Featured Events: January 2018

THC Fair (The Hemp and Cannabis Fair)

Date: January 20th, 2018 – January 21st, 2018

Location:  Jackson County Expo, 1 Peninger Road, Medford-Ashland, Oregon

Celebrate both halves of the cannabis plant at The Hemp and Cannabis Fair. With equal emphasis on the psychoactive varieties some would call marijuana and the non-psychoactive varieties most would call hemp, this fair is a general celebration of the plant’s legalization. Sure, calling it The Hemp and Cannabis Fair is a bit redundant, but the abbreviation wouldn’t work otherwise. www.thcfair.com


INDO EXPO – Denver, Colorado

Date: January 27th, 2018 – January 28th, 2018

Location: Denver Mart, Denver, Colorado

If you go to only one cannabis trade show this year, make sure it’s the INDO EXPO. Featuring the best in cutting edge cultivation, lighting, branding, packaging and everything else related to commercial cannabis, this trade show is the place to be for business owners and entrepreneurs. There may be no better distillation of the industry. indoexpo.com


Cannabis Wedding Expo – Colorado 2018

Date: January 28th, 2018 

Location: Lionsgate Event Center, Lafayette, Colorado

Flowers are an integral part of every wedding, so why not incorporate the flowers of the cannabis plant into yours? With plenty of cannabis related vendors on hand, the Cannabis Wedding Expo is the place to be whether you’re looking to serve cannabis to your guest or just give a subtle nod to the plant during the ceremony.  Get Tickets


Sweet Jane’s Sativa Soiree

Date: Every Sunday between, Jan 14th, 2018 – Aug 26th, 2018

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours is looking to step up the social consumption scene with this series of posh get-togethers. Billed as a cocktail party for cannabis, the Sativa Soiree will feature hors d’oeuvres, infused mocktails and detailed information on a selection of featured sativa strains — which will, of course, be available for sampling.  Get Tickets




Consistency in the Mainstream Cannabis Market

by Ben Owens

This year’s Marijuana Business Conference was held in Las Vegas in mid-November, just four months after Nevada legalized the sale of cannabis. Among the more than 17,000 attendees estimated to have participated in the industry’s largest conference, Ebbu positioned itself for something much larger.

Founded by Jon Cooper in 2013, ebbu LLC has been investing in multi-million-dollar pharmaceutical research and development efforts in Evergreen, Colorado for a singular purpose: deliver the exact same experience, every single time. This task isn’t an easy one. And it is the primary reason for the shift in focus of ebbu from consumer-facing products to technology-based formulations that deliver consistent and reliable experiences time after time. Ebbu, as Cooper puts it, has transitioned from a cannabis company to a cannabinoid company. And this transition is about to make big waves throughout the cannabis space with upcoming partnerships.

At a private party held in the gorgeous estate of Wayne Newton, big business was seated at the table, and they were hungry for more than the five-star meal being served. Green Table and ebbu hosted a private, invitation-only engagement for just under 200 attendees ranging from legislators and celebrities to influential cannabis business leaders and Wall Street investors. While enjoying a feast from Chef Randy Placeres, guests entertained business pitches and talked plans for future investments in the burgeoning industry.

“When I actually got into this business, I feared cannabis. I grew up supporting ‘Just Say No.’ We were told that all these drugs were bad, including marijuana,” Cooper offered at the close of the meal. After recounting his first experience with the plant in college — enjoying a 3-foot bong that “totally wrecked” him — Cooper continued that his experience with the plant could be described as inconsistent at best, with experiences ranging from awesome and euphoric, to horrific and anxious.

A beaker of oil at the Ebbu lab. photo by Ben Owens @cannabenoid

As an adult with a family, Cooper had little interest in the cannabis industry. This was largely related to his uneasiness to trust cannabis to deliver an experience that consumers could trust. “Why would I try something that I didn’t trust?” Cooper asked the audience. But after many stories and exchanges with people whose lives had been immeasurably changed or saved by the plant, he started to wonder if there was a way to isolate certain experiences. “What if I could grab those awesome experiences and capture that in a bottle, and it didn’t matter where I went, I could get that same exact experience every time?”

Ebbu developed an extraction machine, Zeus, that can isolate 18 compounds from the cannabis plant. This allows them to create specific combinations in a laboratory setting and experiment on in-house grown cells, like serotonin receptors, to identify the most ideal formulations for certain “feelings” with a variety of cannabinoid and terpene ratios. “We grow live human receptors in house,” Cooper explains, “which allow us to measure and understand how to fix things like anxiety and depression and create things like Chill and Energy sensations.” These formulations can be used in vapes, edibles, topicals and more to deliver a consistent experience. But before ebbu could bring its vast library of human sensations to market, the company was approached by others looking to invest in, or purchase, certain formulations for proprietary use.

While sipping medicated mocktails at the party crafted by Top Shelf Budtending’s Andrew Mieure, the comparison to alcoholic beverages comes up. Cooper posits that if you go anywhere in the world and you buy the same beer, you’ll have the same experience; why can’t people have the same sensation with cannabis? Working with Mieure, Cooper’s idea was that consumers would get a better sense of how many drinks they would require to acheive the desired state of mind if each drink offered the exact same cannabinoid combinations. Knowing how much cannabis you’re consuming becomes as important as knowing the ABV of your beverage, and many companies cannot yet deliver the same exact experience each and every time.

Ebbu’s partnerships efforts are being highlighted in a modest rebrand, moving toward the “ebbu Experience” as a whole, powered by ebbu’s cannabis innovations. These efforts are beginning to see the light of day in the public market, and large moves by global interests are reinforcing the optimism for the future of the industry. Large deals like the recent purchase of a portion of the multi-billion dollar Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth by liquor giant Constellation Brands have reinforced the possibility of mainstream, legalized cannabis. Constellation bet in a big way on the future of mainstream cannabis, but unless they can deliver on consistent, predictable experiences, similar to those that ebbu has already developed, Constellations products may never see the light of day.

If the Marijuana Business Conference revealed anything, it’s that there is a plenty of optimism about where the industry is going, what it will be able to deliver, and how soon it will be able to deliver it. Be on the lookout for products powered by ebbu in the next 8-12 months as partnership efforts become public and the mainstream cannabis industry gets a bit more consistent. ♦

The Legend of 420: Denver’s Hollyweed Premiere Event

photos and article by Ben Owens

Times are changing, especially in areas with legal cannabis. The world premiere of the documentary, “The Legend of 420” came to Colorado — affectionately referred to as #Hollyweed — on the last day of September, 2017. Produced and directed by Peter Spirer, the movie features stories from prominent cannabis activists and celebrities. Spirer, who was nominated for an Academy Award for the documentary “Blood Ties,” showcases the changing views on cannabis through interviews with Tommy Chong, Melissa Etheridge, Michael Des Barres, “Bong Appetite” host Abdullah Saeed, activist Amy Dawn-Hilterbran, and many more. Millennium Grown hosted the premiere to an RSVP-only crowd at Denver’s Cultivated Synergy.

Attendees gathered outside begging around 4:20 p.m. and were greeted, ID’d and given wristbands that provided access to an on-site consumption bus, an empanada food truck, as well as the main event. The screening began a couple of hours later, giving guests a chance to meet and greet with many of the featured interviewees. Hosts Sean Savoy and Stevie Kaye dressed to impress, in cannabis attire fit for the formal “green carpet” event. The event was a definitive nod to the film industry and high class premieres with a Colorado cannabis twist. “It was such an incredible world premiere event. Truly, Denver is Hollyweed now,” Hilterbran remarked.

Event host Amy Dawn-Hilterbran speaking with chef Jarod Farina, photo by Ben Owens @cannabenoid

Following the screening at Cultivated Synergy, select guests were invited to a private afterparty at Herban Space, above the Herban Underground. There, they enjoyed conversation, a green room, and infused food and drink offerings. High Times cannabis chef Jarod Farina offered infused appetizers and small plates throughout the evening, including bruschetta with infused balsamic vinaigrette on toast, infused sweet and sour pineapple chicken bites, and infused teriyaki tri tip with pureed mashed potatoes served on crackers. Additionally, Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending crafted cannabis-infused mocktails such as the “canna caramel apple” drink, which is made by mixing organic apple cider, cinnamon, and caramel with Stillwater’s water-soluble Ripple THC, and features a  rim coated in a caramel, brown sugar mixture and lightly accented by Moonshine Haze terpenes from 14er Boulder. 

Thanks to the likes of Johnny Magar, professional joint roller, many in attendance were privileged to smoke a stack of $100 bills — or at least a lookalike stack of bills. Magar brought multiple creative rollings, including a gold-coated necktie blunt that he wore all evening. Hilterbran was very proud of everyone involved, including the people who attended the premiere. “Working with such amazing people … it was absolutely a dream for me. But it was the 420 people watching that world premiere, surrounded by glitz, glam and the freedom to consume — cheering, sometimes crying … I knew right then, we had accomplished something substantial. I couldn’t be more proud, and certainly couldn’t have done it without my team.”

Abdullah Saeed and Jake Brown, photo by Ben Owens @cannabenoid

Another notable attendee, Bobby West, commonly known as Uncle Stoner from his videos and USA Squash Off competitions, was very impressed with the event and movie. “A legendary evening filled with cannabis education and friends … I’m looking forward to part two,” West fondly summarized.

After a night of many laughs, ashtrays full of artistic blunts and joints, and plenty of dabs, the evening was a big success both for those involved as well as the cannabis community at large. Events like these showcase the professionalism and perseverance that are so prevalent in Colorado’s cannabis industry and the national cannabis industry at large. The documentary is a must-see and is available on iTunes and Amazon Video. Fire up your favorite cannabis device, and enjoy “The Legend of 420” with a few buds. ♦


Keeping the Cannabis Industry Green: Second Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Tuesday

by Amanda Pampuro


How many gallons of water does it take to grow a joint? How many watts of electricity? How many man-hours go into the cultivation, trimming, and processing?

If you’re a concerned consumer about the way your food is grown and how much the farmers were paid for it, why would you tune out when you toke up?

That is the reason d’etre behind the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC), which is hosting the second annual Cannabis Sustainability Symposium from Oct. 17 to 18 at the Embassy Suites Denver.

“One of our biggest hurdles is educating, telling people who come into the shop what can be recycled — just like anything else, it can be washed off and put in the recycle bin,” said Amy Andrle, founder of L’Eagle Dispensary and a CCC board member. “It’s about getting people asking what can be recycled? What can be composted?”

In addition to talks from cannabis industry stakeholders, the conference will feature discussions from environmental science leaders, including Derek Smith, founder and executive director of the Resource Innovation Institute, Shelley Peterson, VP of lighting technologies at Urban-Gro, and Dr. Elizabeth A. Bennett, director of the political economy program at Lewis & Clark College.

The agenda includes panel discussions on sustainable packaging and waste diversion as well as energy management and the need to implement industry-wide standards.

“A little bit of investment on the side of the business can have a big impact to lessen your footprint,” Andrle said. “As far as low hanging fruit go, something very easy to implement is to look at waste management (and consider) what can you do to offset what you’re sending to the landfill.”

According to a press release, the event was planned “with in-kind support from Denver Environmental Health and sustaining sponsorship from Denver Relief Consulting.”

For Andrle, the much-touted buzzword, “sustainability,” simply means asking, “How are we managing our resources? As a business owner, I want to make sure I’m not spending more than I need to and that I’m not using any more than I need to. The other buzzword everyone is using is corporate social responsibilities.”

Tickets and agenda are available at www.cannabissustainability.org.

From a Bonger’s Perspective: The 34th Colorado Invitational Bong-a-Thon

photos and article by Ben Owens


There’s a positive vibration that you can feel throughout your entire body when you are truly excited about something. It finds its way from your head to your toes, creeps into your thoughts, invades your workspace, and often permeates the moments before with joyful anticipation. As someone who has always preferred bongs to bowls, this is how the week leading up to the 34th Invitational Bong-A-Thon felt.

As I arrived Friday morning to Hummingbird Ranch, I thought I might be in the wrong place. I’d never been here for Sonic Bloom, and the only visible sign of civilization was a small fifth wheel camper parked up the road. No signs. No people. Just a camper. Of course, the property unveils itself the second you pass through the security checkpoint, and continues to unfold for what seems like miles. As I was camping with longtime bongers “Shady Norm” and “Raspy,” I was directed to the staff camp, which was quickly filling up with longtime Bong-A-Thon patrons like Camp Texas, as well as the bands, BAT Committee members, and the sponsors that make Bong-a-Thon a reality.

Bong-a-Thon veteran, Shawn Honaker, mid-competition – photo by Ben Owens

After setting up a small addition to the camp — a hammock, a few tents, and a 10×10 American Flag EZ Up—I joined Raspy, Norm and the crew in setting up, firing up the bongs, and enjoying a few dabs as invited guests began building their own camps. Large white canopy tents and a stage were being hoisted up in the  main area, while patrons arrived in sedans, vans, campers and even single-wheeled “hoverboards”. Outfits like “Camp Shenanigans” and “Camp 13,” staples of Bong-a-Thon, were among the larger and more recognizable camps.

As arrivals slowed down, Shady Norm’s smoked meat was ready for a tester, and a lucky few are able to sample what can only be described as the best aspects of brisket, rib-eye and beef jerky combined in one savory slab. This meat would be served in a variety of preparations at Eat-n-Out, the food truck that satiated the Bong-a-Thon camp all weekend. While attendees enjoyed the food truck and the music kicked off on the main stage, VIPs, Golden Tickets, and band members were offered the opportunity to smoke, dab and chat in the forested VIP area. As campers swapped bowls and bongs, some enjoyed homemade edibles and cannabis delights while others tucked away into hammocks and tents in preparation for a long day of competition on Saturday.

Saturday morning came with the smell of weed, bacon, eggs and more wafting through the ranch as campers drearily made their way towards porta-potties, grills and showers. Some campers like the two guys in the gorilla and banana suits hunted for Bong-a-Thon “Easter eggs” hidden throughout the property—specially made marbles that could be redeemed for prizes. Meanwhile, the merchandise booth and stage began attracting lines hours before opening around 11 a.m., while contestants anxiously waited entry to the coveted Bong-a-Thon events, including the Individual and Team Bong-a-Thon competitions. I was lucky enough to score a spot with my team in the Relay Bong-A-Thon, which challenges seven people to smoke seven grams of cannabis as fast as possible. 

Custom Bong-a-Thon awards, photo by Ben Owens

But the main event is the Individual Competition, with reigning champions like Shawn Honaker, Mark Rice, Shady Norm, and Bear Coronado competing among 27 total entrants to take down a quarter ounce. Bear Coronado set yet another record this year with a final time of 4:06. They aren’t kidding when they say professional smokers come out to compete. Bear is also a member of the Collector Buds professional smoking team, the only sponsored relay team at the event.

After the other competitions like the Open Invitational and Dab Out were completed, musical guests took the stage and a wet t-shirt contest was held with the 420 Nurses and one brave man. Nearby, a bong and rig setup by Pukinbeagle Glass was frozen in a slab of ice, available for all to use. It was the subject of many photos, snaps and dabs before eventually being  melted out on Sunday. Around 11 p.m. the announcements and awards began, as well as the highly anticipated raffle. As the winners for each event are crowned and raffle tickets given out, the camp had no intentions of settling down for the last night.

Camp shows and shenanigans were commonplace after the raffle completed, with attendees venturing throughout the camp to explore geodesic climbing domes, a nearby river, and up towards the far end of the campsite, a laser light show by DJ Diablo that could have been mistaken for a festival or concert. The entire crew at Bong-a-Thon from the staff to the first year attendees really go out of their way to contribute to the atmosphere and experience. As Sunday morning lazily rolled in, with many campers still awake and enjoying the last moments of this truly sensational event, tents began to come down and campers began to make their departure, turning back for last glimpses and photos at the gate — just enough time to take a few final bong hits before beginning the journey home.

Bong-a-Thon organizer, Chris Jetter, announces the winners – photo by Ben Owens

To really understand what Bong-a-Thon is, you need to attend, to truly be there in the moment with your fellow ‘bongers.’ As someone who’s watched every Youtube video and documentary on Bong-a-Thon, read all of the articles, and smoked with many of the people involved prior to going, I can tell you that the experience is incomparable to any written, filmed or otherwise conveyed story of the experience. If you’re still reading, mark your calendars for next year and make sure you grab an invitation — you won’t be disappointed. See you there. ♦

Main Event Results:

Individual Bong-A-Thon (7 Grams, 1 Person):

  1. Bear Coronado 4:06 min. “Macho Man Randy Savage Bong Hit”
  2. Matt Servold 4:33 “Dr. Puffer”
  3. Sammie Thatcher 5:20


“Fastest Gram”:

Winner: David Pionke 49.91 sec.


Team Bongathon (Five Person Hookah w/One Ounce of Power Papaya):

Winner: Studio420 1:55 min.

    Marty, Cody, Shaun, Red, Jeff & Cruz


Relay Bong-a-Thon (7 Grams, 7 People):

Winner: Team In-N-Out Hemp 6:49 min

    Ric, Jesse, Jamie, Dan, Troy, Stephen & Luke


Dab Out (.1g dabs even 60 seconds until you “dab out”):

Winner: John Bottoms with 6 Dabs.


Wet T-Shirt Contest:

Winner: Marisa

The 8th Annual Clinic Charity Classic

 by Samuel Farley

For eight years, The Clinic has organized the annual Clinic Charity Classic golf tournament to benefit the National MS Society, becoming a staple of cannabis philanthropy and one of the year’s most memorable events within the cannabis community. Held on August 11 at the Arrowhead Golf Club, this year’s charity classic was a familiar yet equally fun event. With sponsors including incredibles, Leafbuyer, Coda Global, LiveGreen, Native Roots, Pax, Craft 710 and others, the event was packed full of new products for players to try as they made their way around the course. Various companies had games set up for golfers to enjoy and to help raise additional money for MS while out on the course. “It’s something we are proud to take part in and it’s great event for an important cause,” said Cole S., a player and manager with LiveGreen. 

This year, the event raised more than $100,000 for the National MS Society, serving as an example of what the cannabis community can accomplish. The event has become a staple within the cannabis industry and something many look forward to.

Steven Chang, sales director of incredibles, was thrilled to be a part of the event. “We are really excited that we have been involved for so long and it’s a tradition now, both with incredibles and with our relationship with The Clinic. Raising money for MS and continuing to increase awareness is just a really good feeling and at the end of the day it’s all for a great cause,” said Chang.

 Everyone involved, from The Clinic to the event sponsors, was excited as the day rolled on and the golfers made their way around the course. A dab island and joint carts were available  for players, making it the definition of mile high golfing. This year, carts were provided for non-playing participants to make the day even more fun for those who wanted to come out and party. Ryan Cook, The Clinic’s general manager, relayed the excitement of being able to continue the fundraising work with the National MS Society through the tradition of The Clinic Charity Classic. “Last year was amazing, but this year we took on a lot more, we had full transportation and served breakfast, lunch and dinner for the players. With year eight, I am super excited to say we passed the $100,000 raised mark, and this is all for the MS Society,” said Cook with a huge grin. In total, the event this year raised a little over $115,000 for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National MS Society.

As it continues to cement itself as a part of the Colorado cannabis scene, The Clinic Charity Classic will continue to cast the cannabis community in a positive light while providing money to the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter National MS Society to help individuals with a variety of needs such as vehicle adaptations. This year, the winning team was Team Scruggs, with Sweet Leaf and Organa Brand coming in second and third, respectively. The 8th Annual Clinic Charity Classic was a fabulous time for everyone involved, and it will be great to see how the event can possibly get even bigger next year. ♦


High Rollers Dispensary and The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine to Host 3rd Annual Cannabis Charity Open – July 27, 2017


All golf tournament proceeds will benefit Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international grassroots organization dedicated to ending the war on drugs.

DENVER, Colo., (July 23, 2017)—  High Rollers dispensary in partnership with The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine will host its 3rd annual Cannabis Charity Open, from 1 – 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 27, at the Park Hill Golf Club, 4141 E. 35th Avenue in Denver.

All proceeds from the golf tournament benefits Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs.

Individual registration starts at $150 and $500 for a foursome team. To participate, or for more information, visit CannabisCharityOpen.com.

A much anticipated event, participants will receive free tournament golf balls, tees, and other apparel, as well as player gift bags with cannabis accessories.

“As part of an industry born by the will of the voters, we feel it is important to give back to our community. By being a part of the charitable golf tournament in Denver, we hope to help the communities neighborhoods we serve and make a positive impact on the residents who live in them,” said Luke Ramirez of High Rollers Dispensary.

Highlights include a post-event buffet and free drinks throughout the tournament. A raffle and awards ceremony will conclude the day, with prizes for top teams and individual achievements. Additional donation opportunities will be available during the event.

The Cannabis Charity Open is considered a major fundraiser for SSDP. Founded in 1998, the nonprofit organization brings young people together and creates safe spaces for students of all backgrounds to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy. This year’s title sponsor is incredibles, recognized as the number one infused edible company in Colorado.

“We look forward to the opportunity to give back and celebrate cannabis at the THC Golf Tournament. Both incredibles and Students For a Sensible Drug Policy help to educate the public about cannabis while spreading facts about cannabis legislation across the country. The THC Golf tournament helps to bring together all sectors of the industry to support grass-roots cannabis advocacy,” said Bob Eschino, Founder and President of incredibles.


About High Rollers Dispensary:

High Rollers Dispensary is focuses on quality cannabis products and compassionate customer service. Based in Colorado, High Rollers is one of the top dispensaries in Denver for high-grade medical marijuana. Located between Florida and Arkansas Avenues on historic South Pearl Street, High Rollers Dispensary provides a boutique consumer experience. Set amidst locally-owned shops, quaint eateries and personal wellness facilities, High Rollers connects the community with the healing powers of cannabis-based therapy. High Rollers combines sophistication with modern-day technology to bring its clients high-quality cannabis flower, pure cannabis concentrates and delectable marijuana edibles. For more information visit HighRollers420.com.

About The Hemp Connoisseur:

The Hemp Connoisseur (THC) Magazine is a national print outlet dedicated to delivering innovative and comprehensive news content to cannabis industry professionals, patients, and consumers. The magazine is a two-time winner of “Best Cannabis Publication” by the Cannabis Business Awards, educating audiences on the many benefits and uses of both marijuana and commercial hemp. It strives to elevate the image of the cannabis industry and consumer alike by providing mature, in-depth journalism with a foundation of editorial integrity. For more information visit THCMag.com.

NCIA’s Seed to Sale Show – January 31st-February 1st, 2017

NCIA’s Seed To Sale Show is the only national show focused solely on innovative best practices, science, and cutting edge technology in cultivation, processing, and sales strategies. This January 31st-February 1st, over 2,000 of the nation’s leading cultivators, dispensary operators, extraction artists, ancillary product providers and infused product manufacturers will convene to discuss best practices, present case studies, and share information about the science and emerging technology surrounding the whole life cycle of the cannabis plant grown, processed, and sold in a regulated market. As the largest B2B cannabis event in Denver, #SeedToSaleShow will offer an impressive expo floor and will recognize the best in the industry with the Cannavation and Cannatech Awards. www.seedtosaleshow.com

THC Championship – FULL Winners List

Overall Champion

A Cut Above in collaboration with Absolute Terps – Headband X I95 – Medical Wax/Budder


1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Sour Tangie

2nd Place: Incredibles – Sourband

3rd Place: Dabble Extracts – Crystal Berries

Connoisseur’s Choice: Incredibles – Sourband

People’s Choice: Dabble Extracts – Crystal Berries

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Sour Tangie

CBD Concentrate

1st Place: EndoCanna – Spectrum

2nd Place: EndoCanna – Critical Cure

3rd Place: Jett Cannabis – Tora Bora

Connoisseur’s Choice: EndoCanna – Spectrum

People’s Choice: EndoCanna– Spectrum

Best Tested: EndoCanna – Spectrum

Medical Wax/Budder 

1st Place: A Cut Above in collaboration with Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

2nd Place: A Cut Above – Manderin Tangie Cookie

3rd Place: Dabble Extracts – Vanilla Wafer

Connoisseur’s Choice: A Cut Above in collaboration with  Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

People’s Choice: A Cut Above in collaboration with  Absolute Terps – Headband X I95

Best Tested: A Cut Above – Mandarin Tangie Cookie

 Medical Indica Flower 

1st Place: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

2nd Place: Green Man Cannabis – Motor Breath

3rd Place: Verde Natural – Herijuana

Connoisseur’s Choice: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Best Tested: High Level Health – Skywalker Kush

Medical Sativa Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

2nd Place: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

3rd Place: The Green Solution – Glass Slipper

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Glass Slipper

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

Medical Hybrid Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Star Killer

2nd Place: The Green Solution – Blackwater X White Beast

3rd Place: High Level Health – Girl Scout Cookies

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Herbal Cure – Frankenberry

People’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis – Star Killer

Best Tested: The Green Solution – Blackwater X White Beast

Adult-Use Indica Flower 

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Louis the 13th 

2nd Place: Crested Butte Cannabis – Chem4

3rd Place: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Connoisseur’s Choice: High Level Health – Gorilla Glue #4

People’s Choice: Den-Rec – Holy Grail Kush

Best Tested: The Herbal Cure – Chem Dog

Adult-Use Sativa Flower

1st Place: Natural Remedies – Moonshine Haze

2nd Place: Green Man Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

3rd Place: The Clinic – Tangie

Connoisseur’s Choice: Den-Rec – Cookie Dough

People’s Choice: The Clinic – Tangie

Best Tested: Natural Remedies – Moonshine Haze


Adult-Use Hybrid Flower

1st Place: Green Man Cannabis – Skunkberry

2nd Place: Natural Remedies– Banana Kush

3rd Place: High Level Health – Biostar

Connoisseur’s Choice: Walking Raven – Tangerine Haze and High Level Health – Biostar

People’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis – Skunkberry

Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis – Skunkberry

Medical Solventless Concentrates

1St Place: Verde Natural – Keylime Pie

2nd Place: Canna Caregivers – Black 900

3rd Place: Extracted Colorado –Stash House LA OG

Connoisseur’s Choice: Canna Caregivers – Black 900

People’s Choice: Verde Natural – Keylime Pie

Best Tested: O.PenVAPE – Solventless Oil

Adult-Use Solventless

1st Place: Essential Extracts – Chem Diagonal Matter

Connoisseur’s Choice: Essential Extracts – Chem Diagonal Matter

People’s Choice: Extracted Colorado – Stash House Sour Diesel

3rd Place: High Level Health – Platinum Valley

2nd Place: Extracted Colorado – Stash House Sour Diesel

Best Tested: O.PenVAPE – Solventless Oil

Adult-Use Wax/Budder

1st Place: The Green Solution – Blueberry Pure Wax

2nd Place: Harmony Extracts – Strawberry Cough

3rd Place: The Lab – Sour Fall Budder

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Blueberry Pure Wax

People’s Choice: The Lab – Sour Fall Budder

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Strawberry Cough

Vape Pen

1st Place: Evolab – Alchemy

2nd Place: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

3rd Place: Wonderleaf – Sour Tangie

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

People’s Choice: The Lab – Panama Punch Pax

Best Tested: Wonderleaf – Sour Tangie

Adult-Use Live Resin

1st Place: Harmony Extracts – Lemon Skunk

2nd Place: Harmony Extracts – NYCD

3rd Place: Revered, Inc./Quest Concentrates – Space Queen

Connoisseur’s Choice: Harmony Extracts – NYCD

People’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Green Queen ‘99

Best Tested: Harmony Extracts – Lemon Skunk


1st Place: Myaderm

2nd Place: The Green Solution – Nectar Bee Muscle Rub

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Green Solution – Nectar Bee Muscle Rub

People’s Choice: Myaderm


1st Place: Sweet Mary Jane – Love at First Bite

2nd Place: Craft Concentrates – Canamels

3rd Place: Craft Concentrates – Melty Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Connoisseur’s Choice: Craft Concentrates – Canamels

People’s Choice: Craft Concentrates – Canamels 

Best Tested: Canna Caregivers – Indica Brownies

Medical Live Resin

1st Place: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

2nd Place: A Cut Above – Manderin Sunset #3

3rd Place: A Cut Above – Strawberry Fields

Connoisseur’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

People’s Choice: Concentrate Remedies – Super Mango Malawi

Best Tested: EndoCanna – Golden Goat

Thank you to our Sponsors and Competitors!!

THC Championship Awards – 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

The THC Championship is celebrating our competition this December with THE Industry Holiday Party and will be held at City Hall! This year is our Funkin’ 5th Year Anniversary, and we are going all out for all of our readers, our competitors, judges and sponsors. We have some amazing music in store for the evening starting with the reggae beats by PNUCKLE, then we’re funking up the night with RUDY LOVE and BACKBONE. Our awards will be given out at 7:45PM.

Please note that we will be hosting a camera crew at our event. A part of the “The Love Story” is being shot for the documentary of Rudy Love.
We are looking forward to partying with YOU!

MetLo RoofTop will be hosting the VIP section of our celebration!!

Get your tickets HERE!

(21+ event)
Please note – no consumption on City Hall premises

The Love Story (teaser) from TBC on Vimeo.  Rudy: www.facebook.com/thelovestoryfilm

Backbone: www.facebook.com/keatonsimonsmusic

PNUCKLE: www.facebook.com/pnucklemusic 

MetLo: www.facebook.com/metlorooftop

THC: www.facebook.com/THCMagazine




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