Zeus Bolt XL Grinder

by DJ Reetz, @pot_incorrect

This beefy grinder has become my go-to at home. The hefty design made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum is big enough that you won’t have to load it multiple times while you’re rolling a fat blunt, and the array of sharp, diamond-shaped teeth make quick work of even the stickiest and densest buds. If you’re stuck with some truly bammer brick (we feel sorry for you, really) the top even has finger grooves so you can really torque down. Falling into the “I didn’t know I wanted that, but now I don’t know how I got by without it” category, the Zeus Bolt comes with a small plastic scoop to measure out your ground-up flower or keef from the bottom chamber. The magnetic lid keeps the top firmly in place when not in use, and I’ve found that it keeps the top pieces stuck nicely to my metal rolling tray while I have the flower chamber open. I’m sure I’ll be using this grinder for some time to come. Check it out at tvape.com. ♦

Utillian 420 Vaporizer

by DJ Reetz, @pot_incorrect

Reliable and portable flower vaporizers can be kind of elusive, but the Utillian 420 Vaporizer is a competent, well-made option for those looking to vaporize cannabis on the go. Solidly constructed and featuring an ergonomic design that fits nicely in the hand, the Utillian has enough heft that it won’t get dashed to pieces in a pocket or purse compartment but is still small enough to fit.  With four heat settings ranging from 190˚ C up to 220˚ C, you’re sure to find the right setting for the moisture and density of the material you’re loading. The glass mouthpiece delivers consistent and smooth hits from the ceramic chamber and the digital readout ensures you will never be caught with a dead battery, something that is always a gamble when picking up other vapes on the way out of the door. The biggest downside is the rather small vaporization chamber, which needs to be reloaded after just about every rotation, requiring the mouthpiece to be unscrewed. While this isn’t something I’d want to risk during a crowded concert, it’s just fine for a more low-key affair. At just $90 (Canadian), you could definitely do a lot worse.  Check them out at tvape.com. ♦



Featured Strain: Birthday Cake from Higher Grade

photo and review by Samuel Farley, @thc_samuel

Higher Grade is a medical-only dispensary located in Denver’s Berkely neighborhood and is stocked with a selection of unique strains I haven’t found at many other Colorado dispensaries. With a wide array of concentrates, edibles and flower, Higher Grade has recently become one of my favorite places to shop. I stopped in recently to give their Birthday Cake flower a try, a strain that I haven’t seen much in Colorado. A genetic mixture of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, the aroma of the flower is smooth and sweet. The light green buds were medium in size and had a consistent covering of trichomes along with spots of orange pistils. When smoked, the strain’s sweetness and slight fruity flavor come through very well. After a few bowls in a brand new pipe, I was happily relaxed, free of chronic knee pain and ready to enjoy the rest of the evening. Although not the most potent when it comes to THC content, testing at a range of 15.6-22.6 percent, the flower’s effects is bolstered by the mixture of other cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. This strain provides a relaxing effect that would be great for anyone in need of pain relief or just help with relaxing after a long day. www.highergradeco.com

  • Dispensary: Higher Grade
  • Medical Only
  • Grow Team: The Higher Grade Grow Team
  • Address: 3111 W 38th Ave, Denver CO
  • Website: highergradeco.com
  • Genetics- Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie
  • Medical Applications: Appetite stimulation, pain, insomnia, stress
  • Social Applications: Relaxing, perfect nighttime flower

Infused Products: A Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the cannabis consumer in your life? Look no further. We think these products will make a great gift for your connoisseur this holiday season!


Dixie – Synergy: Holiday Gift Box

Dixie makes finding a gift for that cannabis aficionado in your life a breeze by wrapping several of their Synergy products in one box. Each item is infused with a mixture of 1:1 CBD and THC, ensuring that there’s something beneficial for everyone. There are two versions available, one with gummies and one with bath soak, both versions come with a milk chocolate bar and relief balm. Once the goodies are used up, the wooden box is a pretty cool place to store their cannabis knick-knacks. dixieelixirs.com



photo courtesy of Sweet Mary Jane

Sweet Mary Jane – Peppermint Crush

There’s something so holiday-y about peppermint and white chocolate. This ten pack of 10-milligram hearts capture the spirit of the season, and make a great gift for someone you’re sweet on. They’re also a great stocking stuffer, or a tasty addition to a holiday meal with the family.  www.ilovesmj.com


O.pen – ISH pen

O.pen Vape is an OG of the pen game and these cartridges are their next evolution, mixing THC distillate with a variety of fun flavors. Because they’re made by O.pen, you know that they are discreet and easy to use.  The ISH is sure to be a swish. openvapeshop.com



photo courtesy of Sweet Grass Kitchen

Sweet Grass Kitchen – Pumpkin Pie

You know who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? Terrorists, probably. These adorable mini pies are infused with 10 milligrams of THC, and are the perfect treat in the holiday months. Sweet Grass Kitchen uses only cannabutter in their products, so these things are just like mom would make — if she was cool.  


Go Energy Chocolate Beans by 1906

Who doesn’t need a little boost every now and then? These bite-sized balls are just the thing when you need a little pick me up. Each chocolate covered coffee bean is dosed with a pleasant mix of five milligrams THC and five milligrams CBD, incorporating the benefits of both cannabinoids with a slight boost of caffeine. The light dosage means you can dial it for the exact experience you want, and the uplifting effect of the combination is great for the start of a busy day. I’ve found that five milligrams is just about the right amount of THC to keep me energized and happy without being stoned and unfocused, so one of these is all I really need. But if you want to crank it up further, these are tasty enough that you won’t mind having a few more. There’s very little hash taste, just smooth chocolate and the slight grittiness of the coffee bean. If you’re not a fan of coffee these might not be for you, but if you’re looking to add some pep to your day, look no further.

Sweet Sweet Distillate Cartridge 500mg by Craft Panacea

Craft really know what they are doing when it comes to concentrates. These pens are sleek, flavorful and easy to use. The battery is sturdy and kept its charge for several days before I needed to recharge it. The distillate chamber looks super clean, golden and clear. The full spectrum distillate in the cartridge contains 100 percent cannabis-derived terpenes, which is totally obvious because the vapor smells a lot like the sweet, sweet smell of our good friend Mary Jane. So if you are looking for a discreet, non-marijuana smelling vape pen, this is not the pen for you. But if you want a flavorful and fragrant vaping experience, then you need to pick one of these up. www.craft710.com

Red Licorice Bites (Microdosed) by incredibles

Incredibles has been killing the chocolate game for a while, now they are doing the same with their gummies. Each flavor is better than the last. These red licorice bites are so delicious it was truly hard to not eat the whole box in one sitting. If you love red licorice as much as I do, I would advise you to also grab some Red Vines to eat after you take your preferred dose of these gummies, because you will definitely want to eat more. The good news on that front is that they are microdosed; so even though I ate three gummies, I only consumed 15 milligrams. The effects kicked in after about 25 minutes, I was feeling happy and relaxed. I was able to drift off to sleep relatively easily, which is not a minor victory for me, and I slept through the night like a champ. I will definitely be buying these regularly. They come in 100-milligram packs for adult-use consumers and 300-milligram packs for medical consumers. Check them out at iloveincredibles.com.

Josh Blue’s Blue Dream Cherry Sucker by Mountain High Suckers

Josh Blue is Colorado’s comedy superstar. The season four winner of Last Comic Standing, the prolific comic has made appearances all over the place, from Mind of Mencia to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He’s also a resident of Colorado with a well-documented fondness for weed, so it only seems natural that Blue would lend his celebrity status to a cannabis product sold in the state where he resides. Mountain High Suckers’ line of Josh Blue’s Dream suckers sticks with the play on words, infusing every lollipop with ethanol-extracted Blue Dream. There are three flavors available, cherry, watermelon and blueberry, and I opted to give the first option a try. Though a little on the cough syrupy side with slight undertones of hash, the suckers are great to  absentmindedly slurp throughout an afternoon. I popped one in at the end of a day at the office and was nicely toasted by the time I got home, feeling energized and slightly silly, which is what I would imagine Blue would want. www.mountainhighsuckers.com

Zootblast 10mg Energy Shot by Zoots

Zoots brownie bites are so good I wanted to try something else in their product line. Their 10-milligram energy shot was a natural choice. The flavor is intense, like other energy shots you’ve tried. Derived from yerba mate and guarana, each bottle contains as much caffeine as a cup of espresso, about 70 milligrams. This drink also contains lemon balm that is said to maintain energy levels and mental clarity. The package recommends you only consume half of the shot but I drank the whole thing. This, in hindsight, was a bad choice on my part. Effects kicked in about 45 minutes after I drank the shot, a little longer than usual for me but not by too much. The energy effects were great, I felt energized and alert. That lasted for a couple of hours, but then the THC took over and I fell asleep — hard. I proceeded to wake up every 30 minutes or so in a panic. I am hesitant to blame the drink for this though, since I hadn’t gotten much rest the night before. I would  definitely buy Zootblast again, but next time I will stick to the recommendation and only drink half. www.zootology.com

Mixed Berry Fruit Snacks by Sweet Grass

Flavored using only natural ingredients, these gummies won’t smack you in the face with a flavor that screams, “THIS IS WHAT FRUIT TASTES LIKE!” Rather, these berry gummies have a more subtle, almost earthy taste. They’re not overly sweet in order to mask an overwhelming hash taste, just a subdued taste of berry in a chewy, manageable bite. At just five milligrams per gummy, there’s not a lot of hash taste for the natural flavoring to overcome. The light dosage might be off -putting for some veteran edible eaters, but it’s great for the inexperienced or light weights like myself, offering an easily scalable experience. I found one was enough to get me energized and uplifted without feeling noticeably stoned, with full effects taking hold in about an hour and a half. These are a good option for those trying to take it slow, those who just want a slight pick me up during the day without becoming impaired, or those who want to avoid the sometimes-overwhelming taste of artificial flavoring agents. www.sweetgrasskitchen.com




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