Featured Events: January 2018

THC Fair (The Hemp and Cannabis Fair)

Date: January 20th, 2018 – January 21st, 2018

Location:  Jackson County Expo, 1 Peninger Road, Medford-Ashland, Oregon

Celebrate both halves of the cannabis plant at The Hemp and Cannabis Fair. With equal emphasis on the psychoactive varieties some would call marijuana and the non-psychoactive varieties most would call hemp, this fair is a general celebration of the plant’s legalization. Sure, calling it The Hemp and Cannabis Fair is a bit redundant, but the abbreviation wouldn’t work otherwise. www.thcfair.com


INDO EXPO – Denver, Colorado

Date: January 27th, 2018 – January 28th, 2018

Location: Denver Mart, Denver, Colorado

If you go to only one cannabis trade show this year, make sure it’s the INDO EXPO. Featuring the best in cutting edge cultivation, lighting, branding, packaging and everything else related to commercial cannabis, this trade show is the place to be for business owners and entrepreneurs. There may be no better distillation of the industry. indoexpo.com


Cannabis Wedding Expo – Colorado 2018

Date: January 28th, 2018 

Location: Lionsgate Event Center, Lafayette, Colorado

Flowers are an integral part of every wedding, so why not incorporate the flowers of the cannabis plant into yours? With plenty of cannabis related vendors on hand, the Cannabis Wedding Expo is the place to be whether you’re looking to serve cannabis to your guest or just give a subtle nod to the plant during the ceremony.  Get Tickets


Sweet Jane’s Sativa Soiree

Date: Every Sunday between, Jan 14th, 2018 – Aug 26th, 2018

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours is looking to step up the social consumption scene with this series of posh get-togethers. Billed as a cocktail party for cannabis, the Sativa Soiree will feature hors d’oeuvres, infused mocktails and detailed information on a selection of featured sativa strains — which will, of course, be available for sampling.  Get Tickets




Building a Local Hemp Industry on the Western Slope

2nd annual Hemp On The Slope is July 22 at Salt Creek Ranch, Collbran, CO

Collbran, CO — Hemp experts from Colorado and beyond are headed “Back to the Slope” for the 2nd Annual Hemp On The Slope (HOTS2) event July 22nd at Salt Creek Ranch in Collbran, CO, 40 miles northeast of Grand Junction.

HOTS2 features educational panels, presentations and demonstrations with a mini-expo showcasing a wide variety of hemp-made products and services geared to support expansion and growth of this emerging industry. Exhibitors will showcase hemp-based food and nutritional supplements, bodycare, clothing, nutraceuticals, animal wellness products, hemp paper, along with building materials, bioplastics and more. Farmers and growers can access genetics, seeds, clones, soil nutrients, irrigation technology, farming equipment, processing and lab services, legal and financial services, and wholesale options for raw materials including flower, oil, and isolates.

The #LetsTalkHemp Speaker Series from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm features more than 20 expert presenters. Topics include hemp farming, seed, clones and genetics, processing, manufacturing, legal hurdles, regulations, state and federal legislation. At noon, the “Let Them Eat Hemp: Cake” auction benefits the Colorado Hemp Industries Association. Cakes will be baked and decorated by local Collbran youth with a touch of hemp flour provided by Colorado Hemp Works. Rick Trojan, captain of the nationwide Hemp Road Trip, and Tom Dermody, executive director of The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, will co-MC the day’s educational activities.

A legislative overview will cover the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) new, groundbreaking policy, enacted July 1, 2017. It allows all parts of the hemp plant, including CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes and compounds previously residing in a legal gray area to now be “officially” allowed and legal for human consumption in food and supplement products grown and produced in accordance with the Colorado Department of Agriculture hemp regulatory program. Samantha Walsh from the National Hemp Association, along with David Bush from the Hoban Law Group, two of the participating and integral parties behind the policy language, will provide an overview of what this actually means to Colorado hemp farmers and companies.

“We’re excited to share with our western slope neighbors, and those from outside the area, everything that’s happening in the changing landscape of the industrial hemp industry,” said Margaret MacKenzie, co-owner of Salt Creek Ranch and host of this hemp-centric event designed to educate the local community on the benefits of hemp. “So much has changed from a year ago,” Mackenzie continued, “it’s vitally important for us to get together, collaborate, network, and exchange ideas to build a cohesive industry at the local level.”

This year’s event is presented by Bluebird Botanicals, a Colorado-based hemp-health and wellness company whose planet-and-people-friendly, all-natural products help to enrich your spirit, calm your mind, and restore vitality to your body. Additional sponsors include Hoban Law Group, the nation’s premier cannabusiness law firm; Nature’s Root, creators of the world’s first hemp-spa; SteepFuze hemp extract coffee; and The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, a leading voice locally and nationally for all things cannabis.

HOTS2 is produced by Colorado Hemp Company, creators of the NoCo Hemp Expo and the #LetsTalkHemp Speaker Series, bringing hemp education, advocacy and awareness to a heightened state of consciousness. We care, and you should too.  

For details on tickets, exhibitors and sponsors, speakers and panels, visit www.hempontheslope.com.

Breaking Ground: 8th Annual HEMP HISTORY WEEK (2017)

by Josh Davis, photo by Ben Droz, courtesy of HempHistoryWeek.com


CBD And Native American Land Rights Take The Stage At The 8th Annual Hemp History Week

The 8th annual Hemp History Week (HHW) is set to run throughout the country from June 5-11, 2017.  This year’s theme is “Breaking Ground” and along with the usual interactive and educational festivities of the celebration there will be a focus on consumer awareness education in relation to CBD products. The event will feature a female farmer, the outspoken Margaret Mackenzie of Salt Creek Hemp Co., for the first time. 

Hemp History Week will also bring attention to a continued dark spot on the federal government’s hemp policy, prohibiting Native American tribes from hemp cultivation on sovereign tribal lands, keeping them from research and economic opportunities.

“Though we’ve made significant strides towards lifting the federal prohibition on hemp farming in the U.S.,” says Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp and executive director of the Hemp Industries Association (H.I.A.), “which is largely in part to the passage of the Congressional Agriculture Act of 2014 (Farm Bill), the current federal regulations allow only for ‘states’ to enact hemp farming programs. We are expanding our advocacy to include hemp cultivation rights on tribal lands.”

Alex White Plume, of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe, is a hemp farmer and activist. In August of 2000, DEA agents violated the Sioux treaty of 1868, illegally entered the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to destroy the flourishing industrial hemp crop that Alex had planted there.

“They (the DEA) came, they called it eradicating,” said White Plume in an interview with the H.I.A.  “I called it theft. They took our economic development. But I guess because we are Lakota people they feel that we don’t have a right (to grow hemp).”

Subsequently, White Plume and his family were banned from ever planting hemp on the reservations land again. It was only in the spring of 2016 that the federal injunction against White Plum was lifted, but under federal law it is still illegal for him to plant the seed.

Origins of a Movement

The first Hemp History Week took place in May of 2010. It was a modern battle cry for public education and governmental reform that echoed our country’s decades long, and often tumultuous, relationship with this productive but federally illegal crop.

Despite this fact that, the US is the largest consumer of the plant in all its forms, and the irony of this had not been lost on hemp advocates and entrepreneurs. In an effort to stimulate and grow the modern hemp industry and to remember what hemp meant to the US’s economy and culture, hemp farming advocates, the Hemp Industries Association, Vote Hemp, and several hemp brands, including Dr. Bronner’s, Nutiva, Nature’s Path, and Living Harvest organized the first Hemp History Week. 

“The idea was to celebrate the history of hemp farming in the U.S. and raise awareness at the grassroots level about the environmental and nutritional benefits of hemp products,” says Lauren Stansbury, public affairs and media relations specialist for Hemp History Week. “At the time, there was a real need to educate consumers and lawmakers about the difference between industrial hemp and other forms of cannabis, and rally support for legislation at the state and federal levels to allow farms to take advantage of the economic opportunity of industrial hemp cultivation.”

Since its inception in 2010 organizers and advocates of Hemp History Week have sought to create country-wide, hands-on events that would give curious attendees an opportunity to touch, taste, wear and learn about this incredibly useful plant.

“The celebration has grown dramatically since its beginnings. During its inaugural year we coordinated just under 200 events,” says Stansbury. “However this year’s campaign will achieve over 1,500!”

Also on the docket for this year’s festival is CBD education. Cannabidiol products have been gaining huge interest throughout the U.S., but education is needed so consumers can make intelligent decisions when it comes to buying CBD products.

“We were really excited to up our level of participation and sponsorship in this year’s HHW,” Says Josh Hendrix, director of business development and domestic production at CV Sciences, Inc. “This is our second year of sponsorship with HHW. Our products are in almost 1,200 stores across the country and HHW is a chance for us to give our retailers more educational opportunities to learn about CBD that they can then pass along to their customers. Plus they’re building a house made from hemp concrete down here in Kentucky and it’s just a lot of fun to be a part of something so special.”   

Vote Hemp and the HIA estimates the total retail value of hemp products sold in the US in 2016 to be at least $688 million, which means the retail market for hemp food, body care, CBD and supplements by 25 percent from the ear prior. Currently, 32 states have legalized industrial hemp farming in accordance with the Farm Bill, but more needs to be done. 

“The hemp industry still faces a number of challenges and barriers to full-scale farming of industrial hemp,” says Steenstra, “including the inability of hemp farmers to obtain crop insurance and financing, difficulties involved with sourcing certified hemp seed, lack of adequate processing infrastructure in the U.S. for raw hemp materials, barriers to interstate commerce for hemp products, and the potential exclusion of hemp-derived CBD products as nutritional supplements.”

There is still a lot to be done on this front, so come out to your local Hemp History Festivities and learn more about hemp during Hemp History Week.

Hemp History Week runs June 5-11, 2017.

To learn about events in your area or to volunteer visit www.hemphistoryweek.com

The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2015

Thank you to all our competitors, judges and sponsors!

Gobi-logo-jpg        Chiefton logo        11393123_950260878329569_5118800061024678637_n        420 TOOLBOX SALES SHEET_Trade Show Buyers Guide Version    Print        PURR LOGO

Thank you to everyone that came to the awards party on Sunday! We had a blast and hope you did as well! 

Here is the list of all of the THC Championship winners!!

Overall Champion

Green Man Cannabis– Star Killer



1st Place – Connoisseur’s Choice – Best Tested

Medically Correct- incredibles Chocolate and Infused products – Affogato Bar

2nd Place

Medically Correct- Incredibles Pumpkin Pie Delight

3rd Place – People’s Choice

Sweet Mary Jane– True Confections


CBD Edibles

1st Place – People’s Choice – Best Tested

Medically Correct- Black Cherry 50/50 CBD Bar

2nd Place

marQaha– Mellow Mint Mist

3rd Place – Connoisseur’s Choice

Mountain High Suckers– Caramel Apple Lollipop


Adult-Use Sativa

1st Place – People’s Choice – Connoisseur’s Choice

Den-Rec– Cookie Dough

2nd Place

Green Man Cannabis- Ghost Train Haze

3rd Place – Best Tested

The Herbal Cure– Kong


Adult-Use Indica

1st Place – Connoisseur’s Choice

Den Rec- Pure Kush

2nd Place – Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Hell’s OG

3rd Place

The Herbal Cure- Chem Dawg OG

People’s Choice

Igadi LTD – Grape Stomper


Adult-Use Hybrid

1st Place – Connoisseur’s Choice – Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Motor Breath

2nd Place

Den Rec- OG18

3rd Place

The Herbal Cure- Frankenberry

People’s Choice

Denver Relief– Ultimate 91’ Chem


Medical Sativa

1st Place – People’s Choice

The Herbal Cure- Lemon Skunk

2nd Place – Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Moonshine Haze

3rd Place – Connoisseur’s Choice

Natural Remedies/Organic Greens- LA Kush


Medical Indica

1st Place – Connoisseur’s Choice – Best Tested

The Herbal Cure- OG Kush

2nd Place – People’s Choice

Natural Remedies- Natty Rems OG

3rd Place

Natural Remedies/Organic Greens- Banana


Medical Hybrid

1st Place – People’s Choice – Connoisseur’s Choice – Best Tested

Green Man Cannabis- Star Killer

2nd Place

The Herbal Cure- Love Triangle

3rd Place

Natural Remedies/Organic Greens- Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut

CBD Extracts

1st Place – People’s Choice – Connoisseur’s Choice

EndoCanna– Critical Cure

2nd Place – Best Tested


3rd Place

The Green Solution– Ruby Mas



1st Place – People’s Choice – Connoisseur’s Choice

Dabble- Gelato

2nd Place – Best Tested

Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers– Golden Goat

3rd Place

Standing Akimbo– Honey Banana

Best Tested

TR Concentrates– Stardawg
Igadi Grape Stomper
EndoCanna- Gorilla Glue
The Green Solution-Angel OG
The Green Solution-Rocky Mountain Fire


Solventless Extracts

1st Place – People’s Choice – Connoisseur’s Choice

Extracted Colorado- Scotty’s Sour OG Rosin Tech

2nd Place

The Green Solution- Sour D Rosin Tech Shatter

3rd Place

Premium Pete’s Cultivation-Rosin tech Astral Kush



1st Place – Connoisseur’s Choice – Best Tested

Craft710– Lemon G

2nd Place-STATISTICAL TIE – Best Tested

TR Concentrates-Triangle Kush

3rd Place

Sweet leaf-Flo

People’s Choice

Sweet leaf-Kong

Best Tested

The Lab- Skywalker OG
The Green Solution- Kong Stomper


January 30-31st, 2016

Denver, CO

DENVER, COLORADO INDO EXPO Trade Show is back in 2016, proving that the INDUSTRY needs this traditional B2B event. With the success of the last two sold out shows, INDO EXPO has proven to be an industry leader.  Past events represented over 140 companies, with 2,000+ attendees/buyers walking the halls.

INDO EXPO is a full-spectrum 2-day event that hosts exhibitors in sectors such as: Cultivation, New Technologies, Smoke, Lifestyle, Education, Industrial Hemp and Industry Services. Hundreds of products & services will be showcased, representing the industry’s cutting edge technology, equipment and supplies, lightning, nutrients, mediums, tools for harvesting and processing, lifestyle apparel, beauty, health, and more.  Over 50% of the exhibitors showcased are from out of state, hailing from coast to coast, and our attendees/buyers hail in from around the country as well as internationally- Amsterdam, Israel, Canada, Central and South American countries have all registered and attended.

“Providing a professional and safe platform to comfortably pursue business within the wholesale and retail markets; and assisting in building these relationships is the goal of the INDO EXPO,” says Operations Director, Stephanie Swimmer.

INDO EXPO looks to assist in building relationships between growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the public. This show will provide a safe business environment as well as a forum for constructing business relationships and exchanging ideas and information.  INDO EXPO supports the growth of the industry by bringing together professionals from around the globe.  The opportunities are boundless… people with new businesses, ideas, products and services, are joining the “WORLDS FASTEST GROWING BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!”

Complimentary seminars are offered daily and cover topics such as: organic growing, pesticides, greenhouse growing, industrial hemp, genetics & breeding, investing in the business, store display and visual merchandising, inventory control, small business best practices, email marketing campaigns, industry careers, HR issues- “effective talent management”, branding and marketing, optimizing your investments, and more.

For more information or to register for the INDO EXPO January 30-31th, 2016, visit www.indoexpoco.com. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram  Admission is complimentary to all Press.

About the INDO EXPO

The Indo Expo Show is a professional full-spectrum B2B Industry event. This two day event will be focused primarily on business to business (B2B) relationships, while building and supporting connections between wholesalers, retailers/buyers and the public.  Admission is complimentary to those working within the Industry.

Hemp Harvest Party at Colorado Cultivars

2015 NOCO Hemp Expo

by DJ Reetz

The second annual NoCo Hemp Expo took over the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland last month, celebrating a year of legal hemp farming in Colorado. Part trade show, part rally for social progress, the event was a thriving mix of socially conscious entrepreneurs looking to pave the way for a brand new industry and activists celebrating the progress already made. With over 50 expert speakers (including those brought in through Skype) and dozens of interesting products and businesses on display, the event attracted over 1,300 attendees, creating a mixing pot of social and entrepreneurial zeal, all wrapped in a family friendly showcase.

A range of products and investment opportunities were on display, from standards like clothing, food, and even hemp beer, to industrial applications and hemp processing companies.

Speakers included event emcee Doug Fine, the prolific cannabis author whose works include “Too High to Fail” and his most recent work “Hemp Bound,” which documents the re-emergent hemp industry and its ground-breaking potentials. Other speakers included legal experts such as attorney David Bush of HempLaw Colorado, as well as real-world hemp farmers such as Ryan Loflin (the maverick who famously cut down the first hemp crop since prohibition began in Colorado two years ago) and Michael Bowman, the man responsible for raising a hemp flag over the U.S. Capitol in 2013.

“Who would have thought five years ago we’d be having these gatherings, and openly having these gatherings?” Bowman pondered to a packed room during one of the many expert panels. “We’re really playing a tune here and we’re making some beautiful music,” said Bowman.

The treacherous legal status of hemp was discussed, with legal experts outlining the many obstacles between farmers and viable seeds in the states allowing for legal cultivation. The perilous world of hemp advocacy was also discussed, with activist and lobbyist Samantha Walsh describing Washington D.C. as “an awful place full of awful people with awful ideas.”

Walking around the event it could be easy to mistake the openness and general energy for a total victory, but the shadow of ignorance toward hemp could still be noticed. Absent from the event was any actual living hemp plant or viable seed for sale, a consequence of a threat from the Larimer County Sheriff (who is also among the plaintiffs in the current lawsuit against the state over Amendment 64).

Although last year’s inaugural NoCo Expo was able to feature seeds available for purchase, this year’s event had no such luck. After organizers decided on the larger venue in Loveland, they were told just two weeks prior to the show that they would not be able to have any live plant material as sheriff’s officials would be unable to distinguish between hemp plants and the also legal marijuana plants. The warning carried with it an astronomical threat of fines as high as $15,000 per seed, says event organizer Morris Beegle.

“[Larimer County Sherriff] Justin Smith basically used it as a way to stick his nose into a cannabis event,” says Beegle. “He’s really going against the will of the voters.”

Still, the threat was taken seriously, and one exhibitor and speaker was even detained and made to throw away a hemp plant she had brought with her.

While Beegle says he was frustrated with the interference, he doesn’t want it to detract from the momentum of the event. “Sometimes you just have to pick your battles,” he says.

While the direct sale of seeds wasn’t allowed on expo grounds, many people were able to make the necessary connections and conduct their fully legal business elsewhere, Beegle says.

“Last year was a great event, but this year was amazing,” says Beegle. With three times the attendance of last year, NoCo may well turn into the premier hemp event in Colorado that Beegle envisions, even with the archaic and ignorant attitude of the sheriff looming over it. “Overall I couldn’t really be happier,” he says.

Beegle hopes to continue to hold the event at the Ranch in Loveland, though it may continue to be held at a disadvantage until 2018, when voters in Larimer County can elect a sheriff with a more reasoned stance toward cannabis.

“We’ll see, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen,” says Beegle.

Those who missed the event or just want to learn from the cavalcade of experts that spoke during the NoCo Expo can watch videos of the featured panels at coloradohempcomany.com.

Get Your Hemp On!

by Caroline Hayes

It is immensely important to support local events, especially those of this caliber. The NoCo Hemp Expo takes place in Loveland on Saturday, April 4, 2015. There will be an array of clothing, food and textile vendors, hemp professionals giving talks, live artists and more. Are you a true hemp advocate and connoisseur? If the answer is yes, or even if the answer is maybe, then you must attend this event. It will be a wonderful way to educate yourself, connect with people in the industry and support the hemp movement. THC sat down with Morris Beagle, owner of Colorado Hemp Company, who helped create this event, and found out what we can expect at the Second Annual NoCo Hemp Expo.

THC: What can we expect from the 2015 NoCo Hemp Expo?

MB: To increase awareness of the many benefits of industrial and medicinal hemp to a broad demographic of attendees. This is an educational forum and product expo/tradeshow with industry pioneers, experts, and the new generation of innovative and intelligent entrepreneurs and advocates. I expect people will leave this event with a much greater understanding that hemp really can improve the world and that hemp has absolutely nothing to do with getting stoned, and everything to do with making this planet a happier, healthier place.

THC: What was the highlight of last year’s Expo?

MB: There were a lot of highlights, but putting hemp-based products into the hands of festival attendees and seeing a lot of like minded creative people under one roof sharing their excitement about the future of hemp.

THC: How do you hope this year improves based on last year’s event (i.e. turnout, speakers, etc)?

MB: NoCo2 has more than tripled in regards to size of venue, number of hemp-based vendors, and number of industry speakers that will play a role in the event.

THC: What are you most excited for this year?

MB: Hemp-bodied sports car, CBD development, extensive variety of hemp-vendors, outstanding speaker lineup, interactive artists, hands-on kids area, hemp food and beer made locally. I’m excited about everything this year!

THC: What types of things, events or people can one expect to see at this year’s Expo?

MB: The release of First Legal Harvest: Game On For The Hemp Industry by Hemp Bound author Doug Fine, printed on hemp paper. Live artists, tons of hemp products by area and national vendors, hemp building materials, Biodiesel for Bands, new business opportunities, hemp movie room, extensive hemp related topics discussed and presented by industry experts, free samples, and of course, hemp food and hemp beer.

THC: Who are some of the artists and speakers performing at this year’s Expo?

MB: Some of the speakers include Doug Fine, Anndrea Hermann, Agua Das, Summer Star Haeske, Ryan Loflin, Diana Oliver, Craig Lee, Richard Rose, Michael Bowman, and Dr. Nolan Kane. Visual artists include Denver-based Tommy Nahulu and Matt Collins. Weather permitting, we will have some live music outside of the venue.

THC: Why did you all pick Loveland and the site of the event?

MB: I grew up in Loveland and Colorado Hemp Company is based in Loveland. The Ranch / Budweiser Events Complex offers a variety of spaces that will allow us to grow this event for many years to come and it is a great facility with excellent access right off I-25. And for those that don’t know, Loveland is the heart of rock and roll.

THC: What’s the overall goal for this year’s Second Annual NoCo Hemp Expo?

MB: I want everybody to leave this event energized and high on hemp. I want them to feel like they’ve just experienced something truly unique and inspiring.

THC: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

MB: Tickets on Sale now! $15 general admission advance, $20 at the door. $40 sprout and $100 Harvest tickets available in limited numbers until March 20th. Buy tickets early, this event will sell out. www.nocohemp.com


First Ever Hemp Harvest Awards

by DJ Reetz

In celebration of the first legal hemp harvest in the United States in over 70 years, Grow Hemp Colorado convened the first annual Hemp Harvest Awards and Festival on a small plot of land on the edge of Boulder.

A small crowd took to the field flanked by vendor booths, centered round a rustic stage decorated with drying hemp stalks. The low-key event might not have seemed like the kind of revelry that should accompany the rebirth of one of America’s most important crops, but the event drew a who’s who of the Colorado hemp scene. One part award ceremony, one part festival, a wealth of vendors were on hand to provide a plethora of hemp products and services, as well as activists who fought to bring the plant back into the realm of legality in Colorado.

With awards ranging from “most acreage planted,” which went handily to maverick farmer Ryan Loflin, who this year cut down his second hemp crop, to “most helpful Federal official” presented to none other than Rep. Jared Polis.

“It’s exciting to see this newly legalized industry taking off here in Colorado,” said Polis during his acceptance speech.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett was also on hand to accept an award for “most supportive county DA/law enforcement.”

“One of the things I’m really proud about in Boulder, we really are trend setters for the rest of the state,” said Garnett. “To have another crop to support our farming families is really outstanding.”

But the event wasn’t just a celebration of the success here in Colorado and the people who brought it about; one of the keynote speakers was Lakota activist Alex Whiteplume, who spoke about the ongoing struggles of the Lakota people as well as the environmental issues tied to the them.

Attendees were welcome to browse the vendor tents, where purveyors sold products of all kinds that contained or were related to Hemp. Lotions, salves, and soaps were popular items, as were various pieces of hemp ware. Several food trucks also offered a variety of hemp-containing menu options, including hemp burgers, tacos, zucchini bread, cookies, and even hemp juice for those so inclined.

“There’s enough science to back up how good hemp is for the world, we don’t have to make stuff up,” said Sylvia Wagner. Wagner was there promoting Hemp University, a school that will hopefully have accredited programs for all things relating to hemp growing, processing and business by next year.

Other vendors were selling hemp seeds, making the event one of the few places farmers could acquire seed without the hassle of importation.

“Finding or accessing viable seed has been very difficult,” says Veronica Carpio, the event’s organizer. Carpio says the event gave farmers a chance to access the largest variety of seeds in one place, and was home to the first CBD oil extracted from domestic hemp grown right here in Colorado.

“It proved that there is an interest in hemp from a variety of people,” says Carpio of the event. “It shows there’s money to earn in hemp right now, not in ten years.”

The celebration of Colorado’s groundbreaking hemp harvest will surely not be the last, and hemp won’t be leaving the scene anytime soon.

“There will be many years to come after this,” says Carpio.





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