Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine

reviewed by Caroline Hayes

Author and professional culinarian Jessica Catalano has loved food her whole life and it shows in her recipes. Well thought out, planned recipes involving fresh and easy-to-find ingredients. She swears that her recipes are easy enough for anyone to create.

Allow me to mention how gorgeous this book is! There are big, bright images that literally made my mouth water. Don’t dare try and read this book on an empty stomach.

There is a lot of information packed into this 267- page cannabis themed cookbook and it’s a little complex in the beginning. Reading the first few chapters on dosing and strains will benefit you come cook time. Jessica’s “revolutionary new dosing chart” presents a more in depth process of making homemade edibles than ever before. Once you get the dosing and serving

sizes down, you will be the most prepared cannabis chef around. Like most handy cannabis cookbooks, she helps you make those infused oils, canna and nut butters and extracts that will go into these strain specific recipes.

Catalano really took a lot of time to break down how the flavors of each different strain will affect the flavors of the recipes in side dishes like “Lebanese Sour Diesel Tabouli” and the beverage “American Strawberry Cough Milkshake.” Your friends will be so impressed with the recreation of these dishes.

This cookbook flows nicely and there are definitely recipes for everyone, vegans and meat eaters alike. Be sure to pick a copy to really infuse your 420.,

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