Kick It Up A Notch With Herb

by Caroline Hayes

This beautiful cannabis cookbook will be the new go-to for not only cannabis recipes but weeknight dinners as well.

There are 200+ pages of mouthwatering recipes including party pleasing classics such as a super cheesy queso sauce, three different stuffed mushroom recipes and special occasion recipes such as spaghetti with arugula pesto. “Herb” covers all the categories – sauces, sandwiches, salads, entrées, deserts and drinks.

“Herb” starts with a simple guide on why cooking with cannabis is beneficial, as well as how to make the cannaoil and cannabutter used in the recipes so that the cook is properly prepared.

As a fellow foodie and someone who is obsessed with reading recipes, I really enjoyed exploring this book. “Herb” features recipes to meet a wide range of skillset and even gives the difficulty of each recipe, to help avoid getting in over your head.

Something I happily discovered about the recipes is that they can be made without medicating by subbing out the cannaoil or butter and using regular, uninfused products, making this the perfect cookbook for everyday culinary creations. Because admit it, every meal can’t be medicated — or can it?

Just a few of the exciting recipes featured are Chicken Wings Five Ways (Tuscan-Style, Thai-Style, etc.), Vietnamese Banh Mi, Philly Cheesesteak, Avocado Crab Pasta and various yummy pizza ideas.

The chef authors, Laurie Wolf and Melissa Parks, are two women who are centralized in Denver, with impressive schooling backgrounds. Laurie attended the Culinary Institute of America, has worked as a chef and is a regular contributor for The Denver Post. Melissa attended Le Cordon Bleu as well as Johnson and Wales University. She has also worked for General Mills, as well as co-managing several Colorado bakeries. Bruce Wolf, an award-winning photographer who has worked for Vogue, Martha Stewart Living and more, has truly captured the beauty of the dishes with his

Who knew that cooking with cannabis could reach the culinary levels of cioppino or stuffed sole? “Herb” allows the patient to get really creative in the kitchen and cook to specific dietary needs. There are recipes in this book for everyone.

This would be a wonderful holiday gift for the cannabis connoisseur and cook in your life. Go to to purchase and learn more.

Click here to try a delicious Rib Eye Steak Recipe.

Epiphanies Whilst High Out of One’s Mind

reviewed by DJ Reetz

At every junction of social change a generation will find itself in need of authors to articulate the culmination of its progress and ideals, giving voice to the ideas that have previously been held secret or perhaps not existed at all. This book may not quite be that profound of an expression of the shifting attitudes toward marijuana, but it is a witty, occasionally insightful telling of one millennial’s experiences with lady cannabis. With a verbosity some would mistake for eloquence, author H.T. Yim takes readers through her early experiences stumbling through “green outs” as she struggles to figure out the proper level of consumption for herself.

The book recounts her teenage romances, and how her young lovers imparted an understanding and appreciation for the plant upon her. After describing her early, not always pleasant experiences, the book shifts to a series of insights that the author gleaned while, as the title states, high out of her mind. Drawing simple analogies from everyday life, Yim finds insight and the occasional profundity, assisted by the conscious altering effects of cannabis.

The book imparts on the reader the benefits of this slight skewing of consciousness but also at times serves as a warning, often citing studies that show the detriments of cannabis use on developing brains and the like. At times I found myself resenting the author for her privileged experience, her down sides to a youth spent experimenting with cannabis never including the sketchy situations, robberies, exclusion and fear of law enforcement that made up my own low points, but then again, she is Canadian, and surely there are people who had it much worse than I.

At just over 150 pages, this book is a quick read, great for a weekend, or as primer for someone who may look distastefully at cannabis use. It might not have the generation defining power of Jack Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson, but it can be insightful, and it does give a solid contemporary look at the benefit of recreational cannabis use.

First Legal Harvest: Hemp Returns to Humanity

review by Christianna Lewis-Brown

In the spirit of Hemp History Week we are featuring First Legal Harvest: Hemp Returns to Humanity, written by Doug Fine. We chose this book because it celebrates the first year since cannabis prohibition that any states in the USA could grow and harvest hemp, and it is printed on USA harvested and processed hemp and post-consumer paper. The very first book we have ever reviewed that is printed on hemp paper.

This 25-page book is a quick read. It covers the 2014 hemp harvests of Kentucky, Vermont, and Colorado. My favorite quote from the book came early on and drew me in, right on page 1.
“…even while the First Legal Harvest was still underway, I was not alone in sensing that the subtle decrease in seismic activity suddenly puzzling Virginia geologists could be traced to Thomas Jefferson ceasing to spin in his grave for the first time in 77 years.”

Jefferson was a big fan of the hemp plant and with good reason. First Legal Harvest touches on many uses for hemp, both new and exciting applications and the tried and true variety. It also discusses hemp legislation and the history of hemp farming.

Industrial hemp has a very exciting and lucrative future for the U.S., it also has a remarkable past. There is a ton of interesting information packed into this short book. Doug Fine even interviewed an octogenarian Kentucky hemp farmer, she told him what she remembered about “harvest time” as a child. With prohibition spanning several generations, it is hard to believe that there are people still alive that remember what hemp farming was like in the “good old days” before this amazing plant was demonized and outlawed.

We have made huge strides for hemp with this latest harvest materializing into reality but we do still have a long road ahead in the areas of hemp legislation and processing infrastructure. The progress sure is exciting though!

If you are interested in learning more about how far we have come in regards to hemp farming and how far we still need to go, check out First Legal Harvest at

June 2015 – A Letter to Our Readers

“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.”
~Julius Erving

This month marks four years since the idea of The Hemp Connoisseur was born. And what an amazing four years it has been. We have been privileged to be covering the Colorado cannabis industry during its most exciting times. As the pace of legalization has gained momentum so has our growth as a magazine. I find it fitting that after four years, much like a high school student after graduation, it is time for us to expand our horizons and leave the relative safety of our home base. It is with this in mind that I am proud to announce that THC Magazine will be publishing a national version in addition to our local issues starting October of this year.

In addition to this exciting development we have even bigger news. We have just partnered with Cannabis Network Radio to create Cannabis Media Source. We are truly honored to be forming this partnership. Cannabis Network Radio has consistently been rated in the top ten worldwide for cannabis podcasts. CNR also owns SiriusXM420 and is streamed live 24/7 on We believe this partnership is the first of its kind, bringing two cannabis media veterans with over a decade of combined experience together.

So what can you expect from Cannabis Media Source? For starters we will be increasing programming on Cannabis Network Radio. We are already signing some amazing talent to host new shows. The cannabis industry, especially when talking about hemp and marijuana, is so vast and multifaceted. We think the programming we are planning for CNR will reflect the full spectrum required to represent every demographic of cannabis enthusiast. We will also be implementing a video broadcast division, which will include talk shows and regular news reports in the coming months. To celebrate the formation of CMS and the launch of the national issue, this September we will be holding our first annual hemp fashion show “Victory for Hemp.” There are of course a lot more projects in the works for Cannabis Media Source and we will be making more announcements over the next few months. So stay tuned.

Four years ago a vision was born. The first stage of the vision was a magazine, but that was never the complete scope of it. Becoming a multimedia company was always what we wanted. When I met Dave Kowalsky, CEO of Cannabis Network Radio, we realized that we both had the same vision. We both wanted a media company that would present cannabis culture in a mature and informative manner. Now, here we are at the cusp of something truly momentous in an already momentous industry.

This is going to be fun!

David Maddalena


Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies: Organic Gardening Soils, Teas and Tips for Growing Marijuana and Nutrient Rich Vegetables

by Sam Ruderman

Last summer, I took advantage of the new recreational marijuana laws and grew my first cannabis plant in my backyard. I didn’t know the first thing about gardening, besides that a plant needs some soil, water, and sunlight to grow. When it flowered, I fed it organic nutrients and took some tips from my local grow supply store. I ended up with 2.5 ounces of strong indica, and I was a happy camper. I thought to myself, “growing pot is easy, there’s really not much to it”. I was wrong.

Yesterday, I read, “Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies: Organic Gardening Soils, Teas, and Tips for Growing Marijuana & Nutrient Rich Vegetables,” by Kip Zonderkop, and my world as an amateur grower was turned upside down. Zonderkop has a way of disseminating information in a way that is easy to understand and retain. Even someone who struggles with science can comprehend the concepts he lays out in his book.

Zonderkop explains that the label of “organic” can sometimes be misleading, and instead bases his approach off of scientific principles and permaculture. He shows the grower how to work with nature and the science of the plant to maximize yields. He focuses the attention more on the environment the plant is in rather than the plant itself, for example, spending pages talking about soil, compost, and gardening pots. His method uses enzyme, compost, and botanical teas made from plants like alfalfa or kelp as opposed to using conventional fertilizers and pesticides.

Zonderkop brings organic growing to the next level, one that would severely reduce the number of FDA organic certifications given out, that’s for sure. If your growing tomatoes, or growing cannabis, the tips in this book go beyond your average grow guide. The best part is, this book is available as an e-book on amazon, and is a super quick read, I finished in about 90 minutes. If you’re thinking about your garden this summer, I strongly recommend this read.



Cannabis Sativa, The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains, Volume 3

by Caroline Hayes

Back again with another installment of Cannabis Sativa, S.T. Oner brings us 100 more tasty sativas to read and drool over.

From classics such as Jack the Ripper to rarities named Pineapple Fields, cannabis connoisseurs are sure to learn a thing or two from this third edition.

Cannabis Sativa V3 is a great way to learn about new strains and seed companies to keep your ever evolving cannabis palate satisfied.

This 200+ page is filled with detailed descriptions and beautiful photos of each strain. This book should keep you busy for awhile.


The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide to Using and Growing Medical Marijuana

by Caroline Hayes

This is a wonderful book, perfect for everyone, from beginners to experts. From a basic introduction of our beloved cannabis plant, to administration techniques to cannabis cures. The beginning of this book really covers the need-to-knows of medical cannabis.

From there, authors Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas take the reader into a more complex idea: making cannabis oil. Now, I’m all for homemade goods, but I think these authors don’t stress enough how incredibly dangerous it is to make butane hash at home, or touch on how it’s illegal in a few states. Other than that, this chapter is extremely informative with pictures and step-by-step instructions, as well as explaining the benefits of all the different kinds of oil.

My favorite chapter: Hemp Nutrition and Health. The more this important information is printed, the more the nation will see how we can all benefit from hemp, and hopefully legalize it nationwide one day, allowing American farmers to cultivate this wonder plant. From facts, to recommended dosages to a few recipes, this chapter has a myriad of information.

The rest of the book gives the reader tips on how to turn their medical cannabis products into food, which is always welcomed by cannabis connoisseurs. The following chapter provides in depth information on how to grow your own, and lastly there are some frequently asked questions, of which I learned a thing or two from.

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook is a resourceful tool that should act as an informative reference guide, kept on every cannabis consumer’s bookshelf.


Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

by DJ Reetz

For those looking to break into growing, Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook is as good a place as any to start. The book is proudly touted as the official course book of Oaksterdam University, one of the longest standing marijuana growing programs in the country, and has a very similar feel to a college textbook.

The handbook covers nearly every aspect of marijuana. Beginning with a brief historical overview, the book moves on to cover the basics of plant physiology, plant genealogy, strain variation, gardening techniques, security strategies, curing techniques and everything in between. While some grow manuals are simply step-by-step instructions for growing, Ed’s will teach why you are doing what you are doing.

For those curious about a slightly deeper understanding of this wonderful plant, the book has hundreds of pages explaining the specifics of growing outstanding marijuana, all written in an accessible way that would fit right in to a college curriculum. Accompanying the text is a wealth of graphics and images to help explain the occasionally abstract ideas, making for a guide that is slightly less dry than others.

There’s plenty of information to take in here. At over 450 pages, the wealth of information contained in this book is astounding, but offers a genuine opportunity to know everything — or at least everything you would ever need — about marijuana. From which strain to grow, to what type of light to use, to what type of nutrient blend will yield the desired effect, reading this book will not only give you these answers, but a passable understanding of why such answers exist.

Ed Rosenthal has been offering growing tips for decades, and his Marijuana Grower’s Handbook is a culmination of all of this. Pick it up if you are looking to start growing, or just looking for a better understanding of the plants you already have experience with. You’re sure to learn something.


The Cannabis Aficionado’s Handbook

by P. Aiden Hunt

This month’s Good Read is for the true cannabis lover in you. It seeks to unlock the secrets of getting the most enjoyment out of your marijuana. This short but informative guide will have you using all of your senses to experience our favorite plant.

Mitch Shenassa is the founder of Incredibowl Industries, co-host of the cannabis-themed Adam Dunn Show and Editor of He includes a glossary of terms that you’ll find throughout the book. Included are phrases like “capitated trichome”—defined as trichomes with heads protruding upwards from the plant’s surface—that even some professionals may not recognize.

This book will add at least one new phrase to your vocabulary—luxury cannabis. That is what you are learning to appreciate and what the author luxuriously defines with every line. With so much focus on the subtle nuances of every cannabis experience, it would make a great textbook for the cannabis industry.

I especially enjoyed how Shenassa weaves in research while explaining different aspects. On the subject of describing the subjective effects of cannabis, he refers to a scientific monograph created in 1971 by studying 150 experienced cannabis users. Reading that report—entitled “On Being Stoned”– is now on my must list.

Shenassa wrote the Handbook from a connoisseur’s point of view, but it can have wider applications. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but wish that everyone working in the cannabis industry—especially budtenders—would read and memorize it. While some ganjapreneurs see only dollar signs, businesses that truly know their product shine more brightly.

Savvy cannabis consumers would also be well-served by taking lessons. All it takes is a single dispensary visit or glance at the ads in this magazine to see that prices vary. If this book illustrates one thing clearly, it’s that cannabis has moved far beyond take-what-you-get as a product. Next time you’re deciding whether to buy an eighth or a quarter, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the quality matches the price?

The book is a quick read at 82 pages, including the appendix with a 20-step process for enjoying luxury cannabis. Shenassa accounts for every action from opening the jar and smelling the flower, to rolling and lighting the joint, to exhaling and enjoying the experience. Following the guide just once promises enlightenment.

The Cannabis Aficionado’s Handbook can be previewed and ordered online at


Marijuana Miscellany: Stories, Techniques, Tips & Trivia of the World’s Best-Loved Herb

by Caroline Hayes

Now I know what you are thinking. Didn’t we review this book last month? The answer is no! Do you really believe we would do that to you, our dedicated reader? This month’s Good Read may look similar on the outside but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover or something like that.

“Marijuana Miscellany” is a superbly enjoyable book that would make a great gift for anyone interested in the cannabis culture. Printed in 2014, this book has all the most current facts, quotes, lists and information for a cannabis connoisseur, but presented in a really fun way. I blew through this quick read and love having it on my coffee table for others to pick up when they are over.

While “Marijuana Miscellany” is not broken up into chapters, it has dozens of little sub-heads throughout the entire 90-something page book. My personal favorite is the “Heroes of Hemp” subheads found scattered throughout the entire book. From Joe Rogan to Mr. Nice to Mark Emery, Pilcher gives props to those who have helped change the hemp and cannabis game.

Other fun entries include recipes for tinctures and medicated brownies, how to roll a joint with step by step guide and pictures, the origin of words such as bong (very interesting fact that I didn’t know!), top five stoner movies, songs, books, writers and so much more.

Pilcher touches on medical marijuana as a whole and specifically in California, as well as the history of it, but doesn’t really talk about it being legal in Colorado and Washington. Hmmmm…perhaps this is for edition 2 of Marijuana Miscellany.

The author also includes entries on vape pens, and lists the best coffee shops in Amsterdam, should you ever find yourself in the Red Light District. Another favorite of mine are the quotes scattered throughout the book. From the president to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Snoop Dog, these fun quotes, pro pot quotes will make you chuckle.

“Look, when I was a kid I inhaled. Frequently. That was the point,” Barack Obama.

Marijuana Mischellany is an entertaining book that would be great for someone looking to increase their knowledge of cannabis trivia. The topics in this book are great conversation starters, perhaps just what one needs to squash those awkward stoner silences that can occur in the smoking circle.

“Marijuana Miscellany” can be purchased on


“Marijuana has been cultivated and used by humans for at least 5,000 years, and is one of the worlds most important cash crops despite being illegal in many parts of the world. It is used in a host of different ways and has made an indelible impact on our culture and western popular culture in particular. Expert author Tim Pilcher now uncovers both the fascinating properties of this much-maligned herb and the curious story of its relationship with us. In a host of bite-sized entries, he answers the key questions: How do you make and cook with cannabutter? What is the etymology of the word “bong”? And how much does the USA spend on prosecuting marijuana-law offenders every year? The answers to all are inside, along with a host of lists, tips, anecdotes, trivia, and recipes” -Pilcher

About the Author

Tim Pilcher is the expert author of The Cannabis Cookbook Spliffs II, and Spliffs III. He is also an expert on comics, having written Erotic Comics: A Graphic History in two volumes for Ilex, and as chair of the Comic Book Alliance has made many appearances on TV and at conferences and events.







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