preferences.   www.stravacraftcoffee.com

Heppermint Lip Balm by Clover's Hemp
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reviewed by Hazy Cakes

Clover’s Hemppermint Lip Balm is made with natural and organic ingredients. The list is minimal and includes shea butter, hemp oil and beeswax. The delightful mint scent/flavor is produced through a blend of peppermint and spearmint essential oils. Your lips feel smooth and moisturized after application and it lasts for a very long time. All of Clover’s products are free of artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens, and unnatural preservatives. Get yours at www.clovershemp.com.

Beautifying Hemp Facial Cream by The Wonder Seed
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reviewed by Hazy Cakes

If you are a like us and are always looking for the perfect face cream to make your life complete, we may have found it! The Wonder Seed produces several quality products to make you look and feel more youthful and beautiful. This facial cream is free of all the things that you don’t want in a beauty product; no parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial colors or fragrances. It is made with all natural ingredients and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free.

The water lotus scent is derived from essential oils and is refreshing, not overpowering. After using this product your skin feels highly moisturized without feeling greasy. It soaks in completely, leaving nothing behind but soft supple skin. With regular continued use it can improve the texture of your skin over time. Check it out at www.thewonderseed.com.

Wingtip Native Fresca 6-Panel Strapback by Grassroots California
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reviewed by Lisa Fay

Grassroots California’s strapback hats are the perfect all around hat. The design of this striped beauty works with whatever style strikes you. This hat goes to the slopes to hide helmet hair and to the beach to shield the sun. Since the size is adjustable, the fit is perfect. You will surely turn a few heads wearing this stylish strapback.

Grassroots has a variety of clothing and hats for both women and men at a price that won’t drain your wallet. On top of that, they are dedicated to helping local communities and communities abroad by donating a portion of every purchase. Grassroots’ diverse style has artists that range from Ann Taylor to Method Man and so many more. You are sure to find a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe from Grassroots. Check out their selection at www.grassrootscalifornia.com.

The Procrastinator's Last Minute Gift Guide
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 Gifts Under $25



$10 - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle 

You have never had a candle that freshens the air as well as these ones. We tried out the Hollyberry Hills scent which smells remarkably like Christmas, and the Sapphire scent which smells like a mellow men’s cologne. These truly deliver on what they promise, covering up smoke and other unpleasant odors. They come in a ton of other scents, if you can’t find one you like you aren’t really trying. These candles are available at a variety of different retailers, online and in the non-virtual realm. Purple Haze smoke shops carry them in Denver. For a complete list on where to buy this gift for your secret santa visit www.smokeodorcandles.com.

  Toker Poker

$10 - Toker Poker

Get the hottest gift item of the season – the legendary Toker Poker! Finally your poker/dabber, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. This 420 multi-tool has everything you need to vape, dab, roll and toke. Its ergonomic design provides the most basic, yet essential tools for any smoker. Glow in the Dark, Chrome and other Limited Editions now available online. Sure to be a stocking stuffer hero! Visit www.tokerpoker.com to browse.


$10 - Res Caps by Resolution

Resolution res caps are an answer to a bong-lover’s grossest task. Add your cleaning solution to the bong and simply stretch these guys over the openings and shake away the stank! This will help cut the crud in no time with zero risk of splash-back. The caps stretch to fit so they will be compatible with most pieces (so stretchy, I implore you to find something you can’t fit these caps on). One of the best stoner stocking stuffers we have seen, your friends will thank you and their carpet will love you. Purchase at www.resolutioncolo.com.

  Rising Sun Ranch

$14-18 - Saddle Sore Muscle Rub by Rising Sun Ranch

Rising Sun Ranch is a Colorado business out of Steamboat Springs. They create a wide variety of products, from muscle rub to lavender honey. Now, usually we feature products that contain hemp in some way, but not this time. We have so much respect for Rising Sun Ranch for creating products from natural ingredients in an effort to heal others. This muscle rub is a winner as far as we are concerned. It has a strong scent to it with notes of clove and cinnamon, the smell is actually quite comforting. The salve just melts at the touch of your skin and really soaks in quickly. It is non-greasy after application and almost immediately starts working, relieving your aches and pains. This product is truly amazing! You need it, your mom needs it, your massage therapist needs it, and basically any person that you like and care about should have Saddle Sore Muscle Rub. It is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, just sayin.’ Get yours at www.risingsunranch.com.

  420 Science

$15-24 - UV Screw Top Jars by 420 Science

Keep precious cannabis fresher for longer with these handy jars. In order to prevent premature decay of your nugs, the UV jars block out the light. Available in four sizes, these UV Jars can hold between an eighth of an ounce to one full ounce of your favorite strain. They are available in a multitude of different designs. We are sure you will find one for your sweetie that says, “I love you and I respect your love of Mary Jane,” not with words but with sweet graphics. Get them at www.420science.com.

  Sensi Tees

$20 - Sensi Tees

There are good cannabis clothing companies and there are bad ones in the sense of fashion sense. Sensi Tees is a one of the good guys. Their futuristic, digital, tribal designs are exactly what’s in right now and exactly what the cannabis connoisseur in your life will love for the holidays. The gray hooded t-shirt (pictured left) is about the coziest thing we’ve ever felt, can be worn by men or women and will be adored by your loved one this holiday season. Shop at www.sensitees.com.  

Gifts Under $55


Swine Army

$25 - The Quick Draw by Swine Army

This little cutie is a glass one hitter/lighter combo encased in hemp with a place to wrap your hemp wick. It is designed in such a way that you don’t have to take anything out of the case to use it. You simply load the bowl, put the mouthpiece up to your mouth, making sure the one hitter is on top, then light the lighter. It is perfectly positioned to light the bowl for you automatically. It is a nice little all-together kit that you can easily take with you. Plus if you purchase you are supporting sustainability and the love of hemp! Another great stocking stuffer for that mobile burner in your life. Pick them up at www.etsy.com/shop/LegalizePotBellyPigs.


$25 - Two-Tone Beanie by Grassroots California

This Grassroots beanie is snuggly, warm and stylish enough to wear every day this winter. The marbled pattern is trendy enough for downtown or for the slopes. The two-tone green and blue will make your friends stand out from the crowd and those in the know will recognize the iconic Grassroots sprout logo on the leather tag in the front. Made from high-quality materials, this is sure to be a hit with the cannabis crowd and beyond. Perfect for a stocking stuffer for the ski bum/bunny in your life. They will love the quality of construction and you will love the feeling of spreading holiday cheer through selfless gift giving. grassrootscalifornia.com

  Magic Flight

$25 - Bottle Rocket by Magic Flight

First of all, if you don’t have a Magic Flight Launch Box or Maud-Dib, get one immediately. This ingenious little product is meant to be used with either the Launch Box or Maud-Dib and essentially turns any bottle into a bitchin’ water pipe/vape. Any bottle you ask? Yes any bottle, fancy ones, antique ones, plastic ones, any bottle with a regular bottle sized opening. Genius! The Magic Flight line of vaporizers is awesome already and using them in combination with this innovative contraption makes it even better. It provides the smoothest vaping experience, you will love it or else! You can find this and all of their other cool products at www.magic-flight.com.


$40 - Headdress Hoodie by Chiefton Supply Company

Who doesn’t want a nice new hoodie for Christmas? This thing is extra super soft. Made with a cotton/polyester blend fleece fabric, it will keep your cuddle buddy warm all winter long. The headdress design is a real crowd pleaser, with the spikey mane of cannabis leaves and the Colorado C. The body of the hoodie is a slim fit, raglan style, two-tone, in charcoal heather and army heather. The hood itself is jersey lined, making it extra cozy on your noggin. Tie it all up in a nice little bow with a flat lace draw cord for your convenience. Everyone you know needs one. www.chieftonsupply.com

  Happy Cowboy

$45 - Small Chubbler by Happy Cowboy Glassworks

Happy Cowboy Glassworks is a Colorado glass company, specializing in uniquely crafted lathe-worked glass pipes, each piece is truly unique. Drew Ebelhare, aka “Happy Cowboy”, has been blowing glass since 1981, he started out making soft glass paper weights. This Chubbler pipe is very much like a hand-held bubbler. It holds water beautifully and doesn’t leak when you set it down. Their glass is so skillfully crafted and functional for everyday use. You need to get this for your brother, he will love it. Find it at www.happycowboyglassworks.com.


$50 - Seely Hemp Athletic Shoe by Adidas

Dress them from head to toe with these hemp skate shoes. It’s the classic look of an Adidas shoe with a fresh take on hemp. This is the gift that keeps on giving because they will only get comfier with wear and tear. Comes in various colors. www.journeys.com    

Gifts Under $100

X VApe

$70 - V-One By XVape

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! This vape pen is cause for celebration. The V-One has it all, sexy exterior and a smart interior, beauty and brains. The heating element is entirely ceramic, no coil at all. It looks like a super tiny pottery kiln and it essentially bakes the concentrate, no combustion. The V-One heats up superfast, zero to 428F in 2 seconds flat. It comes with a fully replaceable glass drip tip/mouth piece. Without any metal or plastic inside the heating element, concentrates taste better than anything. You can taste every terpene. It is equipped with a super convenient micro USB charging port. Love this thing. I think I see matching, couples V-Ones in your future.  Available at several local retailers but here is a link to save you some time, www.vapes.com.

Gifts Over $100


$100 - Self Cleaning Grinder by SLX

SLX is the first of its kind, a self-cleaning grinder that never gums up on you. It is so easy to use, just place your herb in the grinding mechanism, place the lid on top and twist back and forth. It is so smooth the teeth don’t catch at all and none of the plant material sticks to the surface of the grinder. So essentially you have the cleanest grinder on the planet. The teeth are coated with non-stick nano-ceramic particles, No Teflon, PTFE or PFOA. Simply put, if you are a grinder you need this product. If you don’t get one you will have to live with the knowledge that I grind better than you. #noshameinmygrind Find one for you or your sugar pie at slxgrinders.com.



$109 - Panama Red Pipe by Celebration Pipes

Celebration Pipes™ have been around for 42 years now. The very first pipes were created as stocking stuffers, the Christmas of 1973 in Laie Point, Oahu. These one-of-a-kind pipes are made of a special Hawaiian ceramic composite, known as LAVASTONEWARE™, then textured with lava rocks and fired in a 2,300 degree kiln. After firing, the pipes are plated with 22kt gold, platinum, opal black coral, purple haze, Hanalei blue, and the newest finish, Panama red. Each and every pipe is still hand crafted by artisan LAVASTONEWARE™ master Da Piper. This is one gift that will make your one and only someone feel extra special. It comes “gift ready,” encased in a velvet pouch, inside a gift box with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Functional and beautiful, it will surely be a cherished addition to anyone’s collection. Shop now at celebrationpipes.com.

  Cloud Penz

$110 - Limited Edition Cloud Pen x Slightly Stoopid 3.0 Vape Kit by Cloudpen and Slightly Stoopid

What’s cooler than the Cloudpen 3.0? A Slightly Stoopid collab with Cloudpen! This fun kit comes with the 3.0 pen, a micro USB cord, five mouth pieces, c-tensil, authenticity card, user manual, complimentary Cloudpen sticker, a disposable alcohol wipe all packaged neatly inside a custom box decorated with the band’s most recent album cover art. If you have a friend or relative who loves Slightly Stoopid and vaping then this is a no brainer gift. Heck, go the extra step and throw in the new CD for an all encompassing, awesome gift. Browse and buy at www.cloudpenz.com.


$199 - Fuse E-Hookah Vape by Flyt Lab

Get ready to have your mind blown. Imagine a vape that allows you to vape concentrates, dry herb, and e-liquid and lets you vape two of those options simultaneously, and it even sounds like a hookah. The Fuse does just that. It looks like a light saber and comes equipped with several cartridges that are specific to either concentrates, dry herb, or e-liquid. You can place two cartridges at a time in the interior heating chamber, like your favorite e-liquid and shatter. This creates a new taste sensation for your vaping experience. For those of us who don’t play around, you can use a dry herb and a concentrate cartridge together, my favorite. The taste is really smooth because the heating elements in the cartridges are ceramic. This is the gift to outdo all gifts for that true connoisseur on your holiday gift list. Never to be outdone, they will marvel at the witchcraft that is the Fuse. Check them out at www.flytlab.com.


$200 - 14 mm Swiss Honeycomb Tube in Pink Slyme by Purr Glass

Our friends over at Purr Glass have done it again. This piece is sick! It comes in three colors, Pink Slyme, Dichro Black, and Slyme. It bears a reinforced stemless design and is approximately nine inches tall with a matrix perc. Not only does this piece look cool, but it is so smooth to smoke out of. This has quickly become a highly favored tube at our house. It will be your favorite too, or your lady’s favorite, or your best homie’s favorite. Any cannabis consumer will love this Swiss Honeycomb Tube. Find at www.purrsmoking.com.  

2015 - Holiday Gift Guide
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Gifts Under $20


Miss Mary Jane earrings

$8 - Mini Indica Pot Leaf Earrings

These adorable pair of Mini Indica Pot Leaf Earrings come in faux silver and Onyx. They would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the wonderful cannabis loving woman in your life. The studs are roughly 1/8 inch big and are the perfect size for an understated first hole earring. For those with multiple ear piercings they are small enough to be complimentary as a secondary hole choice. She will love these little cuties and wear them everyday! Get them from Miss Mary Jane Co at mmjco.com.


Hemptopia Socks

$14 - Performance All Terrain Hemp Socks

Everyone loves receiving a nice warm pair of socks for the holidays. Why not give hemp socks this year? These socks are thick and durable. They come in black and natural colors and are available in unisex sizes S/M and L/XL. They feel like performance athletic socks that would rival any well known sport or outdoor brand. Check out these socks and many other great products hemp at www.hemptopia.com.


$15 - FlicWic

THC Mag has featured a couple types of hemp wick over the years but this has got to be the most genius way to dispense it that we have come across. FlicWic is a handy lighter, hemp wick combo. The hemp wick is stored in the base and the top of this device houses a Mini Bic lighter. The coiled I-Tal Hemp Wick feeds through from the base of the lighter through a metal tube that places the wick directly over the flame of the lighter. The wick is easily moved up and down with a small roller. When the wick is lit you can pull it back into the metal tube to snuff it out. FlicWic takes out the pain-in-the-ass factor of using hemp wick. No more inhaling butane either. Perfect stocking stuffer! Available at www.flicwic.com.

Gifts Under $50


$25 - Dabit Card

V Syndicate has been putting out quality grinder cards for years. For us they have become somewhat of a collectors item, like functional trading cards. They recently introduced the Dabit Card, credit card sized dabbing toolkit. It is available with a variety of different and unique artwork printed on the front of the card. Each card comes with four different dab tools that are attached to the back of the card with magnetic points so you won’t lose them and a small grinder area on the top of the card. It also comes with a silicon case that fits snuggly over the back of the card to protect the tool side. Get yours at v-syndicate.com.


Chiefton T-shirts

$25 - T-Shirts by Chiefton Supply Company

Is there anyone on your list that is an avid T-shirt wearer? Chiefton Supply Company has got what you need. These super soft T-shirts come in a wide variety of bitchin' designs and are made with cotton/polyester blend fabric. They carry men’s and women’s styles. All shirts are tag-less, and did I mention extremely soft. The designs wash well and did not fade on us in the laundry. Durable and stylish, they have something for everyone. Get one for your boo at www.chieftonsupply.com.




$30 - Boulder Insulated Water Bottle 24 Oz

Eco Vessel is a Boulder, Colo based company that is producing top quality insulated bottles. The Boulder bottle employs TriMax Triple Insulation Technology and keeps liquids cold for 36 hours, and hot up to eight hours. Other great features include, no BPA, no phthalates, no liners, premium stainless steel construction, a dual use leak proof top with a wide opening for easy filling, secondary smaller opening for easy drinking, removable ice, fruit, tea strainer, it never sweats, and it‘s made with all recyclable materials. This bottle is awesome! Check them out at www.ecovessel.com.


Prana Hemp Beanie

Staff Favorite$40 - Pammy Beanie by prAna

Warm-weather gear is a great way to pamper your loved one this holiday season. PrAna is a solid company to support and can be found in various locations around the Denver area. The Pammy Beanie is made up of recycled polyester and fabulous hemp, making this hat extremely soft and warm, yet not itchy on the forehead. The pom on this relaxed fit hat is cute and playful and it comes in winter white and gray, which will pair well with anyone’s winter gear. To buy got to: www.prana.com




$40 - THC Leggings

Why put your girlfriend’s legs in denim prisons when you can keep her comfy in leggings, all while helping her represent her favorite cannabis magazine. These leggings, designed by The Hemp Connoisseur and made by Society 6, are extremely cozy, breathable, thick and totally acceptable to wear as pants. It’s also important to note that they are very well made. Once you go leggings you never go back. Check out society6.com/thehempconnoisseur/leggings to shop all the cute THC Mag inspired prints and order for that special girl.


Nature's Root

Staff Favorite$40 - Sore Muscle Hemp Salve - Maximum Strength

Nature’s Root is a force to be reckoned with in the Colorado hemp industry. The THC staff has tried a few of their products and every single one is terrific. This salve is such a welcome relief to muscle and joint soreness after a hard day. Nature’s Root uses minimal, mostly organic ingredients in their products. After rubbing in a small amount of this salve, and a little goes a long way, the therapeutic effects begin almost immediately. A warm, tingly, soothing feeling takes hold and helps to melt away the pain. They offer the pain salve in original and maximum strength. This would be a nice gift for that hard worker on your list this year. Find the salve and other great hemp products at www.naturesroot.com.


Chiefton Hats

Staff Favorite$40 - Snap Back Hemp Hats

Chiefton Supply Company is not just great at making cool T-shirts, they also have some pretty awesome hats. These snap backs come in three unique designs. They are all made with hemp fabric uppers with varying fabric on the bills. Each design is expertly embroidered on the front. The Leaf Flag design has small cannabis leaves embroidered all over the upper, a faux suede bill, and the interior has a sublimation liner. They are so well made! These hats would be a great addition to any collection. Find them at www.chieftonsupply.com.


Gifts Under $100



$70 - Atlas Vape Pen by Vuber

The Vuber Atlas is a vape pen designed for wax and oil concentrates. It is a discreet and sleek vaporizer armed with a 900 mAh solid state battery and a dual-titanium coil heating element wrapped
around a ceramic core. This heating element ensures you are getting the best flavor possible and even temperature distribution to help you get the most from your concentrates. It’s available in a few different colors. The Atlas is a hard hitter that delivers on its promises. Get it at vubervaporizers.com.



$95 - Cannabis Infused Massage

Jordan Person, owner of Primal Therapeutics, offers a unique massage experience that combines two forms of medicines: massage and cannabis. Jordan treats her clients to a cannabis oil infused massage, leaving him or her stress and pain free for days. As a former nurse, Jordan really knows the body well, so rest assured when you are in her care as she massages your stresses away with techniques like Lomi Lomi. She is offering 20% off all of her services during this holiday season for anyone who mentions THC Mag. Visit www.primaltherapeutics.com to see what kind of services are offered.

Gifts Over $100


420 Toolbx

Staff Favorite$100 - 420 Toolbox

The 420 Toolbox is a hefty solution to your cannabis related storage needs. The THC Mag staff loves this toolbox. It is fully equipped with pull and pluck foam inserts for all three levels. This allows you to completely customize the storage interior to fit your needs. Need to store a bunch of concentrates and a reasonably sized rig? No problem. Need to stash your pipe collection and all of your cannabis jars? Can do. So versatile and functional it will blow you away. The 420 Toolbox also comes with a exterior lock to keep people out of your precious collection. Purchase at 420toolbox.com.




Staff Favorite$197 - Panzer Vape by Saber Vape

The Panzer Vape was a big hit with the THC staff. This thing not only looks cool but it is so sturdy and solid, it feels good to hold it in your hands. There are several key features that set this vape apart, a 70 watt battery, a one gram concentrate chamber, a rebuildable atomizer, a power button lock and a lifetime warranty. The battery is designed to last for seven to ten years. In a world filled with disposable vapes, we are impressed with one that was made to last. If quality is your thing and you or your bestie are living the connoisseur life, pick up a Saber Vape at www.sabervape.com.

Cloud Chamber

Staff Favorite$240 - Cloud Chamber Vaporizer

This is a staff favorite for so many reasons. The Cloud Chamber doesn’t only look cool but it works like a champ and is really fun to use. This gift is perfect for that person who need or wants to take their vaping to a new level. The Cloud Chamber provides a true vape at just below 420°F. This device has the wonderful option of vaping both flower and concentrates and has three hooka hose inputs, making this perfect vaporizer for social smoking. Every member of our staff loves this product. Get one for yourself so you can see why. To buy visit www.cloudchambervapes.com.



My Weigh Hemp Digital Scale
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Reviewed by Monocle Man

One night I was doing some stoned online glass window shopping and came across this gem. The 500ZH from My Weigh. My Weigh was the first company to purchase this eco friendly material and distribute the coolest scale you can own. The company prices the 500ZH at $25.95, and is sold at near cost. They do it for the love and to promote natural composite plastic to the world. This scale reads in gram, ounce, troy ounce, and penny weight. It runs on two AAA batteries, which are included. Like the name implies there is a 500 gram capacity for this scale. You will get plenty of compliments on how nice this scale looks. Support My Weigh and buy the 500ZH made with hemp composite plastic. www.myweigh.com

KISS Lip Balm by Dr. D
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Reviewed by Monocle Man

This hemp lip balm really delivers on moisture. It is made with so many all natural ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, organic hemp oil, almond oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil, and rose hip seed oil. It feels very smooth and silky on your lips and you can feel it penetrate beyond the top layer of your skin to really moisturize deep down. Contact Mammoth Mountain Hemp to get some for yourself, [email protected].

Turmeric Canyon Hemp Seed Soap by Mountain of Youth
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Mountain of Youth is a new handmade soap line from Soap-a-Dope. I’m becoming a real fan of artisan soap so I was excited to try their handmade soap with orange peel. It had a wonderful refreshing orange essence to it and left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. One of the things I love about Mountain of Youth is that their soaps change on a regular basis and they do a great job of keeping the online store updated. With staple ingredients like olive, coconut and hemp seed oils along with hemp milk you can rest assured that you are getting a chemical free clean in the shower. If you want to support local hemp and reduce your carbon footprint Mountain of Youth Artisan Soap is a great way to get started. You can check out their ever changing soap inventory at www.soap-a-dope.com.




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