reviewed by Lindsay Quinn

WARNING: you will receive attention while wearing this item. The sweatshirt itself is comfortable, breathable, not too heavy, and made with 100% Cotton.  The over-sized fit goes perfectly with a pair of jeans or over some black leggings. The screen-print is the eye-catcher – after wearing the pullover home on a walk from the office, many people would drop the “hang-loose” gesture or verbally inform me that they partake in the dab-centric culture.  If you don’t mind the fellow dabber or two paying compliments, then this is a fall must-have for every dabbing gal.

14 mm Swiss Honeycomb Tube in Pink Slyme by Purr Glass

Our friends over at Purr Glass have done it again. This piece is sick! It comes in three colors, Pink Slyme, Dichro Black, and Slyme. It bears a reinforced stemless design and is approximately nine inches tall with a matrix perc. Not only does this piece look cool, but it is so smooth to smoke out of. This has quickly become a highly favored tube at our house. It will be your favorite too, or your lady’s favorite, or your best homie’s favorite. Any cannabis consumer will love this Swiss Honeycomb Tube. Find at

Heppermint Lip Balm by Clover’s Hemp

reviewed by Hazy Cakes

Clover’s Hemppermint Lip Balm is made with natural and organic ingredients. The list is minimal and includes shea butter, hemp oil and beeswax. The delightful mint scent/flavor is produced through a blend of peppermint and spearmint essential oils. Your lips feel smooth and moisturized after application and it lasts for a very long time. All of Clover’s products are free of artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens, and unnatural preservatives. Get yours at

Beautifying Hemp Facial Cream by The Wonder Seed

reviewed by Hazy Cakes

If you are a like us and are always looking for the perfect face cream to make your life complete, we may have found it! The Wonder Seed produces several quality products to make you look and feel more youthful and beautiful. This facial cream is free of all the things that you don’t want in a beauty product; no parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial colors or fragrances. It is made with all natural ingredients and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free.

The water lotus scent is derived from essential oils and is refreshing, not overpowering. After using this product your skin feels highly moisturized without feeling greasy. It soaks in completely, leaving nothing behind but soft supple skin. With regular continued use it can improve the texture of your skin over time. Check it out at

Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips by ROOR

reviewed by Monocle Man

Cypress Hill and ROOR have teamed up to bring us the Phuncky Feel Tips. These German hand-blown glass tips take rolling joints to a whole new level. There are different sizes and colors to choose from along with a couple multi pack options. The Tin 3 Pack comes with one round and two flat-mouthed tips. Each one has the ROOR rasta logo down the side. They also feature a few pinches to ensure you don’t get any cannabis in your mouth while smoking.

I found that using them added a lot to the experience. First, the joint had a nice weight to it with the Phuncky Feel Tips and felt very distinguished. You can also really enjoy more of the flavor of the cannabis when using them. The Phuncky Feel Tips are super easy to keep clean. Just throw them in a shot glass with rubbing alcohol and soak for as long as needed.

Make sure to keep an eye on the joint as it gets close to roach status. They are so awesome one of your friends might get sticky fingers. The Tin Pack looks great and would be a great gift for the avid smoker. Its tin case will keep them safe for you if you take them camping or any other outdoor activity. Once it gets warmer these will be in my golf bag for use on the links. Check out their website to see all the different options available. Order yours at and you will feel the Phuncky difference.

Wingtip Native Fresca 6-Panel Strapback by Grassroots California

reviewed by Lisa Fay

Grassroots California’s strapback hats are the perfect all around hat. The design of this striped beauty works with whatever style strikes you. This hat goes to the slopes to hide helmet hair and to the beach to shield the sun. Since the size is adjustable, the fit is perfect. You will surely turn a few heads wearing this stylish strapback.

Grassroots has a variety of clothing and hats for both women and men at a price that won’t drain your wallet. On top of that, they are dedicated to helping local communities and communities abroad by donating a portion of every purchase. Grassroots’ diverse style has artists that range from Ann Taylor to Method Man and so many more. You are sure to find a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe from Grassroots. Check out their selection at

Maple Orbiter by Magic-Flight

reviewed by Monocle Man

We are no strangers to Magic-Flight products. We have had the pleasure of reviewing a few different products and have literally loved every single one of them. The Orbiter definitely falls into that love category as well. The Magic-Flight Orbiter is a water pipe accessory that is compatible with the Launch Box (dry herb vape) or Maud-Dib Concentrate Box. With its showerhead style down stem, two 14mm glass joints, wooden base and metal stand, the Orbiter looks like something you might find in someone’s laboratory. It comes with two whips, one that connects to the vape box of your choosing and the other is the one you draw from.

The Orbiter offers a cool, smooth and ultra-enjoyable vaping experience. There is nothing not to like. It even comes with a lifetime warranty on the wooden base and metal stand. This accessory is very sturdy and as long as you mind the whips, it should be stable on any flat surface. Magic-Flight handcrafts each piece that they sell. All of their products look like functional works of art. Head over to to check out the Orbiter and all of the other cool products Magic-Flight has to offer.

10mm Errl Can Rig by 420 Science

reviewed by Samuel Farley, Twitter and Instagram @THC_Samuel

One of the newest creations by 420 Science, the Errl Can rig, is a delight to dab from. Normally, I am not a huge fan of smaller flower pieces or oil rigs simply because I enjoy inhaling with a more open draw or chug. However, for an oil rig that stands only six inches tall, the Errl Can rig provides a smooth draw, and most of all it’s a lot of fun to use. Shaped like a traditional oil can, it’s easy to see the attention to detail and quality in manufacturing. Although tiny in stature, the piece feels like it was made well and does not feel as fragile as other smaller glass pieces I’ve held in the past. The percolation slits are located on the bottom side of the downstem, helping to minimize the amount of water needed while ensuring consistent percolation and filtration. The Errl Can rig comes in two sizes (10mm and 14mm) and four color options including white, black, blue and green with the downstem and mouthpiece featuring the colors.

After my first dab I immediately noticed how clean the hit was for how small the oil rig is. During inhalation, it didn’t feel like it was a tiny rig and had the space during the draw of slightly larger pieces. The hit was full of flavor and lacked any trace of harshness, which always seems to be a problem with smaller rigs. It’s the perfect travel rig or backyard barbecue piece for afternoon dabbing by the bonfire. Retailing for $119.99, the 10mm Errl Can rig by 420 Science is a great option for both experienced dabbers and people new to cannabis concentrates. To shop visit

Bottle Rocket by Magic Flight

First of all, if you don’t have a Magic Flight Launch Box or Maud-Dib, get one immediately. This ingenious little product is meant to be used with either the Launch Box or Maud-Dib and essentially turns any bottle into a bitchin’ water pipe/vape. Any bottle you ask? Yes any bottle, fancy ones, antique ones, plastic ones, any bottle with a regular bottle sized opening. Genius! The Magic Flight line of vaporizers is awesome already and using them in combination with this innovative contraption makes it even better. It provides the smoothest vaping experience, you will love it or else! You can find this and all of their other cool products at

Fuse E-Hookah Vape by Flyt Lab

Get ready to have your mind blown. Imagine a vape that allows you to vape concentrates, dry herb, and e-liquid and lets you vape two of those options simultaneously, and it even sounds like a hookah. The Fuse does just that. It looks like a light saber and comes equipped with several cartridges that are specific to either concentrates, dry herb, or e-liquid. You can place two cartridges at a time in the interior heating chamber, like your favorite e-liquid and shatter. This creates a new taste sensation for your vaping experience. For those of us who don’t play around, you can use a dry herb and a concentrate cartridge together, my favorite. The taste is really smooth because the heating elements in the cartridges are ceramic. This is the gift to outdo all gifts for that true connoisseur on your holiday gift list. Never to be outdone, they will marvel at the witchcraft that is the Fuse. It even sounds like a traditional hookah. Check them out at




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