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Answers by Susan Squibb

Dear Lady Cannabis,

The headlines about the odor of marijuana being made illegal in Denver has me thinking about where to smoke marijuana when I’m around town. I don’t want to offend, but I’m not going to quit either. I usually pause for an afternoon break and take a puff. What do I do now?

Hustlin’ Harder

Dear Hustlin’ Harder,

We are living during interesting times. Voters legalized recreational cannabis use and then elected officials unsuccessfully try to make the smell illegal, thereby making cannabis illegal again. We are at the forefront of addressing and creating what appropriate use for cannabis looks like. In the past, as an illegal activity, public cannabis use was never considered appropriate. Now with cannabis consumers coming out of their closets, so to speak, and openly smoking, we are creating the guidelines for socially appropriate use. One appropriate rule is make sure children are not involved or nearby. Another sensible recommendation is avoid smoking in your vehicle. For a personal smoke break in your day, choose places that offer relative privacy. It’s advisable to maintain a somewhat reserved awareness. No need to hide just be private and discrete and you’ll likely be fine.

Dear Lady Cannabis,

I have lived in Colorado for several decades. I am not a marijuana smoker myself. I was never interested in it, but I am supportive of the changes and making it legal. I have out-of- state family coming to visit in January. It would be fun to offer my guests some newly legalized marijuana during their visit. I think they would get a kick out of it! What do I do?

Sally Voter

Dear Sally Voter,

Out-of-state tourists are frequently in amazement at the presence and openness seen here in Colorado. Still, not every Coloradan smokes cannabis. In offering cannabis as a novelty, for out-of-state and adult guests, be a knowledgeable hostess. First, create a designated activity and time. Pick a time when everyone is in the mood to relax. A nice group activity is visiting a nearby park on a warm afternoon during their winter visit. Offer cannabis either before or after a park visit or nature walk. Other nice possibilities are watching a comedy or crafting a creative art project. Your home, most likely, will be the most comfortable and private spot to share cannabis. Provide a couple of options. Joints and brownies are classic and easy. The joint is very easy and familiar to most people. Brownies are familiar and appealing to people who would rather not smoke.

Both pre-rolled joints and brownies are available at state licensed cannabis centers. Cannabis centers are stocked for connoisseur consumers, so the options are numerous. For joints, select from hybrid varieties either a classic strain or a strain with a creative and appealing name. Joints are easy to smoke. Light it, inhale and pass it. Have a little tray nearby to catch the ashes. Smoke and pass the joint until everyone feels satisfied.

Buy brownies produced with the cannabis dosage determined by lab tests for each lot. This is important for accuracy, consistency and enjoyment of the cannabis experience. As a general guideline, a single serving size contains 20-50 mg activated THC for a normal sized adult. In serving cannabis- infused brownies, conservative portion sizes are important. If needed, cut the brownies in approximately 20 mg pieces. Begin with 20 mg portions and wait an hour before offering more cannabis brownies. Cannabis infused food is not recommended for mindless snacking. If the cannabis brownie portions are small, serve other snacks or desserts to satisfy hunger. With some planning and preparation, your guests will enjoy their experiences and have delightful stories to share when they return home.

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